Custom Christmas Cards

These custom Christmas cards were so easy to design on and the finished product is even better than I had hoped!

custom christmas cards | farmhouse christmas | minted

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Ahh it’s officially the Christmas season.

Not that you would have known any different around here as I’ve been obsessing over Christmas decor and DIYs for quite a few weeks.

If you remember, a few weeks ago I partnered up with and shared my favorite farmhouse-style Christmas cards and gifts.

In that post, I said I ordered one of those very designs for our first family Christmas card:

Farmhouse-style Christmas Cards and Holiday Cards and gifts

I just loved the simplicity of the design.  A simple photo and some pretty green sprigs on the corners.  It’s absolutely my favorite.

I’ve learned a  few things about Minted along the way that I think make them SUCH a unique company.  All of their art is sourced from independent artists and designers located in 48 states and 43 countries.

In fact, when I opened my cards in the mail, there was a little insert in the sweetest envelope telling me who designed my card.  I mean, how neat is that?!  (She’s a gal from Ohio, right next door!!)

Second, they do FREE RECIPIENT ADDRESSING.  I feel like I can not emphasize this point enough.   I hand-addressed all of our wedding invitations and let me tell you, that ain’t happenin’ again.

And not only is it FREE, the recipient addressing matches the theme of your card.

Take a look at mine:

custom christmas cards | farmhouse christmas | minted

The pretty green sprigs are on the envelopes, too!  Ahhhhmazing!!

Finally, and perhaps my favorite part, is the ease at which you can customize almost anything on the card.  I’m a highly visual person and being able to see the changes you’re making really makes the design process so much easier.

I took a few screenshots along the way as I designed my own cards to help illustrate this point.

First, simply upload a few pictures to see which look best in the card design you chose.  You can zoom, rotate or even change to black and white.

custom christmas cards | farmhouse christmas | minted

Next, they have several different color options for the design.  I tried a few different colors out, but decided to stay with the “Berry Red”.

Also, on the side you can change the shape of the card.  So many different options!  I opted for the regular straight edge because I’m boring (or it’s a classic look 😉 ).

custom christmas cards | farmhouse christmas | minted

You can even customize the message at the bottom!  They have several color options that are compatible with the theme.  Which is great because I’m always so bad at color-coordinating so it takes the guess work out of choosing colors!  I actually did choose the lighter minty green color which is different than the evergreen shade that auto-chooses.

Along with the color of the words, you can also change the font and font size.  I tried a few different fonts out but nothing seemed to look as perfect as the font that was already chosen.

custom christmas cards | farmhouse christmas | minted

On to the back of the card!  I loved the bright red back or even the striped red but opted for the plain white again (man, am I boring or what?!).  Actually, I left it blank on purpose….you’ll see later.

custom christmas cards | farmhouse christmas | minted

So, not only is there the addressed envelope but also an inner envelope that comes with the cards.  Craziness.

custom christmas cards | farmhouse christmas | minted

To add the addressing, you can either upload contacts or manually type them in.  Either way, that’s going to take you much less time than hand-writing them.

custom christmas cards | farmhouse christmas | minted

So, 5 minutes later the cards were delivered at my door.  Okay, not quite 5 minutes but seriously only a few days.  I couldn’t believe it!


I LOOOVEE how pretty they are.  The sweetest picture of my little family with each boy showing their EXACT personality.


So, remember the blank back of the cards?  Well, I thought it was the perfect place to write a little message.


Another picture of those envelopes!

custom christmas cards | farmhouse christmas | minted

You guys, I’m completely thrilled with how they turned out and how smooth the whole process was. I can’t recommend Minted enough!!

Lastly, if you’re looking for some other designs, I shared a few of my favorites here or pop over to to be blown away by the number of designs they have!

Wishing you a joyful day!



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  1. alina

    Such a good idea, and love the design. Christmas cards headache-> sorted, now only if we can only get the kids still and smiling at the same time :))

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