Beautiful Wallpaper Ideas For Every Room In Your Home

Adding wallpaper to a room or wall is sure to add style to any space.  See some of my favorite wallpaper ideas for every room of your home – from the dining room to your bedroom.

I’ve got news for you. And it’s not a big surprise if you pay attention to interior design, but WALLPAPER IS BACK (and in a big way)!

If you remember, a couple of months ago  I chatted about using wallpaper in unique ways throughout your home (other than just the traditional use of wallpaper on the walls). Ya know, things like putting wallpaper on your stair risers or framing it. And I’m still all about that!

But, today I’m making the push for wallpaper to be used on a (gasp) wall!  A feature wall or even ALL THE WALLS in a room. Craziness, right? 

The truth that I’m going to try to convince you of today is that wallpaper is a great way to add style to your room. There’s a reason why the top designers have been using it on repeat in recent years.

But maybe you’re still not so sure about wallpaper on your walls. Or perhaps you’re not sure what room to try it out in? Today, I’m dishing out all the wallpaper ideas to inspire you. 

Whether you’re eyeing a splash of elegance for your dining room (seriously, who isn’t?) or a burst of whimsy in the nursery, I’ve got your wallpaper game covered with these great examples of wallpaper on your interior walls. 

Get ready to say goodbye to bland walls and let’s dive into the best wallpaper ideas to transform every room of your home. Trust me, it’s a game-changer that will change the whole room! 

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Wallpaper Ideas for Your Dining Room

Imagine savoring your favorite meal in a dining room that oozes style and sophistication. I’ve rounded up some great dining room wallpaper ideas that’ll make every dinner feel special. 

Dining rooms are the hub for family dinners and special moments. Sometimes, they even moonlight as the perfect homework spot for the kiddos. The rooms also often carry a formal vibe. You can make it extra special with stunning wallpaper. 

This vibrant wallpaper’s botanical pattern sets the stage for a stunning green traditional dining room. The dark-painted ceiling, paired with green wainscoting and trim, creates a captivating harmony with the bold colors of the wallpaper. Isn’t it so pretty?

Check out the stunning shibori design on the black and white wallpaper, adding flair to this eclectic dining space. The dining room is a great place to use something with more geometric patterns – like this.

And oh, those mirrors at the back of the cabinets! Not only do they reflect the wallpaper’s pattern, but they also dance with the natural light, creating a play of brightness. A perfect blend of style and practicality!

Wallpaper Ideas for Your Living Room

Your living room is the heart of the home, right? Let’s give it the love it deserves with these living room wallpaper ideas!

Even this temporary peel-and-stick wallpaper accent wall in this living room from Nesting with Grace makes a huge difference! You can totally get the wallpaper look on a budget with something like this.

If having wallpaper on all the walls (or just an accent wall) in your living room feels like “too much”, you could try something like this. She uses framed wallpaper panels on either side of the fireplace in this gorgeous living room with wall sconce lighting incorporated. It looks amazing!

Wallpaper Ideas for Your Nursery and Kid Spaces

Nurseries and kid spaces are some of the best places to use wallpapers. You can even get away with something like a bold wallpaper and experiment with different colors that you may not use in the rest of your home. 

For the little ones, we’ve got designs rounded up below that will spark imagination and bring joy. 

This is a great option if you want to go a little more bold and bright in your kid’s room than you may go elsewhere in your house. This gorgeous mural wallpaper with hand-painted floral designs is perfect for a little girl’s room.

Really, I’m a big fan of any type of floral wallpaper in girl’s nurseries – I wrote a whole article all about it!

Chris Loves Julia went with the complete opposite of bold in this nursery with a soft and subtle cloud pattern wallpaper on the walls in this nursery space. With the bottom portion of the walls covered in wainscoting, it provides an elegant look to the whole space. 

Wallpaper Ideas for Your Powder Room or Small Bathroom

Who says bathrooms have to be boring? Dive into a sea of creativity with bathroom wallpaper ideas to turn your bathroom into a personal spa retreat. 

Taking it a step further, I think wallpaper in a small bathroom or even a powder room is a great choice! These examples show us that wallpaper, even those with a bold pattern, works even in a small space.

Elegant white peonies and bluebirds create a picturesque scene on the misty green canvas of this traditional chinoiserie wallpaper design in this small bathroom.

I love that it is installed above the white-painted beadboard instead of on the entire space. It creates a great balance.

Transforming this powder room into a modern farmhouse gem is as simple as adding a buffalo check pattern wallpaper and swapping out the vanity mirror. The makeover magic is real on this one. Proof that with the right wallpaper, you can truly transform a room. 

Wallpaper Ideas for Your Bedroom

Your sanctuary deserves a makeover! Explore bedroom wallpaper ideas that create a dreamy atmosphere, making bedtime the highlight of your day. Whether you choose to put the wallpaper on one wall as an accent wall to become the focal point of the room or on every wall to get the designer look. 

This countryside wall mural is absolutely gorgeous. This wallpaper design definitely has a moody and vintage feel that would be perfect in a bedroom.

I could also see it being a perfect fit for a living room, sitting room, powder room, family room, or guest room!  

The addition of the peony patterned wallpaper over the black-painted beadboard wall treatment adds so much coziness to this gorgeous guest bedroom.

Since it is such a bold wallpaper pattern, she scales it back and calms it down by just using it on the top part of the walls over the beadboard. It also makes the ceiling height feel higher than it really is. A creative little trick of the eyes. 

Wallpaper Ideas for Your Home Office

Your work oasis deserves a touch of inspiration! In fact, our modern home office was one of the first places I used wallpaper in our current home, which you’ll see below.

Explore wallpaper ideas to transform your home office into a space where creativity and productivity collide.

On the back of the built-ins in our home office, I added this pretty white and black floral wallpaper and it was the perfect finishing touch to the room – adding just the right amount of character and style.

When you go with a somewhat busy pattern like this, it can be helpful to have a toned-down color scheme – like black and white. It’s just the perfect backdrop to our office.

Marieza added a pretty tulip patterned wallpaper with a light blue and tan color scheme to go in this pretty home office with custom built-ins.

The room also features wainscoting, doors, and heavy trim painted all with a gorgeous shade of light blue to go with the traditional wallpaper. It all comes together nicely and adds so much character to her home office. 

Wallpaper Ideas for Your Entryway

First impressions matter, right? Let’s make sure your entryway leaves a lasting mark that sets the tone for the entire home with one of these entry wallpaper ideas.

Wallpaper ideas for entryway for a front entry using an art deco theme midcentury modern wallpaper
Source: Create-Enjoy

Suzannah works wonders blending traditional and modern styles in her historic home. The contemporary wallpaper with an art deco vibe is a perfect match for her front entry, making a bold design statement.

The wallpaper effortlessly highlights charming architectural details and period features, from the small arched window in the front door to the playful arch leading into the living room. I just love it!

Yearning for a burst of color in your entry? Dive into the charm of this blue Dalmatian spot-patterned wallpaper. The way it effortlessly blends with the rest of the entryway decor is pure style magic.

Wallpaper Ideas for Your Laundry Room

Even laundry rooms can be stylish. I’ve rounded up some great ideas to turn this often-overlooked space into a haven of functionality and style with wallpaper.

A laundry room with a touch of classic board and batten steals my heart. The white and blue design of this removable wallpaper adds the perfect dose of color and pattern, giving this laundry room the lift it craved.

Laundry day just got a stylish upgrade!

Witness the magic of a beautiful makeover in this laundry-mudroom combo! The floral wallpaper accent wall is the ultimate finishing touch, seamlessly complementing the green upper and white cabinets below.

Wallpaper Ideas for Your Closet

Glam up your closet space with wallpaper to make choosing an outfit feel like a fashion show. Because every wardrobe deserves a stylish backdrop. Even though your closet may be a small room or just a reach-in closet, you can still creatively add new wallpaper to give it more style. 

Sprinkling a dash of fun, we decorated the inside of our little girl’s closet in her farmhouse nursery with lively floral wallpaper. It’s a perfect burst of color that infused loads of character into the space! Don’t you agree?

This IKEA Pax closet takes the cake for pure gorgeousness! And the wallpaper on the ceiling is a game-changer – the ultimate finishing touch. 

Wallpaper Ideas for Your Ceiling

Don’t forget to look up! There’s a reason why they call it the fifth wall. Ceilings are a canvas waiting to be adorned.

Explore wallpaper designs that elevate your space – literally. This is one of my favorite ideas for a clever use of wallpaper.

Tasha saw this cool wallpaper and said, “Yep, that’s it!” Then she picked paint, lights, art, and furniture to match.

Result? Boring beige dining room turned into a snazzy, modern navy dining room with an extra wow factor on the ceiling. 

That marbled wallpaper on the ceiling? Pure character booster for this home office! It adds a cool contrast to the navy blue walls, trim, and built-ins.

Wallpaper Ideas for Your Hallway

Hallways are an inevitable part of most floor plans, but they don’t have to be dull passageways. Wallpaper is a great opportunity to give these otherwise boring spaces something with new life.

Grasscloth wallpaper is a fun wallpaper to use because it brings in additional texture – which is always a good thing. The textured stripes of this hallway wallpaper added just enough to this small space. 

The gold and cream wallpaper installed about the wainscoting in this hallway is just perfect. By adding a patterned wallpaper to the walls, it can also act as the art so it is one less thing you need to think about when styling your hallways. 

Where To Buy Wallpaper Online

So do I have you convinced yet to add wallpaper SOMEWHERE in your home? Maybe you know that you want to use wallpaper in your home, but don’t know where to get it.

There are plenty of great places to buy wallpaper online actually! Anthropologie, Etsy, and Spoonflower are some of my favorites. But I rounded up all the best places to buy wallpaper here.

If farmhouse style is your thing, check out these farmhouse style wallpaper ideas that I shared over at Making It In The Mountains. 

From dining rooms to home offices, closets to entryways, there’s just so much magic when it comes to transforming spaces with wallpaper! 

Remember, a little wallpaper goes a long way in injecting personality into your home. So go ahead, choose a room in your home, and start experimenting with colors and patterns! 

Have a joyful day!

*This article was originally published in September 2017, but most recently updated in January 2024.*

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