So you decided to do a DIY project and you have no idea how to ACTUALLY do it? Read on!

  • Maybe you’re trying to shiplap a wall but don’t know what tools you need, what cuts to make, and how to space out the boards.
  • Or, maybe you’re laying tile in your new bathroom and don’t know what products you actually need to make it right!
  • Maybe you’re making a wood feature accent wall but realize that there is way more math involved and don’t want to mess it up!
  • Or, maybe you’re going to install wallpaper and want to make sure you’re doing it right.
  • It could be as simple as getting paint color advice, or selecting the right drawer knobs and pulls.

The truth is, trying to replicate a project you see on Pinterest isn’t as easy as it always seems.


We renovated an entire home from the studs up.  And, we’re not contractors or professionals.  We’re just real people who did what you are doing and want to help.

It’s easy to watch a tutorial and think you know what you’re doing. It’s a total other problem to actually apply those tutorial steps to your home.  Your home that isn’t the exact same dimensions and wasn’t built at the exact same time in the exact same way.


  • 1-on-1 consultation with us – avid DIYers!  

  • Depending on the situation and help you require, we can either jump on a video call and chat or we can communicate via email

  • I’ll put together follow up information to send to you that includes ideas, product recommendations, and/or inspiration that’s tailored to helping you move forward with your project(s)
  • Example:  DIY Shiplap Wall

    • We’ll send you an exact list of tools needed, amount of wood to purchase, cuts to make, and step-by-step directions to get your project completed
  • Example: Choose Bathroom Hardware Finishes

    • We’ll send you a complete list of finishes to choose for your space that match what you’ve done already.  This could include a shower head, cabinet drawer pulls, and vanity mirror (this is dependent on what you need!)


  • Specific room styling accessories (e.g. bookshelf and tabletop decor)

  • Selection or design of custom furniture

  • Selection or design of custom window treatments

  • Mood Board, 3D Rendering, or Floor Plan

What are the next steps?

Contact me with your DIY project needs and I’ll get back to you within 2 business days with a custom quote for your project.