Vintage Farmhouse Flower Arrangement in a Milk Can

See how I made a simple Farmhouse flower arrangement that anyone can do themselves and paired it with a vintage milk can for the perfect farmhouse-style flower arrangement or centerpiece!

A beautiful farmhouse flower arrangement used as a bouquet at weddings or as a centerpiece always intrigues me.  It takes such a creative eye to pair all the different flowers into the perfect arrangement.

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Using a vintage milk can to make a farmhouse flower arrangement is an easy thing to do with this tutorial

Happy happy Friday!!

It’s an extra special Friday here!  I am SO excited to announce that I’ve partnered with to create some beautiful, EASY, and totally doable flower arrangements over the next 4 weeks!

I always see tons of tutorials and inspiration on Pinterest.  It’s embarrassing to admit but I’ve tried to replicate flower arrangements I see online and have failed miserably.

But, this is truly a skill that I want to have so I decided to instead of copying another arrangement I would create my own!

The best part of this series of posts…

I’m going to have step-by-step directions and exact products that I used linked in the posts so that you can do it, too!

Y’all, I’m SO excited about these posts.  It’s been a long time coming. I’ve had some postpartum issues going on (not to get into too much detail there) and generally having 3 kids and being back at my “real” job has left me exhausted and without much of a creative drive.

The flowers I used for our farmhouse centerpiece

While it may be August now and many of the flowers in these arrangements may be considered “summer flowers”, I think there are some flowers that can be used year-round.

Roses immediately come to mind!  You can definitely use roses in your decor year-round.  I’m thinking of a deep red or burgundy for winter, pink for spring and summer, and yellow for fall. Choose white roses that can be used all year!

Greenery and stems can be used year-round, too!  Having the base of your arrangements be some type of greenery never goes out of season.  Switch out the filler flowers based on the season and you have an arrangement that can match the weather.

Another favorite of mine (and I think all of the internet, too) are peonies.  Love love love peonies.  They come in such a variety of bold or soft colors that it’s impossible to go wrong!

Simple formula for a farmhouse flower arrangement

For the perfect farmhouse flower arrangement, pair lots of greenery with soft or muted color flowers.

That’s my strategy for all four of the arrangements I’m going to show to you.  Choose some greenery as a base and add in some roses and peonies in white and pale pink for the perfect pop of color.

Here’s the farmhouse flower arrangement for this month!

Old milk cans are a great container for your farmhouse flower arrangement ideas and make a great look

LOOOOOVE love love love.

You can use rustic farmhouse flower arrangements in a lot of different ways like this one as a dining table center piece
Looking for an easy tutorial on a farmhouse flower arrangement look here to make that perfect centerpiece

How to create your own farmhouse flower arrangement: step-by-step

Supplies for Farmhouse Flower Arrangement:

Note: Some items have seasonal availability.  If you click over and don’t see the product, follow the categories below to find similar options!

Now, remember, I am definitely 100% not a flower arranging master.  But, if I can do it, so can you!!  I’m finding that doing this is not really a science but more of an art.  And there’s not a right or wrong way to do art, my friends! 🙂

Step 1. Arrange the Largest Greenery First

In my case that was the gardenia spray.

Tip for you!  Don’t trim the flower length until you know EXACTLY where you want it.  I all to often will just snip inches off of a flower spray only to cut it too short and be stuck with something that doesn’t work!  

Even better, don’t trim it at all!  Fold the stem in half.  If you need to make the spray look shorter or taller, change where you folded it first!

Putting in the base Greenery for the decor using a vintage milk can for decorating

See how I folded the gardenia spray stem?  I had to redo where it was folded several times to get the perfect length!  If I had cut it, I betcha I would have cut too much 😉

I arranged the first one to stick out on the side:

When using faux floral accents be sure to keep everything varied and the best part is you can keep trying until you get it right.

Then, the second one stood more vertical in the milk can:

Offsetting greenery in a Vintage milk can for the farmhouse flower arrangement
Finished greenery arranged in a unique way in a vintage milk can that accentuates the variation in them.

Step 2. Add in Anemones to Arrangement

Before adding in the rest of the greenery, I arranged the anemones because I couldn’t resist their wonderfully unique feel.  The bold black center really stands out to me so I wanted them to be a focal feature.

Adding pink and white roses interlaced in the vintage milk can decor to bring beauty to it

Step 3. Add More Greenery

Next, I added the other greenery (seeded eucalyptus and lamb’s ear).  I centered the lamb’s ear in the middle of the milk can.  The seeded eucalyptus has a beautiful whimsical feel to it so I let it drape over the sides.

With the greenery complete it was time to add the rest of the filler flowers!  This is where it gets fun!!

Step 4. Placing Flowers in the Flower Arrangement

I added the white roses to the center of the milk can.  I wanted them to be more in the background of the arrangement, just to give the base of the arrangement some depth from only seeing green.

Last, I snipped the peony buds, cabbage roses, and miniature roses.  These stems can be cut smaller than the greenery stems because they are just filling in the arrangement, not providing a base for support.

This is a great old milk can idea that gives a rustic and farmhouse feel to any room
Simple farmhouse decor using floral touches and greenery in an old vintage milk can

Remember, there’s no exact science to this!  I must have moved the peonies and roses around 10 times before I got the perfect design.

I simply LOVE this arrangement.

Close up of pink roses and other flowers in an old milk can on a dining table used at a focal piece
Looking for an accent piece in your dining room that's sure to be a show stopper for any guests this DIY is sure to be a show stopper

You guys, I can’t say enough about the quality of the flowers!  They look SO real!  They are nothing like the faux flowers I’ve used before.  The colors and small details really make them gorgeous.

Use a large decorative milk can as a container for a multitude of DIY projects

This would look great as a centerpiece like I did here.  Or, even as a wedding table centerpiece!  I’m picturing a rustic wedding with this in the middle.  Perfect!

A vintage milk jug can really set up an entire room when you decorate it fully with floral accents and greenery

I mean, just look at those details!!

When making a farmhouse flower arrangement a great way to add variety is to use multiple types of greenery as a base
Close up of flowers that are pink and shades of white with other greenery inside

And, the anemone!  My favorite part!

This farmhouse floral arrangement inside an old vintage milk can is just one of many ideas that could be done
This DIY tutorial is a fun and simple way to add an amazing centerpiece for your home
The beauty of faux flowers and greenery is that they can be moved inside or outside the options are endless
Set dining room table with chargers that shows off just how amazing this farmhouse floral arrangement is
Close up of farmhouse floral arrangement with a chalky distress vintage milk can
Farmhouse flower arrangement inside an old vintage milk vase that is a great idea to add rustic decor to your home
Beautiful farmhouse floral arrangement that is a quick and easy DIY using an old vintage milk can

Vintage milk can ideas for your centerpiece

To compliment the beautiful flowers, I used a perfect farmhouse-style milk can (chippy paint and all!)

The exact one I used is no longer available (booo!!) but I’ve found a ton of other options for you to choose from.

See how I made a simple flower arrangement that anyone can do themselves and paired it with a vintage farmhouse milk can for the perfect farmhouse style flower arrangement or centerpiece! farmhouse decor | farmhouse style | farmhouse flower arrangements | flower arrangements DIY | DIY centerpieces wedding | farmhouse style centerpiece

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Alright, friends!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hope you were seriously inspired by this farmhouse flower arrangement, I know I was!

Check out these other Floral DIYs!

Remember to check back the next 3 Fridays for some more easy flower arrangement ideas!!

Wishing you a joyful day!

How to Create a Farmhouse Floral Arrangement

See how I made a simple flower arrangement that anyone can do themselves and paired it with a vintage farmhouse milk can for the perfect farmhouse style flower arrangement or centerpiece! farmhouse decor | farmhouse style | farmhouse flower arrangements | flower arrangements DIY | DIY centerpieces wedding | farmhouse style centerpiece
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  1. Arrange the Largest Greenery First
  2. Add in Anemones to Arrangement
  3. Add More Greenery
  4. Put Flowers in the Flower Arrangement

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  1. What a gorgeous flower arrangement! I also love the milk can which makes quite a great statement on your dining room table! Your tutorial is so helpful and thorough! Great post!

  2. Super pretty, i have a few dairy cans I could use and create a pretty rose arrangement like yours. Thanks for the inspirations. Maria

  3. This is beautiful but what is really catching my eye is your wall color in the background. Would you mind sharing the color and brand?? It’s so perfect!

    1. Thanks so much Amy. I can’t take credit for the wall color – it’s actually my best friend’s home! It’s stunning though, right?! I asked her and she said it’s “Sensual Jade” by Valspar. She also said to try and get a more expensive version of their base paint because she had to use 3 coats to get full coverage since it’s such a vibrant color.

  4. Since your exact milk can isn’t available, could you please provide me with it’s dimensions. I don’t love any of the alternatives you posted.