DIY Modern Fall Gold Ring Wreath

See how I made a gold ring wreath using a macrame ring.  If you’re looking for wreath ring ideas it’s the perfect DIY modern wreath with moody fall colors.

It’s the second Wednesday of the month which means it’s time for another month of Inspire me Creativity!  You can catch up on past months here.

This month, we are focusing on all things Fall.  Which I think seems pretty fitting.  I’m reluctantly accepting that Fall is in fact here.

I have to find all of my Fall stuff packed away somewhere in the basement.  But, to ease my way into Fall decor, I figured I could make a simple wreath.  Can you tell I’m not super thrilled Fall is here?

I love the trend of minimalistic wreaths.  They’re simple, sleek, and elegant, a welcoming break from the overly busy grapevine wreaths.  Though, there’s nothing wrong with grapevine wreaths necessarily (I’ve made a few wreaths with them!).  I just like the minimalistic trend.

Bring in fall by making your own diy gold ring wreath with flowers and other floral art.

Get started making your gold ring wreath with these supplies

To start, I picked up a gold macrame hoop.  There are a ton of sizes available so you’re bound to find something that works.  It’s the perfect base for a simple wreath.  Plus, a gold ring wreath gives it a little shine and I would say falls into the category of Fall-like colors.

I wanted to make a “moody” wreath.  Not sure if that’s even the correct terminology.  When I think of moody colors I’m drawn to maroon, deep purple, and very dark blue.  Basically, since I’m not quite ready for Fall, I didn’t want to use traditional Fall colors like red, orange, and yellow.  

The unconventional gold metal ring coupled with some moody colored flowers seemed to be the perfect “I’m not quite ready for Fall” Fall wreath 🙂

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Step 1. Cut the flowers for the gold ring wreath

I started by cutting the eucalyptus and lamb’s ear stems off, leaving a bit of stem at the bottom of the leaves.  Then, I cut the peony bulbs off of their branches so that the back of each peony bulb was flat.

Laying out all the supplies for the gold ring wreath before assembling it all together

Step 2. Attach floral to gold ring wreath with floral wire

Using the floral wire, I attached the lamb’s ear to the gold ring.  I had the two ends meet without overlapping.  This area where they meet is where you’ll attach the bigger peony bulbs soon.

The floral wire extends almost the entire length of the lamb’s ear stem.  I wanted it to stay close to the hoop instead of being able to fall or drape down.

Attaching lamb's ear using floral wire to the DIY gold ring wreath

Once the lamb’s ear was on, I attached a piece of seeded eucalyptus over top of the lamb’s ear using the floral wire again.  With this step, you want to try and keep the floral wire a little more hidden.

If you are looking for wreath ring ideas adding floral touches to your gold ring wreath is a great way to spruce up a door in your home
Close of up floral wire used to attach floral pieces to the gold ring wreath

Now to the fun part!

Step 3. Add peonies to your gold ring wreath

I laid out how I wanted the peonies to go on the wreath before I actually glued them on.  Starting with the bigger burgundy peonies, I applied a generous amount of glue from the hot glue gun to the back.  Then I pressed them onto the area where the lamb’s ear stems meet.

Last, I added the lavender peonies using a glue gun.  I tried to place them along the wreath where the floral wire was most visible.

And, that’s it!  I did this whole project in about 20 minutes!

Using a metal ring in combination with floral touches and flowers is a great way to make a gold ring wreath to welcome fall

I honestly think it looks amazing.  The gold ring with the moody, dark flowers is just perfect and really “fall” without being overly obvious.

Close up look at flowers in the DIY gold ring wreath attached using floral wire

I hung it on our front door using a cheap-o 3M strip hook thing.  

Hanging the gold ring wreath on an exterior door using a glue hook
This DIY modern gold ring wreath is great if you are looking for wreath ideas  this fall
This gold ring wreath is a nice minimalistic take on a modern fall wreath to add some decor to any door
Nice color contrasts like these pink and maroon flowers really show off on this gold ring wreath
Take a little time this fall to slow down and make a gold ring wreath full of floral accents you are sure to love

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Next month we’ll be making something with…embroidery hoops!!  Check back next month to see what we make 🙂

Wishing you a joyful day!

How To Make A Gold Ring Wreath

How To Make A Gold Ring Wreath

See how I made a gold ring wreath using a macrame ring.  If you’re looking for wreath ring ideas it’s the perfect DIY modern wreath with moody fall colors.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  1. Cut the flowers for the gold ring wreath
  2. Attach floral to gold ring wreath with floral wire
  3. Add flowers to your gold ring wreath

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  1. This is so beautiful!! I love these non traditional fall colors too. That gold ring is neat too I had no idea you could buy just a plain gold ring!

  2. If you’d like to hang it from ribbon, a 3M hook is actually perfect, just move it to inside of front door and mount it upside down near top of door but low enough so door can close. Run ribbon up from wreath over top of door and loop end around upside down hook. Love the wreath!!

  3. Hi! I’m wondering if you used one stem each of lambs ear and eucalyptus, or if you purchased two? I have a group of friends coming over for a craft night and we’re making these!

  4. Love this!!! Beautiful!
    Also, would mind sharing the color of your front door?! We are looking to paint and I love yours!

  5. This feels like a silly question but are the flowers real?? They look so real in the photo! Do they wilt or die over time? How long does the wreath “last”? It looks beautiful!

  6. I love these off-centered gold hoop wreaths! Any tips on how to get them to hang with the flowers at a strong off centered angle?

  7. This is beautiful!! I love all these colors for fall! I featured this as part of a fall wreath diy round-up on my blog- if you’d like to check it out. Thanks so much the inspiration!

  8. I LOVE your wreath. Well done. I am doing a Wreath Roundup over on my blog and would love to include yours if you would let me. It would be one photo and a link back to your site and tutorial. Please let me know if this would be okay. Thank you kindly.