How to Make a DIY Cane Nightstand

Today, I’m sharing an easy DIY cane nightstand using a table from Target, spray paint, and cane webbing! This is definitely a beginner-friendly DIY!

I love the look of cane webbing, especially when it’s a DIY cane nightstand. We needed a nightstand for Evie’s big girl room, but we didn’t want to take on a big furniture build.

We found a way to create a DIY caned nightstand using a pre-made end table/stool from Target. We gave it a new look with spray paint and then attached cane webbing to the top.

If you’re looking for a super easy beginner-friendly way to make a DIY caned nightstand, you’ll love this tutorial. No furniture making or power tools are needed!

My Inspiration: DIY Cane Ideas

I’ve been loving the cane and rattan trends in the home decor / interior design community right now. Really, any natural material is in style!

I’ve seen a couple of DIYs using cane webbing that looked amazing and knew I had to try it.

Mandi from Vintage Revivals did these crazy cool DIY cane wall panels. I love DIYs like this that are completely original and turn out perfect.

Meg from Roost and Ramble used cane webbing to makeover an IKEA Rast dresser. I love me a good Ikea hack!

Christine from Honey Built Home built an entire cane bed inspired by a CB2 bed. How gorgeous is this?!

The options for DIY Cane webbing are endless as you can apply it to any flat surface
Via Honey Built Home

Do you want more DIY cane furniture ideas? Check out this post where I rounded up a ton! Don’t feel like DIYing it? Check out these cane and rattan furniture items to shop!

My Idea: Easy Cane Webbing Nightstand with an End Table

I didn’t want to do a really big project with cane webbing on my first try using it. I’m also not a furniture maker or master builder so I knew I needed to start small.

I found this end table from Target that was honestly pretty cute, to begin with. But, it didn’t really go with the general vibe we had in Evie’s room and I thought it was the perfect table to try out some DIY caning!

Looking for DIY nightstand ideas?  I tried my hand at DIY cane projects with a DIY cane nightstand for Evie’s toddler girl room!  I used a stool from Target, some spray paint, and cane to make a DIY nightstand.  It’s the perfect addition to a little girl’s room if you’re looking for girl room ideas.  The DIY cane nightstand was an easy DIY that adds tons of style and function to her girly room. #cane #canefurniture #diyprojects #diycanenightstand
Original stool from Target. Love the shape and legs. It’s really pretty!

How to DIY a Cane Webbing Nightstand: Step-by-Step Tutorial

A photo of a cane nightstand with text overylays saying "Cane nightstand step-by-step tutorial".

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Materials for cane webbing nightstand

Step 1: Spray Paint the Nightstand

My biggest advice for spray painting is to do really, really light coats. If it takes you 3 coats, fine. Trying to do it all in one coat will lead to drips 100% of the time.

Painting a night stand purchased from target white to prepare the surface for DIY cane webbing

It took us 2 coats. Be sure to sand any ridges or paint drops in between coats if needed

Depending on your spray painting abilities, you may need to sand and spray paint a third time.

Two coats were perfect for us! We used just a little more than one can of spray paint to cover the end table.

Step 2: Cut Webbing for Stool

I used a 14″ gold ring to trace a circle on the cane (like the ones I’ve used for hoop wreaths like this). I used just a Sharpie to trace the circle and cut it out with regular ol’ scissors.

Use a hoop wreath or other circle object to trace and then cut the cane webbing down to size for your nightstand

Cane webbing can be pretty difficult to work with. It wants to roll back up.

So, I would recommend getting it out a day or two in advance, laying it flat, and laying something heavy on top that will keep it flat.

Step 3: Adhere Webbing to the Top

First, we tried using wallpaper adhesive. But, it wasn’t strong enough to hold the cane in place.

Next, we tried Gorilla Glue and that worked!

I would carefully apply it along the cane. You don’t need to hit every single spot. I made sure to apply it around the perimeter the most and randomly throughout the rest of it.

Glue down the Cane Webbing to the top of the stool and be sure to press down and wait for glue to adhere to the surface

Press into place and hold for a minute or so. We then put some wax paper on top, then a flattened cardboard box, then a 30lb weight to hold it all in place.

I don’t know that this is necessary but we wanted to be sure it held and stayed super flat while drying.

Step 4: Apply the Splining to the Edge

For this last part, you probably need two people for this.

Person one with hold the splining in place while person two will apply glue from the hot glue gun.

Start wherever, just pick a random spot. You want the splining to be just on the edge of the cane.

Using hot glue to attach the spline securely. This is an easy DIY method to attach the spline if you didn't have time to soak or cut a groove for it

Apply about 2 inches of hot glue then press and hold the splining down.

Work slowly and make sure the splining is thoroughly adhered to the edge before adding more glue/splining.

Continue this the whole way around.

When you get to the beginning, cut the end and finish wrapping it! You’ll have a little crease where the two ends meet. You honestly can’t really tell unless you’re looking for it.

The Reveal

I love how it turned out!

A diy cane night stand made from a stool next to your bed is an easy DIY that gives a standard piece of furniture a lot of extra flare
If you need a night stand DIY or ideas for a bedroom look at this caned nightstand for inspiration

It’s the perfect addition to her room. I’d say she’s a big fan!

A Cane nightstand made from a target stool that goes perfectly in a pink girls room and adds a nice touch
Cane nightstands are all the rage right now and this is a great idea to put an accent in a room that otherwise is standard
Target stool painted and placed next to a bed to be used as a night stand as a creative idea
This night stand diy is easy to do and takes little to no effort but provides a nice touch to a room

One of my favorite parts of the stool-turned cane nightstand is the little bars between the legs. I love how they’re offset. Such a neat little quirk to the table!

Using spray adhesive and hot glue to secure webbing is an easy diy that you can complete quickly

DIY Cane Nightstand

DIY Cane Nightstand

If you're looking for an easy DIY nightstand for a toddler girl's room, this DIY cane nightstand is for you!I Using a stool from Target, some spray paint, and cane the stool was completely transformed into DIY cane nightstand.

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  1. Spray paint nightstand
  2. Lightly sand any bumps or drips
  3. Spray the second coat (or more coats if needed, remember to sand in between coats)
  4. Cut cane
  5. Use gorilla glue to adhere the cane to the nightstand. Press and hold the cane in place for several minutes.
  6. Apply splining to the cane nightstand using a hot glue gun.

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Follow along with this easy DIY cane nightstand tutorial to create your own night stand from a target stool
Easy DIY for toddlers room creating a unique nightstand idea from a stool using cane webbing

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