DIY Memo Board

Have you ever struggled to stay organized in a workspace? Follow along with this DIY memo board tutorial to keep track of to-dos in a cute fashion!

I’m back today sharing the first DIY for my little craft area: a DIY Memo Board!

DIY Memo board. Easy DIY craft for office or craft organization or even command centers. Plus, has a rustic farmhouse feel to it.

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A New Craft Desk!

If ya didn’t hear over on Instagram, my hubby made me a craft desk!!

He says it’s so I have a place to work.  I say it’s so he doesn’t have to push my latest DIY off the dining room table to find room to eat…

Either way, I am thrilled to have my own little space.

Unfortunately, the desk sits right on a blank wall.  GASP!  Don’t worry, I couldn’t let very long go by before I had a few DIYs in mind to fill the space.

Organizing the New Craft Space

One of the first projects I knew I needed for craft organization, was a memo board. Especially now in the busy fall blogging season, I have so many projects going at once with so many different deadlines.  I need to have a few memos posted to keep all the dates straight.

Plus, it’s a pretty way to display some old faux florals or some other girly touches 🙂

Supplies for the DIY Memo Board

Step 1. Attach Cork to Frame Backing

The memo board itself is CRAZY and easy to make.

I started with a rustic frame I found on clearance at Michaels.  First, I removed the glass but keep the backing to hold in the actual “board” part.

I then sized a piece of rolled cork and cut it to fit the frame.  You want the piece to be slightly smaller than the width of the frame so that the addition of canvas overlay doesn’t make it too big to fit.

I ended up having to use 4 total pieces of cork stacked on top of one another to make the cork thick enough to stick a pushpin into.

Cutting cork and stacking is a great way to make a push pin feature for a DIY memo board in an office

If you can find a piece of cork that just *fits* the frame without cutting and stacking, GO FOR THAT.  They make corkboard, which is much thicker, but I couldn’t find the exact size for my frame.  Rolled cork is not the easiest to cut, and I made quite a mess.

Though, the kids didn’t seem to mind 🙂

Two young boys tearing apart cork board that was previously used for an organization tool for an office

Step 2. Wrap the DIY Memo Board in Canvas

Next, I wrapped the cork in Muslin-colored canvas, making sure to pull it very tight.  I wrapped the ends around the back of the cork and used a staple gun to adhere it to the canvas.

Dress up the rolled cork for this cute memo board by adding canvas that makes this DIY unique

Step 3. Put Backer back into the Frame

Lastly, with the canvas attached, I placed the completed memo board into the back of the frame, as I would if I was using a regular picture.  

really had to push the backing into place, but eventually got it to be flush with the frame.  Success!!

Step 4. Hang the DIY Memo Board

Then, a few 3M strips later, the memo board was looking beautiful on my previously barren wall.

Staying organized is easy with this DIY memo board to help complete an office space with some decor with a purpose

And, of course, I couldn’t just use regular push pins 😉

Step 5. Make Your Own Push Pins!

I used some Gorilla Glue to attach little flowers to the top of the pushpins.

Making your own push pins is easy to do with a little glue and some decorations to give you a cute look
Floral touch diy push pins made with glue and flowers for a DIY memo board with cork board

And, that’s it!  Easy peasy, right?!

Using the DIY memo board to hang some decorations and a floral picture to help decorate an office space
Cute faux floral branch with leaves and flowers pinned up with DIY push pins into a muslin covered cork board

You guys, I am SO excited about my almost completed craft organization space.  I’ll be sharing the next few DIYs soon 🙂

This DIY memo board is a cheap and easy tutorial that really can keep you organized while also being a great decor addition to your office space

I am SOOO grateful to my hubby for finally getting me a workspace. I just love having a desk and my own personal office space to keep track of and, more importantly, to decorate!

Wishing you a joyful day!


DIY Memo Board

DIY Memo board. Easy DIY craft for office or craft organization or even command centers. Plus, has a rustic farmhouse feel to it.

A simple framed DIY memo board to decorate and stay organized in office space by dressing up the wall behind your desk.

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy


  1. Attach Cork to Frame Backing
  2. Wrap the DIY Memo Board in Canvas
  3. Put Backer back into the Frame
  4. Hang the DIY Memo Board
  5. Make your own Push Pins

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  1. Great idea! I love the old frame you found to use too!. I’m wondering if I could use a pre- stretched canvas and layer the inside with cardboard instead of cork? It would be a bit more recycled perhaps? I could staple a piece of fabric over the back to hold it all inside… it in a frame and voila’! When the cardboard breaks down then just replace it?

    1. Thanks so much, Bonnie! That’s a great idea. I only wonder if the cardboard would be able to hold pushpins and whatever you’re trying to hold with the pushpins? Maybe try it out before you put it behind the canvas. But, if it can, that’s an awesome idea! Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

  2. This looks so cute Sarah, I especially love the flower pins! I love personalized memo boards so much more than the standard ones you can buy! Thanks for sharing 🙂