Our Modern and Vintage Master Bathroom Reveal

A perfect mix of modern and vintage styles – this master bathroom reveal is a must-see!

Today I wanted to finally share our master bathroom reveal from our old house.

It was another project in that house that turned out exactly how I had envisioned.  I feel like it really fits the home’s 100+ year history and style.  It’s modern enough without being too sterile, with plenty of charm that feels like it belongs there.

If you remember, this is what it looked like before.  The opening on the left there is the “bathroom.”  AKA, closet.  AKA, a place where we threw a bunch of stuff that we didn’t know what to do with.

Want to see more of our bathroom renovation? Catch up here:

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The Modern Vintage Bathroom Makeover: Before Pictures

The entrance to the master bathroom before it's makeover: the doorway doesn't have a frame, and the bathroom is packed with boxes of clutter.

Once we cleared out all the stuff I should have just thrown away precious valuables, this is what we were left with.

Our master bathroom mid-renovation - a gutted out room with exposed dry wall, paneled wood flooring, and stacked wooden boards.
Our master bathroom, mid-renovation: subflooring is removed, exposing plumping pipes, exposed dry wall, pipes, tubes, and dust everywhere.
All the construction supplies is rounded up in a corner of a master bathroom during the renovation.

Design Inspiration for Our Modern Vintage Bathroom Makeover

I shared all about my design plan for our master bathroom here.

The design plan for our master bathroom remodel - samples of all our favorite modern vintage pieces, including tiles, fixtures, paint, decor and more.

It took forever to finish it (as was the case with every.single.project.ever in that house) but it is seriously perfect.

Note: All sources are linked at the bottom of the post for your convenience! Click here to scroll down to the source links.

Modern Vintage Bathroom Reveal: After Pictures!

The completed modern vintage bathroom reveal! The view from the bathroom door shows the vintage sink vanity, painted black with gold hardware, the deep-set bathtub, and white subway tile walls.
Our modern vintage bathroom, the view from the bathtub shows the walk-in shower, tiled with white subway style tile, and the toilet area.
The interior wall of our walk-in shower: the shower wall is about chest-high, and is completed with shower glass up to the ceiling, giving this modern vintage bathroom an open, airy feel.
The slanted ceilings of our master bathroom over the tub and vanity, and white tiled walls.

OMG.  Love love love love.

I don’t even know where to start!  I have a feeling this is going to be a very wordy and picture-heavy post.  It was so hard to narrow down the 438 (yes, seriously) pictures I took.  So, if you want to skip over my rambling, there are plentyyyy of pictures to look at instead πŸ™‚

Modern Vintage Bathroom Floor Tiles

The whole design plan began around the floor tile that I felt in love with.

I saw it while browsing Wayfair and knew I had to have it.  It has a cement tile look without the cement tile price.  I think it has a modern look to it (as cement tile is so trendy) but also feels very vintage-y.  You could use it in a completely modern room or in an older, “charming” room as well.

A look at the floor tiles and vintage vanity in our modern vintage bathroom. These black and white times have a unique design that balances the simplicity in other design elements of our master bathroom.

I absolutely LOVE the floor tile.  Especially once it was paired with dark grout, the whole design really popped.

A close up look at the black and white floor tiles in our modern vintage bathroom.

With the floor tile being so busy, I knew I had to keep it relatively subdued in the rest of the room.

I chose a neutral, creamy white paint on the walls and classic white subway tile throughout.  

The hardest tile decision was definitely in the shower – the floor and bench top.  My initial gut feeling was to go with black penny tile and I’m so happy I did.  

A close up look at the balance of the busy patterned black and white floor tiles and the clean and simple white subway tiles.

It’s a bold choice but I think it compliments the room and other tiles perfectly.

Comparing the busy design on the black and white floor tiles to the simple, clean white subway shower tiles in our updated modern vintage bathroom makeover.

Modern Vintage Bathroom Vanity

With the tile picked, it was time to think about the rest of the bathroom.

I had my heart set on turning a vintage dresser into a vanity.  

When I found the absolute PERFECT dresser for just a few hundred dollars, I bought it that same day.  It may have stayed in our basement for months (and months and months) but I’m so glad I made that purchase last fall.

The vintage dresser we picked for our modern vintage bathroom makeover has a gorgeous shape, drawers, and wood surface with a inlay white porcelain sink.

This baby was a lot of work.  We sanded down the whole thing, then primed and painted the entire dresser (minus the very top).  I chose a dark green (Mount Etna by Sherwin Williams) after buying 10 million samples.  

I couldn’t decide between dark green or dark blue.  It had to be a dark color since everything else (besides the floor) was white white white.  It HAD to stand out without being busy.  

I opted for green over blue because I had sooooo much blue in our house that I needed a change. And, apparently, green makes a space feel more tranquil and relaxing. But, mostly that too-much-blue thing.

A close up look at the ornate vintage gold hardware on our bathroom vanity.
We updated this vintage dresser with a coat of deep forest green paint and new hardware.

My husband and I didn’t communicate exactly what were going to do for the top.  He thought he was supposed to sand the entire thing down, and I just wanted the sides and front sanded.  

But, this mistake actually revealed the beautiful wood grain on the vanity top that I decided to keep.  We finished it with some oil to seal it, and the grain really pops.

A full look at the vintage dresser we converted into a bathroom vanity - painted deep forest green, with two drawers, gold handles, and an inlayed white porcelain sink.

Even though it was a lot of work, it is absolutely perfect in the bathroom.  From the wavy wood in the front, to the beautiful details in the legs, to the hardware, to the tiny little wheels on the bottom, sighhhhh, I was head over heels in love with it.

A close up look at the gorgeous shape of the vintage dresser we converted to a bathroom vanity, painted green, and installed a sink in. I love the gold hardware on this dresser!

Modern Vintage Bathroom Fixtures: Sink, Faucet, and Wall Sconces

The sink we used came with a template to cut out a hole in the vanity for it.  This was surprisingly not as difficult as it sounds.  While it’s only a single sink in a master bathroom (GASP!!!) the room wasn’t big enough for a double vanity.  

Personally, I’d rather have a single sink with more room on the sides than two sinks and no countertop space. 

A closer look at the natural wood grain on the top of the bathroom vanity, and the smooth inlay of the porcelain sink we installed.
A love the natural wood grain that was revealed when we sanded down the top of this vanity! It goes perfectly with the white porcelain sink we installed.

I just loooove the wall-mounted faucet, too!!  The perfect modern touch to compliment the modern subway tile and sink.

We opted for a chrome finish for the faucet.  Chrome is our main metal for the bathroom.  

We used chrome for all fixtures (faucet, tub filler, shower hardware, toilet paper holder, towel bar, and hand towel holder) and brass as an accent metal.  

I love the look of mixed metals.  It makes the room feel gathered, collected, and eclectic.  I wrote a whole post on mixing metals because I love it that much.

Our sleek and modern white porcelain sink and silver faucet installed in our vintage modern bathroom.
A complete look at the top of our upgraded bathroom vanity, with an inlayed porcelain sink, wall-mounted faucet, modern black framed mirror, and globe wall sconces.
A closer look at some finer details of our modern vintage bathroom makeover - the soap dispenser tray next to the inlayed porcelain sink.
I love the modern look of the wall-mounted faucet over the sleek white porcelain sink in our vintage modern bathroom.

I kept the modern theme going by picking a matte black rounded rectangular mirror. That black really pops next to the tile and is repeated in the floor tile and shower penny tile.  I felt like this side of the room needed some black, too.

The modern theme of our master bathroom continues with a sleek matte black framed mirror hung on our white subway tiled bathroom walls.

The sconces are brass (my accent color). I couldn’t replace those perfect pulls on the dresser so I needed to make sure the brass was repeated elsewhere.  

The sconces and soap dispenser (a more subtle brass) make the dresser hardware feel like they belong in the room.  As long as a metal is repeated more than once, I say GO FOR IT!  (But seriously, more details in this post about mixing metals)

Mixing metals in our vintage modern bathroom: brass globe wall sconces next to a sleek matte black framed mirror hanging on white subway tiled walls.

One final look at this part of the room:

A complete look at the modern vintage vanity set up in our bathroom: a vintage dresser repurposed into a vanity with fresh paint, inlayed porcelain sink, and silver wall-mounted fixtures. Brass globe wall scones hang on either side of a sleek black-framed bathroom mirror.

Stunning White Porcelain Soaking Bathtub for a Modern Vintage Bathroom

When I saw this bathtub and filler from American Standard, it was love at first site.

A little peak at the stunning soaking bathtub and vintage vanity in our modern vintage master bathroom.

It’s the soaking tub to end all soaking tubs.  Seriously.

A fell in love with this gorgeous, deep porcelain bathtub and had to have it! It's the perfect mix of modern and vintage and matches the sleek design.
Our deep soaking bathtub, bath tray with bath salts, a sitting stool, and wall-mounted towel rack.

It’s the perfect piece to fill in the awkward space beneath the sloped ceiling.

I think I love the tub filler even more than the tub itself.  It’s SOLID, clearly well made.  I just love how it looks arching above the tub.  

Not only is it pretty and functional, it also has a little attachment that you can pull into the tub.  

This gorgeous, solid silver tub filler faucet is perfect for our vintage modern bathroom.
A complete look at the deep soaking tub and filler against the white subway tiled walls in our vintage modern bathroom makeover.

Modern Vintage Subway Tiled Walk-In Shower

I love this shower SO much!

A gorgeous walk-in shower with white subway tiled walls and glass window,  rainfall showerhead, and framed photography on the white painted walls.

Ohh the rain shower head…..

The walk-in shower corner of our vintage modern bathroom was completely tiled in white subway tile and shower glass, with a rainfall shower head, and slanted walls.

The bench and aforementioned black penny tile…

A closer look at the black penny tile in the walk-in shower in our modern vintage master bathroom.

Sigh.  It’s beautiful.  My FIL did all of the tile work. While he’s not known for his speed (or ability to win bets), he did a fantastic job!

A look at the gorgeous subway tiled walls in our walk-in shower, with a slanted ceiling, black penny floor tiles, and wall-mounted towel rack.
A close up look at the gorgeous black penny floor tiles and white subway tiled walls in the walk-in shower in our upgraded vintage modern master bathroom.
We installed a convenient shower nook inside the half-wall of the walk-in shower, and tiled it with matching white subway tile.

We had the glass custom-made to semi-enclose the shower.  Even though the shower is open, the steam and warmth really stay in the shower with you.

I picked up that cute dip-dyed teak stool to set a towel on for your bath and/or shower.

The semi-enclosed walk-in shower is completed with custom-cut shower glass, allowing the shower to feel open, but still hold in the warmth and the steam from the rainfall showerhead.

Finishing Touches: Modern Vintage Bathroom Decor, Toilet Nook and Source List

Last but not least, the toilet πŸ˜‰

No one cares about the toilet.  But, I have to show it in order to show the most amazing art I found for the bathroom.  It is SO perfect for the room and for life in general.

The toilet nook in our modern vintage bathroom is simple: white walls, and a framed photograph hanging on the wall.
A closer look at the framed photo hanging on the wall in the toilet nook in our modern vintage bathroom - a man and a woman swimming in water, holding hands.
Some of the simple decor in our vintage modern bathroom - an almond scented candle and blue and white linen hand towel sits on the back of the toilet.

Sighhhhh.  Isn’t it beautiful??  

I’m very happy with how it turned out.  And I never ever ever ever want to renovate a bathroom again πŸ˜‰

A peak into the modern vintage master bathroom from the hallway shows the corner of the bathtub and vanity.
The gorgeous modern vintage bathroom vanity, with an updated vintage dresser, inlay porcelain sink, wall-mounted faucet, sconces, and a black-framed mirror.
The bathtub and walk-in shower corner of our vintage modern bathroom, with slanted ceiling, subway tiled walls, deep-soak bathroom, and black and white tiled walls.
The gorgeous deep porcelain bathtub and faucet in our updated master bathroom.
A full walk-in shower with partial enclosure, glass shower windows, subway tiled walls, and a rainfall shower head.
The simple toilet nook in our master bathroom - white walls, a framed photo, and white porcelain toilet.

Huge shout out to my husband for listening to me complain about the bathroom for a little 6 months and to my FIL for working tirelessly on everything.  

I may have almost killed them both by the end and the feeling was mutual I’m sure.  Renovations.  Not for the faint of heart.  (That should be my new blog title!)

Source List for Modern Vintage Bathroom

*This post was sponsored by American Standard.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Please see my full disclosure policy for more details*


If you're looking for modern vintage bathroom inspiration for your next renovation, you'll love this room.

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  1. It’s beautiful!! Glad to see a post from you in my inbox today πŸ™‚ And glad to hear you are loving your new home!!

  2. So this email from WordPress shows up, then who the heck is Sarah?? (forgetting I had subscribed oh so long ago), so my attitude was skewed (read: slightly cranky) from the get-go. But you had me at Kenzzi Paloma. OMGosh!!! I’m not even in the market for tile!! No home projects goin’ on at all!! But did I order me up a sample tile?? Why yes I did. My discontent of kitchen and bathroom floors since moving in 1.5 years ago cane roaring to the forefront and now I CAN’T WAIT for that sample to arrive! Thanks?!? ?. Seriously, gorgeous bathroom! Well done!

  3. Sarah! Absolutely stunning! And how nice to have a FIL who does tile! I can’t wait to see what you do with your interior design business!! ~Chelsea

  4. Your bedroom is simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing such a detailed post with so many beautiful pictures. I have also updated my room recently. In order to add glow and coziness, I have placed Himalayan salt lamp in my room. This lamp is so beautiful and gives off such a beautiful glow. This lamp is made of Himalayan salt crystals and has meditative and therapeutic properties and makes the atmosphere pure and calms down the mind and body. It helps in relieving anxiety and depression and improve the sleep cycle. So, basically it is a complete decoration piece along with health benefits.

  5. Your redesign is beautiful! I’m looking for inspiration to “mix finishes” (I did it in 1995 and it was much easier because there were only two choices: chrome and brass. Based on your project, this is still the best!!!

    One thing, you didn’t mention the sink, is it the AS-Vox? It looks like the one I selected for my guest bath and I absolutely love it!

    Thank you!

  6. Hi Sarah, Beautiful outcome! Love it. I am in the midst of all the planning for a refresh/remodel of my daughter’s bathroom. I’m glad to learn I am not the only one who became obsessed with finding the perfect tile… tile really is what dictates the theme of the whole room. And I also love the look of mixed finishes…Yours is the only blog that actually gives some direct pointers. Thanks! But…my question is about pocket doors…any comments on the process of adding the pocket door? I will be adding a very small one (25″) where there is currently an awkward regular door separating the toilet & shower from the sink vanity. I would really love to hear your tips/thoughts on the pocket door. If you and your husband have a kit you recommend, please let me know.

    1. Hi, Anne! This is Sarah’s husband. I personally love love love pocket doors. I think they’re super-cool. When we installed our pocket door in the master bathroom we just went to home depot and bought the right size kit from the selection of exactly one type of kit they sold. It’s been a while now, though, so I’m not sure I have a name. I’ll see if I can find it and get back to you. It was super easy to install for us since we built the wall it was in from nothing. If you’re going to be modifying an existing wall to allow for a pocket door that gets a bit more complicated, as you’ll have to remove drywall and expand the current door opening to double the size of the door you’ll be installing. I hope this helps!

  7. Love how your bathroom turned out. We are using this same tiles in our bathroom. What is the name of the grout color you used for your white subway tile?