Modern Vintage Bathroom Inspiration

We are starting our master bathroom renovation and I’m sharing my favorite bathroom designs that have inspired me for our Modern Vintage Bathroom!

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I am SO excited to finally start sharing inspiration and plans for our master bathroom renovation!  It feels like I’ve been talking about it for FOREVER and the time is finallyyy here!!!

I’ve been putting a ton of pressure on myself to really create the perfect space.  There is so much to consider when planning a master bathroom and it’s honestly been kind of hectic and stressful!

I’m going to write an entire post on how I came up with the design for the bathroom, how I sourced all the products, and how I used our budget to determine what I could spend more on versus save in other areas.  Of course I have to actually finalize plans before I can write that post, and as of today, I’m STILL ordering tile samples.


{Yes, I was yelling that}

Before I get into the nitty gritty design work, I go to my favorite source for inspiration – Pinterest!  I have a whole Pinterest board just for bathroom ideas here, if you want to check it out!

You have to keep in mind when you’re scrolling through the picture perfect images that that exact result may not be totally possible.  Some of these bathrooms are probably 10s of thousands of dollars and that’s just NOT in our budget right now.  Plus, we are planning on moving soon and I’m not paying that for someone else’s bathroom.

I love to just Pin any image that catches my eye.  Even if it’s not necessarily my “style”.  And I’m so sick of being defined by one particular style.  That’s another post I’m working on, too 😉

So, once I’ve Pinned a bunch of images (I’m talking like 50 or more), I go back through and really look at what I saw in the image.  Was it the colors?  Was it the tile selection?  Or, was it something else entirely?

Then, compare that to what you have in your space now.  For instance, we live in a 100+ year old home with exposed brick and tons of history.  A super modern, clean lined bathroom probably wouldn’t really work in our house.

Finally, I balance out the inspiration photos while considering our current space AND mix in my own design esthetic and want I want in the space.  It’s SUCH a process.  But, I truly, truly love to do it.  I love LOVE it.

The last thing I keep in mind is this is MY space.  I’m designing this for my family not for someone else.  Don’t be defined by what other people think.  If you love it, then go for it!  Don’t be defined by a specific style.  And, don’t go with your first design.  I’ve redone my design a ridiculous amount of time.  Tweaking things here and there and really perfecting my vision.  Don’t compromise your vision!

(Apparently I’m a motivational speaker now? Ha!)

Let’s take a closer look at my design inspiration.

I wanted to do a more modern style than you’re used to seeing on the blog and mix that with a bit of a vintage look.

I love the look of subway tile.  It’s a classic, timeless look that’s also relatively inexpensive!  This bathroom from Chris Loves Julia is gorgeous!  I love how they mixed metals (chrome and brass) and paired the simple white subway tile with the patterned cement tile.

Sypsie Designs really perfected a modern farmhouse look.  The wood planked ceiling balances so well with the patterned cement tile.  I love the dark painted vanity and the drop-in sink.  It all matches perfectly!

What I got from this bathroom was that I really love a painted vanity.  I think it sets a room apart and adds a pop of color without painting the entire bathroom.

If you’re looking for design inspiration for any room, my goto source is Studio Mcgee.  I secretly wish they would hire me as a design consultant 😉

This bathroom from them is so simple but yet beautiful.  The white wainscoting creates the perfect neutral backdrop without looking sterile.  I love the large simplistic mirror and the dark grouted hexagon tiles.

What I took from this bathroom was I do like the simple black and white look.  A bold mirror is a plus especially paired with dark grout.  Also, I LOVE the sink but it’s just not practical for our purposes.

I realize now that his bathroom from Park & Oak is so similar to the above bathroom.  When I started seeing patterns in what I was inspired by, I made a mental note (and also actually physically wrote notes down) so that I could start putting together a design for our bathroom.

I was particularly inspired in this bathroom by the hexagon floor tiles (seeing a pattern here?) and the vintage vanity.  The warm wood tones really brings life to an otherwise neutral space.

I realized how much I loved brass fixtures once I came across this bathroom by Clary Pfieffer on Cottage Hill Mag.  Brass fixtures ARE a trend right now.  Obviously that trend will go out of style at some point.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use a trendy item in your design!  I’ll chat all about how I’m using brass in my bathroom soon 🙂


This bathroom from Amber Interiors (another favorite interior designer of mine!) is swoon worthy.  Another great examples of mixing metals, dark vanity, and cement or patterned tiles.

Another beautiful design from Amber Interiors!  Very similar to the one above.  But, knowing that I was drawn to two images that are so similar was something I kept in mind when doing my own design.

The last example from Amber Interiors is this light and bright bathroom!  It’s white and bright without looking sterile, which I think is SO important.  An all white bathroom really runs the risk of looking like an psych ward room.  I love how she used the warm wood tones to break up the white.

I LOOOVEEE this bathroom from Decorist.  The dark hexagon floors are so bold!  Paired with the larger white subway tile and rounded rectangle mirrors = perfection!

When I think of the perfect modern vintage bathroom, I think of this one from Brepurposed.  She paired modern elements in the mirror, sconces, and tile with a vintage dresser and rug.  It’s the absolute perfect pairing of modern elements and clean lines with the warmer vintage dresser and accents.  If I could steal her bathroom I would!

This bathroom shown in Domino also pairs vintage and modern so well.  I do love the shiplap used but I knew I didn’t want to go that route in our bathroom (for various reasons).  The blue vanity stands out in a good way and the herringbone floor tile is amazing.

I took from this bathroom that you can pair different types of tile – herringbone and subway tile looks great together!

Chrstina’s Adventures recently completed one of the most beautiful farmhouse bathroom makeovers.  I want to do a more modern look than this but I was definitely inspired by how warm and inviting this room is.  It’s so cozy and reminds me of a rustic spa!

This bathroom from Hammer & Hand is probably my favorite and where I draw the most inspiration from.  The bold floors, dark grouted subway tile, and that gorgeous dresser really stand out to me.  Pair that with mixed metals and rounded rectangular mirrors for a perfect finished look.

These last two images are both from Kate Marker Interiors.  I feel like I’m saying the same thing as this point, which probably means I’ve really pinpointed my design (hopefully!).

I love the patterned tile of the first image and how both bathrooms are light and bright.

So, that’s it for the design inspiration for a modern vintage bathroom.

I am SO excited to share my design plan and how I budgeted for everything sometime soon.  I’m still finalizing everything because I cannot make a final tile decision.

Wishing you a joyful day!

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  1. Christina

    Thanks so much for including my bathroom in this list – what a great group of inspirational bathrooms! Can’t wait to see yours – it’s going to be beautiful!

  2. Shawnna Griffin

    hey girl- love the bathrooms! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Amy

    hello! I love your blog and seeing all of your ideas! I am re-doing my master bathroom and am painting the vanity teal, and the teal vanity you posted here (Hammer & Hand) is the perfect color! Do you know what paint color that is? Thanks so much!

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