Get The Look For Less – Dining Chairs

Back for another edition of Get the Look For Less! This time I’m turning to furniture and chatting all things look for less dining chairs!

I’m back today for another edition of Get The Look For Less. 

You can catch up on past weeks here.

So far, I’ve shared look for less beds, lights, and rugs and it’s been a huge hit! I love finding budget-friendly finds for stylish, but often expensive, home decor.

Remember, every Sunday night I’ll share the Look For Less posts in my stories. But, I won’t tell you which item is more expensive and you have to guess! I’ve done this the last few weeks on my Instagram and everyone LOVED it.


This week, I’m sharing dining chairs!

Now, this can be a little tricky (just like beds) because I don’t think you should go for the cheapest possible dining chair. There are definitely quality differences. So, I tried to choose High and Low options that were both of good quality.

I think some of these are going to surprise you!  Of course I say that every week and you guys surprise me!

If you hop over to Instagram on Sunday night (around 8pm EST but the stories are up for 24 hours), I’ll be sharing these. At the end, I ask for suggestions for next week’s Look For Less.

I’ve had the following suggested so far: various types of hardware, and living room chairs plus some other chairs! A lot of people suggested hardware and I hadn’t even thought of that! So, if you have a suggestion, let me know!

Look For Less #1

Cane Chairs: HIGH | LOW

I’m pretty much obsessed with the cane trend in interior design right now. I even DIY’d a cane nightstand for Evie’s toddler room! I love both of these chairs and definitely need them!

Look For Less #2

Black Chairs: HIGH | LOW

I’m actually considering the bottom option for our counter stool! I like that they’re modern and minimal and I feel like the low option looks more expensive!

Look For Less #3

Woven Wishbone Chairs: HIGH | LOW

Wishbone chairs, and in particular woven wishbone chairs, are very in style right now. You can find these EVERYWHERE. Even Amazon. I personally love the color of the low option more!

Look For Less #4

Velvet Upholstered Chairs: HIGH | LOW

I think I’m going to trick you guys with this one on Instagram! The low option looks way more expensive to me. Plus, I like the black legs better I think!

Look For Less #5

Windsor Chairs: HIGH | LOW

Windsor chairs are always in style. They’re classic and timeless. I truly love the high option but there is really not that much of a difference between the two of them!


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