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home measurements for diyers

all the home measurements you need to diy, renovate, and decorate without making costly and timely mistakes


Imagine having all the home measurements you need
…without spending hours googling and finding conflicting information

here’s a glimpse into your future…

  • Know exactly how high to hang your chandelier in the dining room
  • Never wonder if you’re buying the right sized coffee table again
  • Be able to create a beautiful gallery wall now that you know how high to hang art

Not only is all of this possible, I’ve created the solution to help get you there 10x faster.

Home measurements for diyers is the answer to all your lighting and rug questions (+ so much more).

This is exactly what I need!

section ONE

lighting guide

never wonder how high to hang a chandelier or where to hang your bathroom lighting.  the guide includes everything you need to confidently install every lighting scenario in your house! 

  • Bedroom Lighting (sconces, lamps, pendants)
  • Dining Room Lighting (chandelier/pendant light for round and rectangular tables)
  • Kitchen Lighting (pendants)
  • Bathroom Lighting (vanity light, vanity sconces)
  • Entry Lighting (chandelier/pendant)

section two

rug measurements guide

you’re already receiving (most) of this for your rug measurements free download (check your inbox!). this section is my favorite – never buy the wrong sized rug again!

  • What rug size to buy for your bed size with to-scale renderings of what a different size rug will ACTUALLY look like
  • Living Room Rug (size and buying guide)
  • Kitchen Rug (size and location)
  • Dining Room Rug (size and buying guide for rectangular and round tables)

sections three, four, & five

dining room, living room, & bedroom measurements guides

Learn everything you need to know about planning your dining room, living room, and bedroom!

  • How many chairs you can fit at any sized table
  • Space planning such as space required for each person, how much space is needed behind a chair, etc
  • Living room space planning like how big a coffee table should be, how far it should be from the sofa, how far apart chairs should be, and more
  • Bedroom space planning including walkway space, nightstand height and placement, clearance required for other bedroom furniture, and more

section six

Art measurements guide

know exactly where to hang your art so that you can have the perfect gallery wall

  • Single Art Piece Guide
  • Multiple Art Pieces Guide (aka gallery wall)

section seven

standard furniture size guide

All the home measurements you need in one place.  No more googling and hoping something will fit!

  • Bedroom Guide
  • Living Room Guide
  • Dining Room Guide
  • Bathroom Guide
  • Kitchen Guide
  • Laundry Room Guide
  • Office Guide
  • Ceiling Fan Guide

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