Design Trend: Cane and Rattan Furniture

Today I’m sharing one of the top design trends of 2020 – Cane and Rattan Furniture!

While I’m not a big advocate for following design trends (like when I followed the farmhouse trend because I thought I liked it, but didn’t actually), I am a HUGE fan of cane and rattan furniture.

It’s definitely a design trend right now.

I’ve seen it all over HGTV, House Beautiful, and more. You can find rattan furniture at basically every home decor stores like from the really expensive stores like Mcgee & Co. all the way to Target.

There has definitely been a push towards natural materials in the interior design industry. And what better natural material than rattan! It’s modern and stylish and gives you such an organic feel.

We recently bought cane chairs for our kitchen island and I LOVE them!

I even tried using cane in a DIY project – Evie’s DIY Cane Nightstand! Hint: there’s another post coming soon on DIY cane projects!

Looking for DIY nightstand ideas? I tried my hand at DIY cane projects with a DIY cane nightstand for Evie’s toddler girl room! I used a stool from Target, some spray paint, and cane to make a DIY nightstand. It’s the perfect addition to a little girl’s room if you’re looking for girl room ideas. The DIY cane nightstand was an easy DIY that adds tons of style and function to her girly room. #cane #canefurniture #diyprojects #diycanenightstand

If you aren’t in the DIY mood, there are plenty of cane and rattan furniture options out there.

The best part about the rattan trend is that I feel like it works with every design style! I’ve seen rattan and cane furniture in modern farmhouse, transitional, modern, eclectic, mid-century modern, and boho styles and it works with ALL OF THEM.

You may be wondering…

What is the difference between cane and rattan furniture?!

I truly didn’t know the answer to this. So, I did a bit of googling.

From Norse Interiors, I learned that

  • Both Cane and Rattan come from the Rattan Plant in Southeast Asia
  • Cane
    • Thinner, more processed version of the Rattan Plant that comes from inside the reed
    • When you see backs of chairs or thinner accent pieces, you’re seeing cane
    • Normally kept in it’s natural color (though I have seen it painted and stained and it still looks gorgeous!)
  • Rattan
    • Larger, less processed Reed material from the Rattan Plant
    • When you see pieces of furniture like entire chairs or ottomans, you’re seeing Rattan

They also mentioned wicker, which I had totally forgotten about #facepalm. Wicker refers to any natural material that is woven. So cane is wicker, rattan is wicker, etc. Wicker can be made of rattan, bamboo, or any other natural material.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite rattan furniture pieces, broken down by furniture type!

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Cane Beds and Rattan Beds

Cane Chairs and Rattan Chairs

Cane Decor and Rattan Decor

Cane Storage Furniture and Rattan Storage Furniture

Cane Lights and Rattan Lights

Cane Tables and Rattan Tables

Let me know what you think about the cane and rattan trend in the comments below!

Chatting about a design trend that I’m loving - cane furniture and rattan furniture!  Also going to share the difference between cane, rattan, and wicker and some of my favorite cane and rattan styles.  If you’re looking to add an organic, natural look to your living room or bedroom that goes with any design style, cane and rattan furniture and decor is perfect!  Take a look at a few of my favorite cane tables and rattan tables like a beautiful rattan coffee table, rattan end table, rattan nightstand, and more. #cane #rattan #rattanfurniture #livingroom

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