About Me

Hello!!  I’m so happy you were able to find my blog among the bazillion other blogs out there.  I am SO excited and honored that I get the opportunity to share my crazy, wonderful, beautiful life with you!

Let me start by introducing myself:

My name is Sarah, and I am married to my college beer pong partner TJ.  He does “business” for a living (as I call it) but mostly is my go-to handyman and cuddle partner.  We have two crazy adorable boys, Liam and Charlie.  I spend about 90% of my day trying to get them to nap or sleep at night (I’m not the only one, right??)

We live in my husband’s grandparent’s old house in Pittsburgh, PA.  I love all things Pittsburgh including the Steelers, Pirates, pierogies, snow, illegal left-hand turns and yinzers, n’at.

I am a part-time pharmacist when I have to be.  I prefer to be at home, in sweatpants, coffee in hand, doing a DIY project next to the littles doing art of their own.

Motherhood is often exhausting and it’s difficult to see the joy in the mundane, everyday life. My blog is called Making JOY and Pretty Things because I want to inspire you to see the joy in your own home, and make pretty things along the way.  I’m so excited to share our life and adventures as a family with you!

So, what will you find here?

  • DIY Projects:  I’m obsessed passionate about anything I can do or make myself.  Nothing you find here will be elaborate.  I’m all about simple projects because I barely have enough time to shower in a day anyway 😉
  • Stories of Motherhood:  If you have a pile of stormtroopers and coloring pages littered across your living room floor right now, well, you get the picture.
  • Joy-filled Home: I believe that the perfect life doesn’t exist.  The perfect home, the perfect marriage, the perfect children, it’s not real.  I believe in finding and creating joy in your own life and I want to help you to do that too.
  • Recipes That Aren’t Baking:  I’m always looking for quick weeknight dinners for families.  I’ll share some ideas for you as well!  However, absolutely no baking.  I can’t even make chocolate chip cookies.  Seriously.

Please feel free to contact me at any time!  I love meeting moms and crafters alike to share stories and ideas or just to talk.  I’ve found motherhood to often times to be a completely isolating experience.  The times I get to commiserate  share life with other mothers can bring a sense of peace to my soul, almost like “okay I’m not the only one going insane”.  So, please please please reach out if you need a little mama boost!

I hope you find something here to spark your creativity and help you see the joy in your beautiful life.

{P.S. the above picture is what life normally looks like 🙂 }