DIY Farmhouse Picture Frames: Gallery Wall Starter Kit

Want to start a gallery wall, but don’t know where to begin? These DIY farmhouse picture frames make it easy! A pack of farmhouse-style frames makes the perfect gallery wall starter kit to add to your farmhouse-style home decor.

A stack of picture frames is tied together with red and white striped string and faux holly berries. Each farmhouse picture frame is painted white and gray with different patterns. Some are distressed to look vintage.

On the 2nd day of Craftmas, we bring to you a Farmhouse Style Gallery Wall Starter Kit.

Hello, and welcome back for the 2nd day of Craftmas!

If you saw yesterday, you’ll know that I am so excited to be participating in a fun little series called the 12 days of Craftmas with 3 of my blogging friends.

Throughout the first 12 days of December, we will share a DIY or craft each day that would be perfect as a gift this Christmas.

A collage of crafts - 12 small images of different Christmas-themed crafts surround a center image of a wood background with a

Here’s what we have shared so far:

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2nd Day of Craftmas: DIY Farmhouse Picture Frames for a Gallery Wall

It’s my turn today to share a DIY craft/gift, and I chose something farmhouse themed (shocking, I know!).

I hear people saying they want to make a gallery wall all the time, whether that be above their couch, in their hallway or bedroom.

It’s easy to pop on Pinterest and see beautifully styled and magazine-worthy gallery walls that oftentimes leave you wondering if you could ever make something look like that (happens to me ALL the time!).

The hardest part about making a gallery wall is just getting started.  There are a trillion frame options out there.  Where do you start?  What do you buy first?  How do I make sure they all fit together in a cohesive theme?

Well, I’m taking the guesswork out of creating a gallery wall by making a farmhouse-style gallery wall starter kit!  There are a total of 6 frames here, which is the perfect number to form a gallery wall base with plenty of room to grow.

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Supplies for DIY Farmhouse Picture Frames

How to Decoupage Farmhouse Style Picture Frames

I decoupaged 4 of the frames (both 4×6 and 8×10) and painted and distressed both 5×7 frames.

First, I picked out 4 different pieces of craft paper from the scrapbooking paper set that I thought looked like they went together.

Two white wood picture frames sit on top of sheets of craft paper, each with a different white and gray design.

After removing the glass and back from the frame, I cut each piece of paper into 4 strips roughly the size of the frame.

A single white picture frame surrounded by four strips of craft paper. The paper has a white background with gray and black illustrated flowers.

I applied Mod Podge to the frame using a paintbrush, placed the pieces of paper over the frame, and liberally applied Mod Podge over the paper.

A closer look at the farmhouse picture frame, covered with strips of craft paper. The paper has simple gray flowers with black-dotted centers.

Then, using a Mod {odge smoothing tool or a regular ole’ credit card, smooth out any bumps and bubbles in the paper.  I used my fingers to press the paper around the edges and corners so that there wasn’t any excess hanging over it.

A picture frame covered in craft paper with a gray floral design. The craft paper has been attached to the picture frame with modpodge.

Distressing the DIY Farmhouse Picture Frames for a Rustic Look

Once dried, I used sandpaper to distress the paper a bit.

Last, I used a paper towel to apply some of the white wax over the paper and used another paper towel to wipe off any excess.  The white wax basically gives a whitewashed look to the frames.

A hand holding a paper towel is wiping distressing wax over the surface of a paper-covered picture frame to give it a distressed farmhouse look.

How to Chalk Paint Picture Frames

For the other two frames, I painted them in brown paint and then applied the chalked paint over the top once the brown had dried.  I wanted to stain the frames, but because they were plastic, the stain just beaded on top and didn’t actually stick.  Bummer.

Once both coats of paint were dry, I used the same sandpaper from the other frames to distress the white top coat and expose some of the brown beneath.

A woman's hand uses a square of sandpaper to distress the white chalk painted surface of a small picture frame.

I also applied the same white wax from the decoupaged frame (in the same manner) so that all of the frames, while looking different, had the same top coat.  This gives them a unified look.

And, that is it!  Now you have a pretty set of frames that would be perfect to start your gallery wall!

The Finished Product: A Perfect Set of DIY Farmhouse Picture Frames for a Gallery Wall!

A stack of 8 picture frames of different sizes, tied together with white and red string. each frame is decorated with craft paper or chalk paint, and distressed for a rustic farmhouse style.
A stack of DIY farmhouse picture frame of different sizes. Each frame is decorated with crafting paper and chalk paint, and distressed with sandpaper for a rustic touch.
A set of farmhouse style rustic picture frames, tied together with red and white string and a sprig of faux holly berries. Each frame is decorated with modpodged craft paper and distressed slightly.
A set of DIY farmhouse picture frames for a gallery wall. The frames are all different sizes and covered in modpodged craft paper, each with a different white and gray pattern.

Do you think you could make a similar set?  Does it make you feel more confident if you’re trying to start your own gallery wall?

Well, friends, that’s all for the 2nd day of Craftmas!  Remember to stop by tomorrow for another fun DIY/craft!

DIY Farmhouse Picture Frames

DIY Farmhouse Picture Frames

Start your very own gallery wall with this set of DIY farmhouse picture frames! You only need a few supplies to create easy rustic picture frames with the perfect touch of farmhouse style.

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $50



How to Modpodge Farmhouse Picture Frames

    1. Decoupage 4 of the frames (both 4×6 and 8×10) and paint and distressed both 5×7 frames.
    2. Pick out matching craft paper sets for each of the frames.
    3. Remove the glass from the frames and cut the craft paper into strips that will fit each side of the frame.
    4. For the modpodged frames: apply modpodge to the frames using a paintbrush, place the pieces of paper over the frame, and liberally apply modpodge over the paper.
    5. Use a Modpodge smoothing tool or a regular ole’ credit card to smooth out any bumps and bubbles in the paper.
    6. Once dry, use the sandpaper to distress the paper slightly.
    7. Then use a paper towel to apply the white wax over the frames to give the frames a whitewashed look.

How to Chalk Paint Farmhouse Picture Frames

    1. Paint the frames with the base color - the brown paint. Wait for that to dry completely.
    2. Once the brown paint is dry, apply the white chalk paint.
    3. Once all paint is dry, use the sandpaper to slightly distress the frames just enough for the brown paint to show through.
    4. Finally, apply the same white wax to the tops of the frames so the whole set has the same top coat.

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Wishing you a joyful day!


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  1. Starting the gallery wall is often my problem, too. I see so many amazing ideas and wows, but it usually takes me a while to figure it out and then I want to make it all in one day. I kind of like a coordinated look and usually have to shop around hoping to find pieces to match that I could not find all in one place. Your idea of DIY-ing this set in various sizes is amazing. They are lovely!

  2. The is a really clever idea! I’ve never been able to make mod podge look very good — but I’m wondering if it is because I wasn’t sanding afterward! What a difference that step made. These are really pretty!