are you ready to decorate your home even if you have 3 kids hanging on you and a to-do list that's a mile long?


the only place online for all you 30-something moms with a pinterest addiction to finally start decorating your home, learning how to DIY, and be supported by our community

Find your signature style & learn how to implement it yourself

learn how to decorate your room from scratch with confidence the first time

follow along with diy tutorials & step-by-step guides along the way

be encouraged, inspired and supported in the facebook group only for members

here's what's included

Probably the best part of the course is actually figuring out your own decorating style for good.  No more guessing.  No more uncertainty.  No more quizzes asking about your favorite movie to determine your decorating style (seriously, why is that a thing??)

Stop guessing about how to decorate your home.  Stop buying and returning tons of decor from Target.  Learn exactly how I figured out how to decorate my home without any schooling or professional design experience.

A private, members-only Facebook group to help you implement your new design ideas and get the support you need.  PLUS, bonus calls and personal feedback from me on your projects.

All the measurements, styling guides, and online resources you can need to complete your room.  Some examples include How to Make a Moodboard, Rug Size and Placement Guide, Budgeting Worksheets, How to Style Open Shelves, and so much more!

but, you're not a professional designer!
But, you have negative hours to yourself every day!
but, you don't have $293874298 to spend!
but, you don't even know where to start!

spoiler alert: I'm not a professional designer, I have negative hours to myself every day, I don't have $293874298 to spend, and I didn't know where to start

this is how i used to decorate 🙈

this is how i decorate now 🤩

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