Simple Summer Farmhouse Centerpiece

If you’re looking for a simple Summer centerpiece, this DIY milk jar centerpiece is perfect! Switch out the greenery for a fresh centerpiece you can use all year long.

Ahhh, the long days of summer are here. Β I absolutely love the warm sun on my skin, outdoor play, and water activities. Β Really, I love everything about the summer months.

I’m so excited to have teamed up with some fun ladies to share a few summer DIY ideas!  We are just dipping our toes into summer right now, so it’s the perfect time to add some summer style to your home.

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I chose to do a Simple Summer Farmhouse Centerpiece with a burlap + lace table runner.  Can you believe I chose farmhouse style??  I know, y’all are shocked πŸ˜‰

A farmhouse style Summer centerpiece sits on a table, over a burlap and lace table runner. The centerpiece is made with white-painted rectangular wood, with 5 white-painted milk jars filled with faux greenery.

My favorite part about the Summer centerpiece (aside from how pretty it is!!) is that it can be easily moved.  I don’t know about you guys but I have little hands eating at my table that will instantly destroy anything within reach.

I mean I’m talking record-speed destruction here.

I can pick this centerpiece up, burlap + lace runner included, and either slide it back out of destroyer reach or completely move it off the table for, say, spaghetti night πŸ™‚  Mama win!!

The container itself I picked up at Michaels (but it is no longer sold).  It was originally priced at $16.99, which I didn’t think was too bad for 5 jars and wooden container, but I had a 40% off coupon, too!

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How to Make a Simple Farmhouse Style Summer Centerpiece

Simple Summer Centerpiece Supplies:

Step 1. Paint the wood container.

I started by painting the wood with white chalk paint.  Take the jars out, first!

It doesn’t have to be perfect by any means.  You’re going to distress it next so the more texture and streaks, the better.

A can of Rust-Oleum chalked linen white paint and a wide paint brush sits next to a wood box with five glass milk jars.

Step 2: Distress the wood for that aged-farmhouse look.

Once it was dry, I used some medium sandpaper I had lying around to distress the wood.  I focused heavily on the edges and corners.  I also made sure to add some distressing to the top of the wood, since that would be the area most exposed.

A hang holding a piece of red sandpaper, sanding down the painted surface of a wooden box to give it a distressed finish.
A look at the top of the wooden box - where holes for glass milk jars have been cut out - painted white and distressed with sandpaper.
Another look at the top of the white-painted wooden box, with holes for glass milk jars, distressed with sandpaper for a rustic, farmhouse style finish.

Step 3: Coat the inside of the glass jars with paint.

Once I was satisfied with how the wood looked, I started working on the glass jars.  Really, they could have stayed clear and been beautiful.  But, I wanted to add just a little color to the centerpiece without being too bold.

I started by adding some paint to the bottom of the first jar.  The paint was pretty thick so I added a little water.  {This step may vary depending on what type of paint you use}

A small glass jar filled with an inch of white paint, and a woman's hand, covered in paint stains, holding the jar.

Using a super precise ridiculously messy procedure, I proceeded to swirl the paint around the inside of the jar, until all the sides were coated.  I then dumped the remaining paint into the next jar and continued on like this until all the jars were coated.

Look at my hands in that picture!! *face palm*

A paint-covered hand holds a glass jar, filled with white paint. The paint coats the inside of the jar, making it opaque.

Step 4: Pick faux flowers and greenery to add to the jars.

After everything was dry, I sorted through all my faux flowers to see which would look best.  

Since I knew I wanted the summer centerpiece to look simple and farmhouse-style, I chose the same greenery I used to make my farmhouse wreath and upcycled DIY wreath hanger (with a mini wreath).  Apparently, I like to make simple farmhouse projects…

Small sprigs of faux greenery and baby's breath flowers sit on a wooden work table.

I arranged each jar with:

  • 1 long green stem
  • 2 short green stems
  • 1 white flowery stem

Step 5: Make the burlap + lace table runner.

Then, it was onto the lace and burlap runner.

Being the craft supply hoarder that I am, I had burlap (from Michaels) in my stash.

I set it out on my table to see how big to cut it {this will be different depending on your table length}.  I ended up cutting right along two creases because I really didn’t want to have to iron it.  You guys, that’s so embarrassing to admit right there.  True story, though πŸ™‚

A large sheet of burlap fabric is laid out on a black table. The burlap has creases where it was previously folded.

I also have two GIGANTIC lace curtains I got from my SIL.  Can you tell I have a problem yet??  I may actually be a craft hoarder.

I laid them out over the cut section of burlap and (since they weren’t wrinkled) cut a section that I thought had a nice pattern.  I just eyeballed the measurements, cutting the lace about 1/2 inch more narrow on each side as compared to the burlap.

Intricate white lace curtains with a floral pattern are laid out on a black table.
A strip of white lace fabric sits on top of a strip of burlap fabric to create a farmhouse style table runner across a dark wood table.  Scraps of cut fabric surround the runner.

I wanted the ends of the burlap to be torn and look more rustic.  Burlap actually is made up of all these little fibers woven together.  So, if you pull a fiber at the end, you can pull it the whole length of the runner, leaving a nice frayed edge.

A close up look at the torn ends of the burlap and lace table runner. The ends of the burlap fabric are frayed for a more rustic look.
A look at the process of fraying the edges of the burlap table runner to give it a more rustic look. Strings of burlap fabric are pulled from the right side of the runner.

Once I pulled about 3 fibers out on each side and frayed the ends, I used the scissors to just polish it up a bit.  There were some parts that weren’t even and I tried to make it as straight as possible.

The Finished Product: A Refreshing Summer Centerpiece!

And, that’s it!  I love how it turned out!

The completed summer centerpiece sits on a dark wood table, atop a lace and burlap table runner. A white chalk-painted box holds five white-painted glass jars, each holding sprigs of faux greenery and flowers.
A close up look at the burlap and lace table runner with frayed edges. A corner of the summer centerpiece - a white wood box and two glass jars - is visible.
A side-view of the summer centerpiece, made from a white-painted wood box filled with five glass jars, each with sprigs of faux greenery and baby's breath flowers.

I think lace and burlap look so beautiful together.  The contrast of the elegant lace against a more rugged-looking burlap is a match made in craft heaven.

A side-angle view of the summer centerpiece and lace and burlap table runner. Lace fabric sits on top of frayed burlap. A white box with glass jars filled with faux greenery and flowers sits centered on the table runner.
A full look at the completed summer centerpiece, sitting on a dark wood table. A white-painted wood box holds five white-painted glass jars, each filled with faux greenery. The centerpiece sits on a homemade lace and burlap table runner.

I thought about adding some additional decor elements to the tablescape.  But, I wanted it to be truly simple.

A side-angle view of the completed summer centerpiece and lace table runner. The centerpiece is made from a white wooden box with five holes in the top, each holding a white-painted glass jar filled with faux greenery and white flowers. The centerpiece sits on a lace and burlap fabric tablerunner.
A zoomed-out look at the simple summer centerpiece on a dining room table. The white wood box -filled with five glass jars, each holding sprigs of faux greenery - sits on a lace table runner. In the background, a wood sign hangs on the wall with the word "love" painted across the front.
A side view of the summer centerpiece made from a white box, glass jars, and faux greenery. The centerpiece sits on a burlap and lace table runner in the center of a dark wood dining room table.

I hope you guys love it as much as I do.  I feel like it adds the perfect summer touch to the table.

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Farmhouse Style Summer Centerpiece

Simple Summer Farmhouse Centerpiece. This is so pretty and an easy DIY to add farmhouse style and fixer upper style to your home. Summer DIY decor project plus links to other great summer DIY decor projects!

Looking for a simple Summer centerpiece? This is as easy as it gets! An easy farmhouse-style centerpiece with refreshing faux greenery and flowers. Learn how to put one together for your home!

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $30



  1. Paint the wooden box. Take the jars out and use white chalk paint to completely coat the box. Let dry.
  2. Distress the wood with sandpaper after it is completely dry. I distressed the edges and corners most, as well as the top of the box.
  3. To coat the inside of the glass jars with paint, pour a little bit of paint into the jars, then swirl it around inside the jar until the inside is completely coated. Pour the remaining paint into the next jar and repeat. (If the paint is too thick, thin it out with a tiny bit of water.)
  4. Pick your faux flowers and greenery. I used 3 greenery stems and 1 step of white flowers for each jar.
  5. Make the lace and burlap table runner. Lay out both fabrics and cut to your desired width. I cut the lace about a half-inch narrower than the burlap. Then fray the edges of the burlap to give it a more "rustic" look.
  6. Set up the runner and centerpiece on your table, buffet, shelf, or wherever, and enjoy!

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  1. Sarah, this is really pretty and definitely can be used for any season. I mean, how frugal would that be?! I think the price for the jars are reasonable – I love finding great deals like this at Michael’s and other related stores. Adding paint and putting your own personal touch on it was such a great idea!

  2. I love the combination of lace & burlap. Elegance with rustic πŸ™‚ I love the way you updated the centerpiece, the white paint paired with green sprigs of florals is a natural and pretty choice.

  3. This is such a cute idea and I cannot wait to try it out! I love the painted milk glasses and the rustic plant holder. Nice work!

  4. I love that lace! The bottles turned out so well. Sometimes it’s difficult to picture how to do a pretty diy with stuff that you might have around the house already until you see something like this and really boosts your inspiration.

  5. I don’t understand anyone who buys something at Michael’s without a coupon! They make it too easy! And I totally get kiddos being lightning-fast at the dinner table. How can someone so tiny be so fast?! Love this idea and since I, too, am a crafting hoarder, I have some leftover burlap that I just might use to create something like this! Thanks for the inspiration!