Dining Room Christmas Decor

Today I’m showing you how we decorate our dining room for Christmas! I have a ton of dining room Christmas decor and love putting it up every year!

I can’t believe Christmas is just a little over a week away!  We still have so much shopping to do.  Then, inevitably wrapping all the gifts starting at 10 pm on Christmas Eve, and of course, putting up the dining room Christmas decor.

Christmas is such a magical time with these kiddos, especially the boys right now. It is Evie’s first Christmas. But, she’s still totally unaware of what that means. The boys though? They are going to be SO cute on Christmas morning.  I can’t wait!

Liam especially has been really into decorating this year.  He’s my little helper.  He helped put the lights on the tree, took his time finding the perfect place for each ornament, and helped me set up the nativity.

While the living room is kind of a Christmas explosion, the dining room is a little more subtly decorated.  Simple greens and minimal decorations are perfect for the space.

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Setting up a Minimalist Dining Room

Subtle dining room table decorated for Christmas in a minimalistic fashion with like greens and neutral table runners

Table runner | White Vase (Similar)Dining Chairs

The dining room looks a little different than the last time you saw it!

I’ve been busy updating everything to reflect a more modern style.  I’m loving it!

Starting with the layered area rugs!

Classic dining room chairs with a bench for a dining room table on a taupe rug with a decorative rug on top

Taupe Rug | Colorful Rug

We made our own table and bench!  It’s proof that if you nag long enough, stuff finally gets done 😉

The chairs are perfecttttt like exactly what I had envisioned for the space.

Simplistic Dining Room Christmas Decor

View of an entire decorated table with holiday accents throughout in a minimalistic fashion

Probably the most “controversial” update to the dining room was the addition of layered rugs!  I audibly heard the gasps from people wondering why I would do something like that with kids.  The horror!

We’ve had them for a few months now and they’ve held up SO well.  Was it a risky decision?  Probably.

Decorating with Kids for Christmas

I’m a true believer that you can’t base your home decor decisions on having kids.  Some things need to be changed.  Like we can’t have a coffee table and breakable stuff within arm’s reach of the kids.  We compromise there.

But, if I did everything based on the fact that we have kids, we would all be perpetually wrapped in bubble wrap, taking a Lysol bath, and wearing masks and helmets. 

While some of us may need that anymore (…..Charles….), it’s my house, too and I want it to look pretty.  Your home can be nice AND have kids.

A variety of plants used to offset dining room Christmas decor with hanging and different species of plants


Back to the Christmas decorating!

We added a little gallery wall with black matted frames.  It’s a simple, minimalistic look complete with black and white photos of our wedding day that I love.

I used a little white star garland from Target to add a little Christmas cheer around them.

Incorporating Plants in Christmas Decor

That plant stand is one of my favorite IKEA finds.  I shopped at my local nursery for some new plants because a girl can’t ever have enough plants.  For real. 

I dropped that cactus ON THE WAY HOME from the store and was so sad.  But, even though it’s bruised, it’s grown about an inch since I’ve had it!

I added some cute little ornaments to the pots to dress them up a bit.

View of a dining room with greenery and photo graphs framed as an over all dining room Christmas decor design

Plant Stand (Available on Amazon) | Pots | Woven Pot | Frames (Michaels in store) | White Star Garland

Black and white frames with photos of a family and couple against a back drop with greenery and plants
Fresh cedar clippings in a vase on a table runner used as a center piece for a dining room table for Christmas

Back to the table, I added some fresh green cedar clippings to water in a vase.  Couldn’t get any more simple than that!  You could even clip some branches from your tree 🙂

Decorating shelves with a Merry Christmas garland contrasted with a vase full of cedar trimmings as a center piece

Lego Nutcracker | Lego Santa

The DIY farmhouse shelves have been updated a bit since the last time you saw them.  I wanted to completely change out the corbels for a more modern, metal shelf bracket. 

But, I was told that was too much work.  So instead I painted them!  I’ll share more about that later and how I style them normally.

For Christmas, I added some of my husband’s Lego Christmas stuff.

You can use all sorts of mediums and materials to decorate a dining room with Christmas decor

I love the look of layering garlands.  I made the Scandinavian-style “Merry Christmas” clay garland and layered it with some buffalo check tree garland I got from Target last year.

Merry Christmas garland on rustic farmhouse shelves decorating a dining room for Christmas
Overall view of a dining room that has been decorated for Christmas using greenery and various kinds of other decor items

Dotted planter | “Family” chalkboard sign” | Black houses | Brass Wrap Vase (large)

When you decorate for the Christmas season you can go as extreme or minimalistic depending on your style.
Close up of cedar trimmings used as a farmhouse style dining room Christmas decor item for a dining table

For the shelves, I made some DIY Christmas trees and a few DIY signs from a few years ago to complete the look.  For the most part, I kept it pretty simple.

I did add a little ornament to my favorite plant 🙂

Add Christmas flair with some ornaments on plants in baskets to add Christmas cheer here and there.

Gold Frame | Footed Tray | Mini Ornaments

Decorating rustic farmhouse shelves in a dining room is easy with these tiny colorful Christmas trees and Candle holders

Candleholders | DIY Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Kept the oversized wood bead garland up there, too!

Shelves provide so many options for dining room Christmas Decor and make a big impact with a small amount of effort
Farmhouse rustic shelves with a dated shiplap date for with vases and other decorations
Greenery and trays and other decor all on rustic farmhouse shelves to add Christmas spirit to a dining room.

A few more shots of the whole room…

Love that air conditioner on the wall right? (eye roll emoji)

Completed dining room Christmas decor with plants and pictures and rugs and so many more things
Set up your dining room today and get decorating for Christmas even started with the my minimal decor can have a big impact
Looking for Inspiration to decorate a dining room with light Christmas touches then follow along and get ready
Decorating for Christmas can be daunting but even getting the smallest amount of decor helps set the tone for the season.

Shop the post!

Beautifully decorated dining room for Christmas with minimalistic designs and fresh greenery for accents

Wishing you a joyful day!

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  1. I am loving your modern style, very pretty! Don’t worry so much about the A/C, I’d hang a wreath on it 😉 Work with the eye sores instead of cover them up. It makes life easier.