Simple Farmhouse Decor: DIY Chalkboard Lettering Sign

Looking for more farmhouse decor in your life? Check out this simple to do chalkboard lettering and get that style you are looking for!

This month I’m sharing one of the DIYs I completed for my DIY Farmhouse Shelves: DIY chalkboard lettering.

Hi again!  It’s another month of Simple Farmhouse Decor where I post an easy farmhouse decor DIY that you can do quickly while staying on budget!  

If simple farmhouse decor sounds like music to your ears (as it does mine 🙂 ), check out a few posts I did in the previous months including an Upcycled Frame and Wreath and a Mason Jar “Choose Joy” Display.

Simple Farmhouse Decor: DIY chalkboard lettering on a sign used as a decor item for rustic shelves

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Step 1. Stain the Chalkboard Frame

I started by using a premade framed chalkboard I picked up from Michaels.  It was one of those unfinished ones and cost about $5.  I stained the outside using Rustoleum Varathane Wood Stain in American Walnut.

Because I didn’t tape off the actual chalkboard part, some of the stain got onto the chalkboard.  So, I ended up painting over the chalkboard with chalk paint I had on hand.  

But, this is totally unnecessary if you just tape off the chalkboard while staining.  So mad at myself for not doing that!!

Step 2. Design and Print your Chalkboard Lettering

Once I spent entirely too much time doing the chalkboard frame, I used Picmonkey to design a little saying with a stem graphic.

When designing your look, start by choosing the correct size of frame you need on Picmonkey’s website.  Next, choose your overlay objects (in this case the stems).  

I have a few images I had purchased or got for free that I sorted through before choosing the leaves on stems.  Simple, but still beautiful!

Last, choose a saying or word for the look and a pretty font!  I’m also a font junkie and have a ridiculously large stock of fonts.  

Designers are SO talented and I can’t resist a good girly, twirling font.  For the word “family” I used a font called “Tropical Nights Bold” that you can purchase on Creative Market.

Print your design out on regular computer paper (and make sure it will fit on your chalkboard).

Step 3. Cover the Printed Letter Back in Chalk

Flip the paper over and color over any area that contains your design on the opposite side using white chalk.  If you can’t see where the design is, just color the whole page in chalk.

Covering the back of chalkboard lettering with chalk in order to trace a font onto a chalkboard

Step 4. Tape Lettering to the Chalkboard and Trace

Tape the page down with the white chalk-colored side facing the chalkboard.

When tracing a font onto a chalkboard secure with tape onto the frame before tracing to avoid mistakes

Trace over the outline of the words and design using a pen or pencil.  Make sure to press down pretty hard on the pen/pencil without breaking through the paper.

Here is what you end up with:

Completed trace of a font to make chalkboard lettering onto a framed chalkboard ready to be filled in

Step 5. Fill in Lettering with Paint Pen

Lastly, I used a white paint pen to fill in the design.  When using this photo transfer method, I usually go over the design twice with the paint pen.

DIY chalkboard lettering filled in with chalk paint to finish a craft for rustic shelving in a farmhouse style

Pretty simple, right??  Plus, it looks like it’s a custom sign or something you had to pay for!

Getting some more farmhouse style in your life is easy with this pretty sign and pale done up with a pretty font
DIY chalkboard lettering on a framed chalkboard from michaels done in a pretty font on rustic shelves

You can see my whole process for how I styled the open shelves in this post.

Oh, and here are what all of the farmhouse shelves look like styled and pretty!

Rustic farmhouse shelves decorated in various farmhouse style decorations with floral and distress touches

The lettered chalkboard sign was the perfect addition to the shelves.  I love seeing “family” right above our dining room table.

Even through the messy, crazy, and sometimes frustrating meals we spend there, I love the reminder that this is MY family.  It ain’t always pretty, but these people are mine, and I love my little family.

Thanks for stopping by for another month of simple farmhouse decor!! I’ll cya again in October!

Wishing you a joyful day,


DIY Chalkboard Lettering Sign

Simple Farmhouse Decor: DIY Lettered Chalkboard Sign

Looking for more farmhouse decor in your life? Check out this simple to do chalkboard lettering and get that style you are looking for!

Active Time 45 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $50


  1. Stain the Chalkboard Frame
  2. Design and Print your Chalkboard Lettering
  3. Cover the Printed Letter Back in Chalk
  4. Tape Lettering to the Chalkboard and Trace
  5. Fill in Lettering with Paint Pen

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  1. The sign turned out beautiful. I have used a similar method. I find it funny that some of the things you make, goes along the same line with some I make. I just designed a chalkboard print similar. Great minds think alike:)

  2. This is such a cute and easy DIY! I have seen so many signs just like yours and wondered how they made them! Now I can create one myself! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Sarah,

    Alittle behind on the time. But it looks fantastic, I have been browsing the web trying to find this. I am so glad I did, it looks pretty easy and fun. Also a lot cheaper. Also I absolutely love your shevles and everything on them. Thanks for sharing your talents.