Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

Learn how to color Easter eggs with shaving cream and food coloring! These shaving cream Easter eggs are the perfect egg-dyeing craft for your kiddos. It’s a super-fun way to get into the Easter spirit!

I can’t believe Easter is almost here!  I remember, as a little girl dyeing Easter eggs with my grandparents every year.  But, with these little boys, the traditional cup method of dying Easter eggs is definitely not an option.  There would be vinegar food coloring splattered everyyyyywhere.  I saw the shaving cream method on Pinterest last year and decided to try it out with the boys this year.

A bowl full of colorful dyed Eater eggs, colored bright blue, green, red, and purple. Image text overlay reads

Look at these sweet little boys!!!  All the {heart eye} emojis.

Two young boys sit at a kid-sized table, each wearing an oversized t-shirt and smiling at the camera. On the table are two glass containers and a bottle of shaving cream.

You guys, can you even believe how BEAUTIFUL these turned out?? I mean, the colors are just gorgeous.  I let Liam pick his own color combinations, and surprisingly no eggs turned into a gross brown color.  AND this is SO SO EASY.  Now, we had a smallish big disaster with a wall and Charlie.  So, I’m thinking stick to an older toddler, haha.  More explained below.

What Supplies Are Needed for Coloring Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream?

A little boy in a large white t-shirt holds up a box of gel food coloring, which contains for colors - magenta pink, orange, teal, and purple.

We used Gel Food Colors.  Only because that’s all we had on hand.  But I think they turned out great just because of how bright the colors are naturally and that translated well to the Easter eggs.  Any food coloring would work.  I had some Barbasol shaving cream.  Why?  I have no idea.  But there it was in my craft bin.  Again, any white shaving cream works.

I started using glass containers, but, by the end, I was using paper plates.  And I suggest using paper plates or bowls.  

How to Color Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream

Just have the kiddos (or adults if you’re less messy than me) drop some food coloring into a little pile of shaving cream.  I didn’t measure anything but I would guess about a tennis ball size amount of shaving cream and as much coloring as the kiddos want. This is a pretty good example of one color amount.  A little goes a long way:

A glass bowl is filled with a pile of white shaving cream, dotted with a few drops of magenta pink gel food coloring.

Mixing Food Coloring and Shaving Cream

Next, you need some type of “stirrer”.  I had Liam using Q-tips and paint brushes.

A glass container is filled with a mixture of colored shaving cream. The mixture is a swirl of green, yellow, and blue food coloring.
A little boy's hand uses a stick to swirl around pink and orange food coloring into a pile of white shaving cream in a glass bowl.

The marbled look is just beautiful.  Liam absolutely loved mixing the colors together.  So now to the Charlie disaster.  I knew he wasn’t going to quietly stir the colors with a Q-tip.  I turned away for one second, I mean ONE SECOND, and this is what happened:

A small toddler sits at a table, a glass dish of white shaving cream mixed with food coloring on the table in front of him. There are streaks of blue and purple hand prints on the white wall next to the table.

This kid is some type of ninja.  Of course, I snapped a picture before cleaning up..oops.  So, the moral of this story: maybe wait until the kids are 2 to do this.  Or don’t blink while watching them!!

Coloring the Eggs with Shaving Cream

Once you’ve achieved your desired “marbled” effect in the shaving cream, or just blended it into a totally new color, simply place the egg in the center and paint the egg!  Liam had the best time.  He was in the zone.

A young boys rolls an egg around in a glass bowl filled with pink and yellow colored shaving cream.
A little boy holds a paint brush and covers a single egg with a pile of blue-dyed shaving cream.

Once you’ve achieved your desired “marbled” effect in the shaving cream, or just blended it into a totally new color, simply place the egg in the center and paint the egg!

 A little boy in an oversized white t-shirt covers an egg with a pile of blue-dyed shaving cream on a paper plate.

I tried again with Charlie, this time in his highchair with a plastic container.  The results were much better, haha.

A toddler plays with green-colored shaving cream in a plastic container while sitting in a high chair.

Let the Shaving Cream-Covered Easter Eggs Dry

Once the egg is coated, pick it out and place on a cookie sheet (or another surface you don’t mind getting a little messy).  Leave the coat of shaving cream on for a few hours so it can dry.  Once it’s been a few hours, gently wipe the excess shaving cream off with a dry paper towel.

Six eggs covered in blue, green, purple, and pink shaving cream sit on an aluminum baking sheet. The dyed shaving cream covering the eggs has been wiped off, revealing colorful dyed eggs.
A bowl of colorful shaving cream dyed Easter eggs. The eggs are vibrant marbled blue. purple, green and pink.

How to Dye Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream

Fun, easy DIY shaving cream Easter eggs, perfect for those younger kiddos.

Coloring Easter eggs with shaving cream is a fun, colorful, and messy craft your kids will love! All you need is shaving cream and food coloring!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10


  • Shaving cream
  • Food coloring (I used gel food coloring)
  • Eggs (hard-boiled or faux eggs)
  • Glass or plastic bowls
  • Paper plates


  1. First, prep your kiddos in oversized shirts or smocks. Prep your crafting surface (it gets messy!).
  2. Dispense some shaving cream into a bowl. Let the kids pick their food coloring color combinations.
  3. Drip the food coloring into the shaving cream and mix - use a paint brush, spoon, q-tip, or another mixing utensil.
  4. Once the shaving cream and food coloring is mixed to your preference (we went with marbled colors), dip the eggs into the shaving cream and fully cover.
  5. Place the shaving cream-covered eggs on a baking sheet or other surface and allow to dry for a few hours.
  6. Once the shaving cream is mostly dry, wipe it off with a paper towel to reveal your perfectly dyed Easter eggs!

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I really love how they turned out.  And if you forget about the minor wall staining, ok I can’t really forget about it.  Just keep an eye on those littles!  So much easier to do with Liam than the traditional Easter egg cup method and no way regular Easter eggs look this artsy 🙂

Hope you get to try this out with your kiddos.  Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!

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