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Back for another edition of Get the Look For Less! This time I’m turning to furniture and chatting all things look for less end tables!

I’m back today for another edition of Get The Look For Less. 

You can catch up on past weeks here.

So far, I’ve shared look for less beds, lights, dining chairs, and rugs and it’s been a huge hit! I love finding budget-friendly finds for stylish, but often expensive, home decor.

This week, I’m sharing end tables!

End tables are definitely a home decor item that I tend to try and save on. There are some crazy high price end tables and for what they do, I don’t think it’s worth spending so much money on.

Now, I won’t go super cheap with end tables. You don’t want them falling apart if they get bumped. But, end tables are definitely an area that I would choose to save a bit on.

I think some of these are going to surprise you!  Of course I say that every week and you guys surprise me!

I’ve had the following suggested so far: various types of hardware, and living room chairs plus some other chairs! A lot of people suggested hardware and I hadn’t even thought of that! So, if you have a suggestion, let me know!

Look for Less #1

Hourglass End Table: HIGH | LOW

It's the fifth edition of get the look for less and today I'm sharing look for less end tables! You can have a beautiful stylish home without breaking the bank!  Get the same luxurious and expensive looking end tables at a budget friendly price.  These end tables would be perfect in your living room or bedroom.  You don’t have to break the bank to have a beautiful home.  If you’re looking for living room ideas or  bedroom design, this is for you!  #endtables #livingroom #bedroom

Look for Less #2

Wooden Cube End Table: HIGH | LOW

Look for Less #3

Seagrass End Table: HIGH | LOW

Look for Less #4

Wooden X-Base End Table: HIGH | LOW

Look for Less #5

Farmhouse Wooden End Table: HIGH | LOW

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