14+ DIY Farmhouse Tables with Plans!

If you love the look of farmhouse-style decor, you’ll love this roundup of farmhouse tables! This list of 14 farmhouse-style dining tables is perfect for your farmhouse-inspired home decor, and each table includes building plans so you can DIY your own perfect table.

Hello again!

It’s no secret I love farmhouse style. Whites, neutrals, distressing, metals, the list could go on. I probably could write a whole post expressing my undying love for farmhouse style. Don’t worry, this is NOT that post 😉

We I have been slowly DIYing my way to a more farmhouse-styled home.  Little by little, I am seeing everything come together.

The one area where I just can’t quickly whip up a cute farmhouse DIY is my dining room table.

This guy has been through a lot. There are paint stains, dried food, and stickers permanently attached, and the stain is worn away by constant occasional cleaning. This table has PLENTY of character. It’s just not farmhouse style. At all.

I’ve been slowly dropping hints to my hubby that I reallllyyyy want to build our own farmhouse table. You can certainly buy one.

But they can be expensive and there’s technically nothing wrong with our current table (except for the paint stains, dried food, stickers, etc, etc).

I’ve been consistently shot down with looks of “you’ve got to be kidding me” or “build it yourself” or “I’m just going to pretend like I didn’t hear you”.

Until I can convince him that building our own table is, in fact, a good idea, {or until I know how to use power tools myself} I’ve been stalking Pinterest for the cutest DIY farmhouse tables.

Most of these come with free plans!!

Image collage of six DIY farmhouse tables with text overlay

Farmhouse Table Plans for Any Farmhouse-Style Decor Lover!

Love farmhouse style? Here's a lovely collection of farmhouse-style dining room tables that are perfect for any farmhouse home! All of these gorgeous tables include comprehensive building plans so you can BIY your own farmhouse table for your home.

Aren’t all of these tables AMAZING?? I mean, I am so impressed by everyone’s creativity. They all look “farmhouse” but not one is exactly the same.

I can’t wait to one day have a beautiful farmhouse table, myself! I can just envision my little family around the table, bench seating on one side, some greenery in the center, and eating a great meal together (most likely just pizza though, let’s be real).

Thanks for stopping by today. I so hope you can find the inspiration to make your own farmhouse table!  If you can convince your husband (or FIL hint-hint) OR if you’re one of those crazy awesome ladies that can wield power tools yourself 🙂

Wishing you a joyful day!


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  1. These are absolutely beautiful! I always love seeing them in people’s homes and have looked into buying one . But when I saw the prices they run at – not happening soon. Plus, DIY – ing one those seems complicated to me.

  2. This is perfect timing. I want to turn our desk into more of a beefy, farmhouse table look than a cheapo Ikea desk. I’m going to use some of these for inspiration!

  3. Making a pretty farmhouse style table has been on my list of things to do forever!!! And this is SUCH a great round up of inspiration!

  4. The X Base one from Cherished Bliss if my fav! My husband and I are actually getting ready to build on our desk and table! We got some practice on our wood working skills when we built our sons loft bed. It’s a fun DIY adventure! Hope you can get the hubby on board 🙂

    1. Hi Jessica! This post was a round up of other people’s farmhouse tables so if you like a particular chair from one of the table just click over to that picture’s post and it will take you to the website of the person who actually did the table. Hope that helps!