A Traditional Fall Home Tour

Today, we’re sharing our Fall Home Tour! We’re showing off all our traditional Fall decor, from colorful leaves and pumpkins to farmhouse style Fall crafts. If you love Fall home decor, this home tour is for you!

A collage of images shows different pieces of traditional fall home decor. A large white circle in the center reads "traditional fall home tour"

The day is finally here: Fall Home Tour day!!!  I’m equally excited and nervous to show you all my traditional fall home decor ideas.  So, grab some coffee and enjoy!

I want to thank Zan from At Home with Zan for inviting me to be a part of the Fall Home Tour blog hop. ย This post was sponsored by At Home Stores. ย Thank you to At Home stores for partnering with us for our Fall Tour of Homes. ย  For more information, see my disclosure policy.

So, a little background on my home tour.  I am actually really so nervous to let you into my home.  Why?  Because I see other bloggers’ homes that are just stunning and spotless, like something out of a magazine.  While I may love to DIY, decorating my whole house is something I haven’t quite mastered.

My goal is really to inspire you to decorate your own home that may not look like the HGTV dream home.  And that’s OKAY.  Really.

And what better season to decorate for than fall!  I love the vibrant colors of fall: red, yellow, and orange.  And, who doesn’t love pumpkins?!

But, I still wanted to incorporate some neutral farmhouse colors, too!  The natural, neutral colors of nature are a huge part of fall; think browns, tans and whites with some galvanized accents.

I’m going to warn you, I took entirely too many a TON of pictures.  There’s so much I want to show you!

Okay, okay.  I’ll stop rambling.  Time for the tour!

A Traditional Fall Living Room

A living room with a gray suede couch decorated with blue and tan throw pillows. Above the couch hangs a rustic wood picture frame and print of a poem.

First up is our living room!  We spend most of our time here so I often decorate the most in this room.  But, with little hands always trying to break mama’s stuff, I have to keep most of the decor up on shelves.

Love this sweet pillow (At Home)!  Plus, kiddos can’t break it ๐Ÿ˜‰

A burlap throw pillow with writing that says "our family rules: dream big, say your prayers, be patient, make memories together, forgive, count your blessings, be kind, love each other"

The mantle is probably my favorite part of my home.  I kept the peach blossom banner I made for a summer mantle and filled the rest of the mantle with those fall colors I love.

Fall Mantle Decor

A white living room mantel, decorated with traditional fall decor. Vases filled with fall-colored flowers, candles, decorative pumpkins and acorns line the mantel. On either side are built-in bookcases.
A different angle of our living room mantel decorated with Fall decor. Vases of fall flowers, candles, faux pumpkins, and a floral banner hangs on the mantle. A flat screen tv is mounted on the wall.

The large wooden acorns are my absolute favorite part of the mantle!

A closer look at the left side of the living room mantel, decorated with a tin watering can vase filled with orange flowers, colorful decorative acorns, and a white and gold painted pumpkin.
A close up look at a set of three wooden acorns - one is orange, a mint green, and a smaller gold acorn - sitting on the living room mantle.

I really tried to mix the farmhouse neutral colors with vibrant fall colors and pops of gold.  I really love how it all came together on the mantle.

A white vase filled with fall themed flowers, a gold decorative pumpkin on a gold and white pedestal stand, and a gold candle holder sit on a white fireplace mantle.
A close up look at the faux fall flowers in a white vase. Small orange beaded flower heads and light green leaves.

Sources: gold dipped pumpkin | colored acorns | large wooden acorns | white/gold candle holder | gold acorns | florals

In front of the mantle, I keep all our comfy blankets in a cute basket.

A woven wood basket  holds a white plaid throw blanket, on the floor in front of a white marble fireplace mantle.

Traditional Fall Decor on Our Built-In Book Shelves

For the built-in shelves, I kept the majority of the decor on display I keep year-round. ย That includes vases, books and picture frames. ย No need to completely overhaul what you already have just to decorate for a season. ย Use the items you own and add in some season-specific decor.

White built-in bookshelves decorated with picture frames, vases and other small every day decor items. Fall colors are sprinkled in with faux leaves, mini acorns and pumpkins.
A metal globe statue filled with orange and yellow faux leaves.

And some more acorns.  I didn’t know I liked acorns this much!  Aren’t they the cutest?

A close up look at three mini acorns sitting on a shelf in front of a bright orange picture frame. The tiny acorns are orange, green, and blue.

I love adding little details, like some faux leaves (though you could use real!).

A white ceramic vase sits on a white shelf and is filled with faux flowers - bright orange and yellow florals with green leaves.
Another shelf of our living room built-ins decorated with a stack of books, a framed picture, small peach-colored lantern, three white pillar candles, a wood pumpkin, mini faux acorns, and a green apple made from woven rope.
Another shelf of our living room built-ins decorated with stacks of books, mini faux pumpkins, a small pear made with woven rope, and a white and gold vase holding textured florals.

Shelves sources: leaf bucket | galvanized metal sphere | canvas | pear | apple

The other side of the room. ย Yes, that pumpkin says “Happy Fal”. ย Liam made it so it’s staying ๐Ÿ˜‰

An oversized chair decorated with blankets and throw pillows sits under a gallery wall. Five photos are framed in different sized gold frames hanging on the gray wall.

Wait, Sarah, I thought you said you had kids!  Where’s their stuff?

A messy corner of the living room, cluttered with kids toys and books. A six-cube shelf with blue, green and brown cloth baskets holds more kid toys.

Yeahhhhhh.  Told you, REAL life house tour ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fall Decor in Our Dining Room

On to the dining room…

A small dining room scene is arranged with a table with four chairs and place settings, covered with a burnt orange table cloth. Above the dining table are wall mounted floating shelves filled with Fall decor pieces - vases, flowers, picture frames and more.

I kept my Simple Farmhouse Wreath on the door, and obviously, the DIY Farmhouse Shelves weren’t going anywhere.

The burnt orange tablecloth (At Home) is the perfect foundation for a lovely fall tablescape.

I picked up a premade centerpiece from At Home and broke it down.  I used the individual parts just in my own design.  Plus, I took the pumpkins and gourds and painted them off-white and pale blue.  The pinecones were dipped in chalk paint, too!

This makes the centerpiece more farmhouse-style and fits better with the farmhouse shelves.

An overhead view of the traditional fall centerpiece on our dining room table. The centerpiece is filled with faux white pumpkins, acorns, leaves, berries, and more.
Another view of the dining room table fall centerpiece. A white dish holds faux white pumpkins, silver acorns, leaves, berries, and sticks.

The placemats (At Home) really complete the look.  They’re burlap with ruffled edges.  The fun cursive words are just perfect.

An overhead look at the fall tablescape in our dining room. The table is dressed with a burnt orange table cloth and a fall centerpiece made with faux white pumpkins, acorns, pinecones, and leaves. Each seat has a burlap placemat and a patterned faux pumpkin. The placemats each say "family", "love", "laugh", and "live"

I made fabric washi-tape pumpkin place cards to complete the tablescape.

A small fabric pumpkin covered in blue and white floral patterned washi tape serves as a placecard at our dining room table.
A close up overhead view of the faux white pumpkins in the fall-themed centerpiece on our dining room table.

For the shelves, I kept a lot of the decor I had originally used and added in some fall decor.

A wood-framed chalkboard sign that says "family" in white chalk sits on a wood shelf, surrounded by faux orange leaves and a faux squash.
A white milk jug vase sits on a wooden shelf surrounded by faux leaves and mini acorns.
A dining room shelf contains assorted fall decor. A metal can holds faux flowers and leaves. There is a white picture frame with a faux greenery wreath hanging from twine in the center. Faux leaves and mini acorns also sit on the shelves.
A look at all the traditional fall decor on our dining room shelves - picture frames, vases, faux flowers, greenery, and more sit on two dark wood shelves mounted to the wall.
A white milk can vase is filled with faux flowers, and sits next to a blue and white stripped fabric pumpkin with a wooden stem.

burlap pumpkin

That’s all for the dining room, friends!

Another look at our Fall dining room scene - a dining table covered with a burnt orange table cloth and colorful fall centerpiece. Floating shelves are filled with traditional fall decor pieces - vases and faux florals and pumpkins, picture frames and more.

Eeeekk!!  I hope you loved my {real-life} traditional fall home tour!  I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I get to do what I love and share that with y’all and hopefully inspire others.  Remember, you can style a fall home, too!  {And hide all the kids’ toys ๐Ÿ˜‰ }

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A big thank you again to At Home for sponsoring this post and our Fall Tour of Homes.

Wishing you a joyful day!

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  1. This fall home tour is so much fun. It’s my very first home tour and I was a little nervous and excited too. I love all your touches of fall. Your colors are beautiful and that pillow is awesome. I love how you showed your kid’s stuff too. I tucked all the grandkid’s stuff in the laundry room – I could barely walk in there. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your home is so cozy and it’s perfect for fall!

  2. So pretty, Sarah! Your home is so swarm and welcoming! Love those washi take pumpkins! xo

    1. Thanks so much Kristen!! The shelves are pretty much my baby, haha! I love styling them and making them pretty; I’m so glad you love the shelves, too! And, yes, toys are part of my fall home tour. What tour wouldn’t be complete without some chaos ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. The washi tape pumpkins are adorable (heading over to that post now!) and I love those little acorns. I was tempted to buy them too! Colorful and sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love the real life idea and you did such a great job decorating. The items are fun – I also got some tiny acorns. Not the big ones. I love your colors. My home is painted orange and yellow so I had to tone it down some.

    1. Aw thanks Zan! I totally get having orange and yellow paint and not wanting to add those as accent colors too. Since my home is gray tones, I was able to really use a lot of color. I’m glad you spotted those little acorns, too! They’re too cute. I’m glad you appreciate the real life photo – I’m sure you can relate ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Sarah, I was nervous about doing the home tour also but I’m glad I did since I get to visit so many beautiful well decorated homes for fall. I’ve found so many nice ideas to borrow.
    Love that pillow you found and I may go back to my At Home store and look for it.
    Everything is so comfy cozy with all the pumpkins, pillows and blankets. Liam’s pumpkin is priceless! Now I wish I had gotten those big acorns. They are so pretty on your mantle!
    Funny that you shared the toys pic, just outside of the the camera view in all of my pictures is a great big mess!

    1. Aww you’re so sweet, Shirley! My husband actually found that pillow! I put him on a mission to find me a large crate and a burlap pillow. He only found the burlap pillow ๐Ÿ˜‰ Aren’t those big acorns so cute?? I’m glad I’m not the only one with a big pile of toys/mess!

  6. Ooh that pillow is my favorite. I love that it’s decrative, functional, neutral It could be used in so many spaces. Thanks for sharing I enjoyed looking around

  7. “My goal is really to inspire you to decorate your own home that may not look like the HGTV dream home. And thatโ€™s OKAY. Really.” ain’t that the truth!

    I love all the white, the colours can really pop against it!

  8. I think your home is absolutely beautiful and HGTV should be knocking on your door! I cracked up at the kid’s area picture. This mom knows how that is, haha!

  9. I loved your home tour!! It looks pretty perfect to me, but I totally know what you’re talking about with the other bloggers homes. I try not to get discouraged with our half finished renovating home that’s a disaster! Thanks for bein real with us.

  10. You did such a great job Sarah! I love all the little touches of fall scattered throughout your home. And I totally know what you mean about keeping it real with kids. You’ve got to either keep it out of their reach or make it kid-friendly.