Bathroom Inspiration: Bathroom Vanities Made Out of Old Dressers

Looking for bathroom renovation inspiration? I’ve rounded up my favorite DIY bathroom vanities made out of old dressers.

If you are stuck in a bathroom remodel and don’t quite know how to finish off your powder area use these bathroom vanities made out of old dressers. This should get your creative side going and wrap up that remodel!

Well, I have some exciting (or terrifying) news for Making Joy and Pretty Things readers!

We are going to be starting our master bathroom renovation!!!

(I’m both smiling and grimacing at the same time….)

I am SO excited to start thinking about designing our bathroom.  I honestly have no idea what “style” I’m going for.  You might instantly think “farmhouse” but I’m not quite sure!

UPDATE: Check out how our master bathroom with a dresser used as a vanity turned out here!

Using bathroom vanities made out of old dressers is a great way to save some money when renovating a bathroom

I’ve seen some recent bathroom reveals that are vintage or even boho-inspired that I’m loving.  So, we will see what I come up with!  Expect lots of bathroom inspiration posts and hopefully a bathroom design plan post soon, too!

Now, don’t expect too much too fast. My husband works at a snail’s pace and we still have to have some plumbing work done before we can start anything.

Choosing Bathroom Vanities Made Out of Old Dressers

I don’t quite know what style I’m going for but one thing I do know I want to do is DIY a vanity.

Turning an old dresser into a vanity is seriously genius!  It saves money for sure (as vanities are for some reason craaaazy expensive) AND it can fit into almost any design style.  

Plus, you’re not actually limited to just a dresser.  You could use a sideboard or really any antique piece of furniture that has the rough shape of a vanity.

I scoured the internet for some of my favorite dressers used as vanities for you to check out.  I left my absolute favorite for last, so make sure you scroll down to see 😉

Now, I have NO clue how to actually go about turning a dresser into a vanity.  But, I found this article that seems to go pretty in-depth about the process in case you want to check it out.  

Modern Dressers Turned into Vanities

You guys I looked at TONS of old dressers that were made into vanities. There are so many awesome ideas out there I’ve rounded up a lot!

These are some amazing modern bathroom vanities made out of old dressers!

Bathroom Vanities Made from Old Dressers

Vanities Made out of Old Distressed Dressers

This style might be my favorite. You guys already know I love distressing literally anything, remember these shelves in our baby girl nursery?

I've rounded up what I think are super transformations. Aren't these just amazing?

Antique Bathroom Vanities from Dressers

All of these antique dressers have been painted and converted into vanities. There's something about a classic with a quick coat of paint that just refreshes them.

These are great classic looks that go with almost everything I'm excited to share all of these!

Wood Antique Dresser Vanities

While I love the painted antique dressers above there's something timeless about leaving the dresser in its original wood look form.

These Dressers made into vanities are beautiful repurposes and just look how amazing they are!

Bold Contrast Dressers Painted

This style is sort of becoming my new favorite thing! I love the bold choice to paint bathroom vanities super dark that are made out of old dressers.

Just take a look at these statement pieces. I know it can be a risky choice such dark and loud colors but these are absolutely beautiful!

Oversized Bathroom Vanities Made Out of Old Dressers

If you have a large bathroom and don't want to spend a TON of money look at these! These are such great options for larger bathrooms and dual vanities.

These dressers are humongous but wow just look at what great vanities they made!

Wow! I have so many ideas!

Wishing you a joyful day!

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  1. hey girl- love the ideas! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! y’all have a great weekend!

  2. Sarah, this is incredible! How can you make such chic dressers and washbasins from an old cabinet? I have vintage furniture, but I am very afraid to remodel it. I’m afraid I’ll ruin it. I found a lot of information on the internet on how to repaint or decorate old vintage furniture. Perhaps you know what paint is best to do it? Please advise what paint and what other materials are needed for the restoration and repainting of the old wooden chest of drawers. I don’t want to throw this furniture away! I was very inspired by your selection, Sarah. Thanks for sharing!