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Starting a new series on the blog all about budget shopping and finding the same home decor look for less!

I hear all the time from readers that they want to buy ALL.THE.THINGS. but it can get really pricey!

And I completely understand. I can spend hours online shopping, adding 500 things to the cart, then never check out because I have sticker shock!

Buying home decor can be an investment.

But, often times you can find nearly the same home decor item, or an extremely similar look-a-like for a fraction of the price.

I think there are some things that you should always spend a little more money on for quality concerns. This would include sofas, mattresses, and some chairs, depending on their use.

In particular, I always splurge on sofas. We bought our last sofa and chair and a half from Crate and Barrel and they’re still in excellent shape. Our current sectional is from Interior Define and I’m so glad we spent the extra money on it!

However, I’m a big fan of saving where you can.

I like the save on lighting, rugs, smaller furniture items, and decor.

These items can often be found at a much more budget friendly price for basically the same look.

And so this series, Get The Look For Less, was born.

Every week (or if I’m being honest, HOPEFULLY every week) I’ll share 5 home decor items and their budget-friendly counterpart. They may not be exactly the same. But, in general, you’ll be able to get the same look for less.

Look For Less #1

Flushmount: HIGH|| LOW

These two flush mounts are really similar. And, if I’m being honest, I think I actually like the budget-friendly option better! Either way, flush mounts have evolved so much since our grandmother’s boob lights. I’m loving the glass shape and texture on both of these!

Look For Less #2

Floor Lamps: HIGH || LOW

I find that floor lamps can be grossly overpriced in general. Both of these options get you a clean, modern look with slim brass tripod legs. I don’t think you can go wrong either way!

Look For Less #3

Chandeliers: HIGH || LOW

I absolutely love the more expensive chandelier here. But, I can’t believe how similar the low priced one is! And when you’re talking about such a large price difference, I’d go with the low option every time.

Look For Less #4

Globe Pendants: HIGH || LOW

These globe pendant lights are SO pretty and nearly identical. While they’re both pretty pricey, there cheaper ones are definitely worth it!

Look For Less #5

Sconces: HIGH || LOW

Double arm sconces are very in style right now. You can find them almost everywhere. While they’re not exactly the same, I think I actually like the cheaper one’s shape better! It’s a little more modern.

I’ll be back soon with another edition of Get The Look For Less!

It’s time to get the look for less home decor! Looking for budget friendly lighting that doesn’t break the bank but is still beautiful? So if you’re looking for lighting ideas like a floor lamp, chandelier, pendant light, or sconce but want to not spend a fortune, this is for you. Home decor and interior decorating doesn’t have to be so expensive. It’s time to save on home decor and lighting ideas for your home and for your renovation. #lighting #lookforless #homedecor #interiordecorating

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