Simple 5 Bottle Wooden Farmhouse Style DIY Wood Centerpiece

See how I used a scrap 2×4 board and transformed it into a simple wooden farmhouse-style DIY Wood Centerpiece centerpiece using 5 blue glass bottles.  

When you add some beautiful silk roses into blue glass bottles this DIY wood centerpiece really comes to life. Also, you have a gorgeous, easy centerpiece that takes little to no effort to make.

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Happy Friday!!

If you remember last 2 Fridays I have shared two of four easy flower arrangement ideas!  Well, I’m back today to share the third flower arrangement.

See how I used a scrap 2x4 board and transformed it into a simple wooden farmhouse style centerpiece using 5 blue glass vases.  Add in some beautiful silk roses and you have a gorgeous, easy centerpiece!

week 1 | week 2 | week 3 (you’re here)

For the first arrangement, I used a vintage milk jug, some roses, and peonies to make the prettiest farmhouse-style centerpiece!

Flower arrangement done in an old rustic vintage milk can using flowers and other floral accents

Last week I shared an easy farmhouse fall centerpiece using just one type of flower.  But, those peonies make such a statement, don’t they?!

See how I used thrift store vases and just one type of flower to make the prettiest centerpiece perfect for Fall!

For this week, I’m switching things up a bit.  Time to DIY a centerpiece!!

Supplies for DIY Wood Centerpiece:

Note: Some flowers have seasonal availability.  If you click over and don’t see the product, follow the categories below to find similar options!

I’m going to share how we made the centerpiece using the dimensions of the glass bottles I found.  BUT, keep in mind that you can adjust the measurements based on the glass bottles you use!

Step 1. Cut the Wood for the Centerpiece

First, cut your 2×4 down to get two boards at 17.5″ long using a miter saw.

Using a Miter Saw to cut down scrap wood for the DIY wooden Centerpiece is easy and can be done in a short amount of time

Step 2. Mark Board for Jar Placement

Then, mark the center of each hole using a square.  We calculated the center of the holes based on the size hole saw we were using.  We decided on a 2 5/8″ hole saw because the width of the base of the bottles was a little over 2″.

Note: we left a 1/4″ gap on each end of the board and 3/4″ between each bottle.

Basically, figure out how many holes/bottles you want and space the holes equally across the board.

When using bottles and cutting a hole for them mark the wood and leave space on each side of the bottle for the centerpiece
Spacing is key so you don't accidentally drill your holes too close together on your DIY wood centerpiece

Step 3. Drill a Pilot Hole in the Wood

Then, we drilled a pilot hole in the center of each “x” marked (center of each hole to be drilled) to help guide the hole saw.

See how I used a scrap 2x4 board and transformed it into a simple wooden farmhouse style centerpiece using 5 blue glass vases.  Add in some beautiful silk roses and you have a gorgeous, easy centerpiece!

Step 4. Drill Holes in DIY Wood Centerpiece

With the pilot holes drilled, it was time to bust out the hole saw!!

Drilling with a hole saw on this Farmhouse centerpiece to make space for bottles in the wood

We only drilled the holes through ONE of the boards.  The bottom 2×4 remained intact.

Top down view to see through and learn what a hole saw does and how it works for this DIY wood centerpiece in a farmhouse style
If you are looking for a farmhouse centerpiece idea this tutorial using scrap wood is simple and easy to do

Now there’s a place for each glass bottle to sit and the centerpiece can also be picked up and moved elsewhere easily.

Next, we used the sander and 220 grit sandpaper to smooth out the edges of the boards and the center of the holes.

Once it was cut and sanded, it was time to stain!  Remember to stain the top of the bottom board because you can see through the holes to it!

Step 5. Add the Flowers

Last, it was on to the flowers!

I chose to use cabbage roses in the prettiest soft pink shade.  I trimmed the roses off the spray and snipped the leaves off the bigger roses.  Each spray also had a rosebud (so sweet!) and I kept the leaves on the rosebud.

Next, I used a small section of the baby’s breath bush (in pale cream color) to act as a filler flower.

So, each bottle had one large cabbage rose without leaves, one rosebud with leaves, and a small section of baby’s breath.

Finished look at a DIY wood centerpiece that was done in a farmhouse style is a beautiful idea for your dining room table

I LOVE how it turned out!!  Such an easy centerpiece idea but it really brings a ton of farmhouse style to the table.

The soft pink roses are seriously perfect!  I can’t ever find the same pale pink roses I’m looking for until I found these ones at Afloral!  The pictures really don’t do them justice.

Using glass bottles and flowers with greenery to are great ideas to give a farmhouse look to your dining room table

I love the details in these roses.  They really look real!

Close up of faux flowers from afloral to create a farmhouse look to a home by making a DIY wood centerpiece
This bottle centerpiece made with floral touches is an easy and cost effect solution for your dining room table
Using a runner on your dining room table great way to break up and make a design space on your table
DIY wood centerpiece on a table in a dining room place in a way that shows off natural light and gives a nature feel

I could see this centerpiece being used day to day on your table, in a rustic wedding, or even sitting on open shelves.  Spoiler – I have it on my open shelves in our dining room!

There are so many easy to do and fun projects to do with flowers and wood that will really make your house a home
Staining a DIY wood centerpiece provide contrast with bright colors and really accentuates a light table cloth
The options for bottles are endless but a clear bottle shows off the greenery and floral used
Any style of centerpiece can be made with glass bottles and flowers but a farmhouse style really works well with just about any space

Baby’s breath is the perfect farmhouse flower.  It’s whimsical and interesting and adds depth to any arrangement.  I particularly love it in this cream shade.  So pretty!

Close up of greenery and how the flowers accent off them that create a farmhouse style with a bottle idea
Get inspired to do your own DIY wood centerpiece with this tutorial you'll be happy with the final look

Alright, friends!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Perhaps maybe even get inspired to tackle a DIY of your own and if you need any ideas be sure to look over these projects below.

Remember to stop back next week for the last flower arrangement idea!

Wishing you a joyful day!

How to Make a DIY Wood Centerpiece

See how I used a scrap 2x4 board and transformed it into a simple wooden farmhouse style centerpiece using 5 blue glass vases.  Add in some beautiful silk roses and you have a gorgeous, easy centerpiece!

Simple DIY Wooden Centerpiece with glass bottles using flowers and other floral touches made with 2x4 scrap wood

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Intermediate
Estimated Cost $75



  1. Cut the Wood for the Centerpiece
  2. Mark Board for Bottle Placement
  3. Drill a Pilot Hole in the Wood
  4. Drill Holes in DIY Wood Centerpiece
  5. Fill Bottles with Flowers

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  1. These flowers look so real! I love all the farmhouse centerpieces you created, they are so pretty. The wooden box with the jars of stems is gorgeous. Stopping by from the #HomeMattersParty linky.

  2. I LOVE the wood based centerpiece with those 5 bottle/jars!! I so want those jars…when did you get them? I’ve checked my Michaels…none there….I love everything you make and all the great info and you just make my day each time I check out your site!!! Bless you!!!