6 Fun and Unique Uses of Wallpaper in Your Home

I’ve found 6 unique uses of wallpaper in your home! Wallpaper is all the rage these days.  Even if you don’t want to wallpaper a whole room.

Hello again! I’m here to share 6 uses of wallpaper that are not only unique but you will have lots of fun with these ideas in your own home.

I thought I’d take a bit of a break from the whole farmhouse nursery plans to talk about my newest obsession: coldstone ice cream wallpaper.

Wallpaper isn't an outdated decor anymore. There are many creative ways to use wallpaper

And I’m not talking about your grandma’s wallpaper.  Because we all remember that.  No, thankfully that trend died in the 90s.

Choosing a Wallpaper to Use

I’m talking about the bright, colorful modern wallpaper that is SO trendy right now.  I picked this wallpaper for Evie’s nursery and I am in loooove.

Floral wallpaper pattern for a baby girl nursery is just one of many creative uses of wallpaper

You don’t have to go the floral wallpaper route though.  This was one of my favorite One Room Challenge reveals because I can’t get enough of this wallpaper!

Dining room walls covered in a unique wallpaper that provides a modern look and a fun use of wallpaper

Still not sold on wallpaper??

Okay, I get it.  I mean how long will the trend last?  Will you spend hours peeling it off in 5 years because it’s gone out of style again?

6 Uses of Wallpaper that are Different

So, instead of using wallpaper in an entire room or along an entire wall, why not try wallpaper in a different way?  I’ve rounded up 6 fun and unique ways to use wallpaper in your home.  

You get to use the fun patterns without fear of them going out of style 🙂  Or, if it does, you won’t be stuck with a giant room of it!

1. Framing is a great use of wallpaper

I think this is SUCH a neat idea.  Don’t you?  The wallpaper becomes a focal point in any room and can easily be changed or swapped out for a new pattern.

Yellow wallpaper used in a frame to decorate a living room is another  creative way


Framing wallpaper is a unique wallpaper idea to provide a focal point in a room


There are so many uses of wallpaper including this wallpaper in a frame for dining room accents


2. Using wallpaper on a ceiling

Why not make the focal point of the room the ceiling!?  I never would have thought to wallpaper a ceiling until I saw these examples.

Related – Check out more wallpaper on the ceiling ideas here!

There are so many patterns and designs for wallpaper including this wood look put on the ceiling in a nursery


This beautiful unique wallpaper really sets the tone in this nursery and is such a modern and fun wallpaper


You can also use wallpaper on a ceiling in the kitchen for a creative and unique look


Things for wallpaper to consider are what pattern to put on a ceiling and just how creative it can be with modern patterns


3. Use wallpaper to create an accent wall

Okay, so you don’t want to wallpaper an entire room.  What about a little accent wall?

Another creative use of wallpaper is for making accents and accent walls in rooms that need updating


4. Stair risers are just one of many uses of wallpaper

This may be my favorite idea yet!  How unique!

Stair risers are often overlooked but can be spruced up with great wallpaper ideas


Get creative and use different types of wallpaper to get a eclectic look on your stair risers


These stair risers really pop with this floral wallpaper and is such a great idea


Stair risers are how to use wallpaper in a different way that you might not consider as a unique way to use wallpaper


5. Drawer sides make amazing use of wallpaper

Give your dresser a kick of color and pattern … why not?

Using wallpaper on furniture and drawer slides is a great way to update an old piece


Wallpaper can be used to resurface old furniture to make an interesting piece that will eye catching


6. Update your bookcase with wallpaper

Give your hutch or bookcase new life.  This would be so easy to do and really make a huge statement!

A creative and subtle use inside this hutch that otherwise would go unnoticed


Transform an old bookshelf in this creative way to use wall coverings


Wall coverings can be used to update just about anything including this nightstand


So, what do you think?  Are you sold on wallpaper? I surprised myself with these uses of wallpaper that I hadn’t really thought of before.

Wallpaper has endless uses, and endless possibilities, and I really love the many different ways you can change a space or piece with a little touch of wallpaper. Don’t write it off!

If you’re thinking about adding wallpaper to your walls (or anywhere else with one of these other uses of wallpaper), check out the best places to buy wallpaper online here.

You may have also noticed I have a thing for floral wallpaper.  Check out these floral wallpaper ideas! Aren’t the bright, bold blooms adorable?

Alright, back to farmhouse nursery planning….

Wishing you a joyful day!

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    1. Hi Jeannine! I’m so glad you’re into wallpaper, too 🙂 I got our wallpaper for Evie’s nursery at spoonflower.com. It definitely wasn’t super cheap but I didn’t think it was overpriced either. The quality was great and it was very easy to match the seams during installation. Another site I’ve seen people using a lot is wallsneedlove.com – also not very inexpensive. I did a quick search and found out that wayfair sells wallpaper and it’s really inexpensive! Hope you find some pretty wallpaper 🙂

  1. Love the wallpaper you chose and all the inspiration photos! We’ve removed 6+ rooms of wallpaper in this house, so I just can’t bring myself to install any new wallpaper yet, lol!

  2. So many great ideas! I’m imagining the wallpaper on the stairs to one of those tall bunk beds with the desk underneath. Not that i have one of those in my house, but that’s what came to mind, haha. The kind of wallpaper they have out now is just amazing and I’d love to try it out on something.