DIY Gold Leaf Planters

These DIY gold leaf planters are a great DIY to bring in the summer and just wait until you see the transformation!

Hello everyone!!  Stop the press: these gold leaf planters are the perfect DIY to remind you that summer is in fact coming .. eventually .. someday {it’s 40 degrees in Pittsburgh today, on May 15th!!!}.  I’m loving all the painted and crafty pot ideas on Pinterest these days.  

Don’t forget to check out Pinterest for some DIY Planter Ideas and girl, there are some CUTE ideas from some amazing bloggers.  If you need some more ideas, check them out!

Now, these gold leaf planters are {you guessed it!} craaaazy easy to make.  You’re probably thinking, “Sarah, you say that about everything you make”.  Yes, I’m 100% guilty of that.  But girl, you can do this!!

DIY Gold Foil Painted Pots or planters. Easy DIY craft to make for spring and summer. Would make great DIY gift for friends or teachers! Plant with succulents or small plants to bring some greenery into your home

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Supplies for Gold Leaf Planters:

Supplies for gold leaf planters painted in blue and transformed clay pots with gold notes applied with a spray adhesive

In the above picture, I have pictured the gold foil adhesive recommended for gold foil application.  I didn’t end up using that, and I’ll explain later in the post

Step 1. Choose Paint for Planters

I chose 5 different shades of blue for these pots.  I love love love blue.  It reminds me of clear summer skies and the waves of the beach.  Nothing screams summer to me more than blue.  I took my babies to Michaels and looked at they had.

They were spread out all over the floor, next to all the cheerios Charlie dropped {oops}.  But, you could do ANY arrangement of colors.  Or all the same color!!  I think a few shades of pink would look great with the gold foil as well.

Here’s an up-close of the paint {I accidentally picked 1 “high gloss” but you can’t even tell on the finished pot}:

Different shades and sheens of blue paint to put on clay pots to prepare them for gold leaf planters

Step 2. Paint Planters

I painted the pots over a couple of days.  I used a foam brush (from Target!) for even application.  It takes a few coats to completely cover the pot.  It doesn’t have to be perfect since you’ll be gold foiling (is that a word?) them next.

Great painted pot ideas are easy to think of just grab a bit of paint and start getting to work in whatever color you want

Here’s after 3 coats of paint:

Various blue painted terra cotta pots from michaels before gold foil is added in a leaf like fashion
Terra cotta pot ideas that are painted require multiple coats in order to cover up the orange color

You can tell they’re not even completely covered after 3 coats.  And, that was okay for the look I was going for.  The lighter the color, the more coats needed {keep that in mind when you’re picking your colors}.

Step 3. Add Gold Foil to the Planters

Next, I got started with the gold foil.  Here are few tips for using this crazy awesome yet MADDENING material:

  1.  It sticks to EVERYTHING, including itself
  2.  It rips very, very easily
  3. It is beautiful when finished, so don’t give up girl!!

I first used the gold foil adhesive that’s recommended for use with the gold foil.  I found it to be tedious and not that glue for the look I was going for.  If you wanted a straight line or circle or something with clear borders, use the gold foil adhesive.

I found the easier way to “distress” with gold foil was to use Elmer’s spray adhesive which I had laying around since I’m a craft supply hoarder.  Seriously.

Using spray adhesive from elmer's is a great way to apply the gold leaf foil unevenly to the planters

I lightly sprayed the whole outside of the pot with the adhesive.  It doesn’t have to be precise.  Next, I removed 1 sheet of the gold foil and attempted {mostly unsuccessfully} to keep it from ripping, clinging to itself, or something else.

Spray the pots and gold foil in order to apply the leaf look to the planters transformed from terra cotta pots

Step 4. Rub off Gold Foil on Planters

I then laid it onto a side of the pot and rubbed my hand vigorously back and forth to make sure only some of the gold foil adhered to the pot.

Apply the gold foil to the terra cotta pot and then begin rubbing it in and off until only the really secured gold leaf is left

This is what one section looked like after rubbing some gold foil off:

These DIY gold leaf planters are easy to make from gold foil and spray adhesive applied in layers to create a nice rustic look

I used about 2-3 sheets per pot, depending on how much stuck to me or ripped.

Guys, that’s seriously it.  How easy is that??  I’m really making these as gifts for everyone.

Every gold leaf planter is unique as the adhesive grips the foil to the painted terra cotta pot and are great ideas for pots
Finished blue painted clay pots finished off with gold foil to create a gold leaf planter for plants

Step 5. Plant some Succulents!

I bought some succulents from a local nursery and popped these guys right on my window sill.  Now I have something pretty to look at while doing the dishes!  I need some of these in the laundry room!! 🙂

The possibilities are endless when making these diy gold leaf planters. Paint whatever color you want and apply the gold foil in a random fashion
Succulents are a great plant for pots that have been transformed using gold foil and paint
Aloe plant in a DIY gold leaf planter made from a potted plant idea to makeover a terra cotta pot
If you are looking for a way to act on those terra cotta pot ideas head over to michaels and follow along to transform them.
Beautiful gold leaf planters lined up in a window sill painting blue and fill with succulents
potted plants filled with succulents make a great diy gift and is simple and easy to finish
Painted pots covered in gold foil all have a unique look that is sure to be eye popping and can be used as a gift

I love how they came out.  The best part: they all look different!!  I love art that you can make unique to you!

If you are looking for painted pot ideas look no further than these gold leaf planters to create a unique look with paint and gold foil
DIY gold leaf planters make a great gift for those people in your life that love to have a space to grow indoor plants
DIY Gold leaf planters make a great diy project to do in a matter of hours that provides spaces for greenery in your home

There you have it seriously one of the easiest DIYs but what an amazing transformation it has on the plant clay pot. I love the way these turn out so much that I might even do it for some other rooms in our home.

For some more ideas on what to plant, other DIY planters, and how to care for potted plants check out the amazing blogs below!

That’s it for today, girls!  Have a fabulous week!

DIY Gold Foil Painted Pots or planters. Easy DIY craft to make for spring and summer. Would make great DIY gift for friends or teachers! Plant with succulents or small plants to bring some greenery into your home

How To Make Gold Leaf Planters

How To Make Gold Leaf Planters

Learn how to use gold leaf on small terracotta pots! These fun DIY gold leaf planters look great on shelves or in a window sill.

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $15


  1. Choose paint for planters
  2. Paint terracotta pots
  3. Add gold leaf foil to the planters
  4. Rub off gold foil to the planters
  5. Plant succulents

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  1. These are so pretty! I love the teal and gold together. Stopping by to let you know you are being featured on Friday’s P3 Party post! Have a great week! Thanks for pinning!

  2. Since your using the imitation gold be sure to throw a clear coat on the gold foil… otherwise it will oxidize. Take it from a calligrapher/gilder who knows from experince. Had to redo a commissioned piece which was a rather large project. Client paid extra for the real 24k gold sheets… but i always give a choice for the real deal or imitation gold (only now I spray the speedball gold foil sealer before adding and gloss mediums and such.