Best Selling Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors (Updated for 2024)

What are the most popular paint colors from Sherwin-Williams? From whites to blues, greens, and grays, here are the best-selling Sherwin-Williams paint colors–one of the most popular home decor paint brands!

The most common questions I get are always related to paint colors.

How do you choose a paint color?

What paint color is that?

What’s the best white paint color?

How do I choose the perfect paint color?

It is SO hard to choose a paint color.  I really do get that. It’s one of the reasons why I created my product: the Ultimate Guide to Popular Paint Colors!

Sometimes it’s still hard for me to choose just one (have you seen the amount of paint samples I’ve tried out in our closet??).

So, I thought I would try and make the paint-picking process a little easier for you by sharing the popular paint colors from one of the most popular paint brands out there – Sherwin-Williams.

Before you put a fresh coat of paint on your interior walls, check out this list of the top paint colors!

If you need help choosing a paint color, be sure to check out my Ultimate Guide to Popular Paint Colors!

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The Most Popular Paint Colors from Sherwin-Williams

A montage showcasing Sherwin Williams' quintessential paint colors, accompanied by text overlays proclaiming "Top 50 Sherwin Williams Paint Colors."

I’m going to share their number 1 best-selling paint color, their top 5 best-selling whites, and then their top 50 most popular paint colors. This is all information from Sherwin-Williams.

Then, I’m going to share some research I did trying to see which paint colors were used the most from each individual color family.  So, for instance, the most used blue color.  The most used green color, etc.  

Now, this information is NOT from Sherwin-Williams because they said they don’t have information on their best-selling paints by color.

Sherwin-Williams #1 Best Selling Paint Color: Agreeable Gray SW 7029

Sherwin-Williams most popular paint color, Agreeable Gray, is a greyish beige color.

Agreeable Gray is Sherwin-Williams’ #1 Best Selling Paint Color (and it has been for years!) It’s a nice blend of gray and beige, aka greige. Greige is HUGE now with the farmhouse-style movement started by Joanna Gaines.

It’s often considered the perfect “greige” because it stays relatively true to color without stark undertones. That being said, it can pull a little purple in northern-facing light.

One of the reasons that Agreeable Gray is such a great color is because it doesn’t have crazy undertones to worry about. It really is the “purest” combination of gray and beige you can get!

Order a peel & stick sample of Agreeable Gray to try!

It’s the perfect backdrop in this living room from Inspired by Charm.

Most Popular Sherwin-Williams White Paint Colors

Collage photo of Williams White Paint Colors with text overlays saying "Sherwin Williams TOP 5 White Paint".

Here are the five most popular white paint colors from Sherwin-Williams! These 5 popular colors are a variety of whites, with creamy off-white, beige, and yellow undertones.

Best Selling SW White Paint Colors:

  1. Pure White
  2. Alabaster
  3. Dover White
  4. Snowbound
  5. Antique White

Pure White SW 7005

A photo of Pure White SW 7005 paint color.

Pure White is the best white paint color for a crisp, clean look without yellow undertones or the harsh, stark white look.

Order a peel & stick sample of Pure White to try!

Tasha, from Kaleidoscope Living, has Pure White painted in most of the rooms of her home (bonus room shown below) and it is paired with SW Divine White on the trim and baseboards.

Alabaster SW 7008

A photo of a Alabaster SW 7008 paint color.

Alabaster is the perfect off-white, creamy, warm white. It has neutral, beige undertones. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for a warm white (it looks good on shiplap, too!)

Order a peel & stick sample of Alabaster to try!

Check out our full overview of the Alabaster paint color here!

We used Alabaster in Evie’s nursery in our old house.  It was the perfect neutral white for her room with just a hint of warmth from the creamy undertones.

A little girl's nursery with white shiplap walls, a gray crib, and window-side seating area.

Dover White SW 6385

A photo of Dover White SW 6385 paint color.

Dover White is another warm white, like Alabaster, but pulls much more beige and creamier. The yellow/orange undertones are more obvious, too.

Order a peel & stick sample of Dover White to try!

It looks great painted on this board and batten accent wall in this well-lit entryway from Lantern Lane Designs.

Snowbound SW 7004

A photo of Snowbound SW 7004 paint color

Snowbound is a beautiful, crisp white that has cooler undertones than the previous warm whites.

This cooler white will give you more of a crisp white look and a blank slate to build off of in your room.

Order a peel & stick sample of Snowbound to try!

Snowbound was used on the walls and ceilings in this renovation from Maison de Pax and looks great!

The wall is adorned with the crisp elegance of Snowbound color, while a striking black stair commands attention in the picture.
Source: Maison de Pax

Antique White SW 6119

A photo of Antique White SW 6119 paint color.

Antique White is the warmest, most beige white of the top 5 white colors. It has very obvious yellow-beige undertones and will give your room a cozy, warm feel.

Order a peel & stick sample of Antique White to try!

These paint colors aren’t just for walls either! I love how Antique White is used here on furniture for the nightstand and headboard in this bedroom by The Turquoise Home.

Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors – Most Popular Blues

Looking to paint blue in your home? Check out these top Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors - Most Popular Blues.

The five most popular shades of blue from Sherwin-Williams! These paint colors range from deep navy blue to beautiful blueish-gray to light beachy sky blues. These are the best-selling blue paint colors from Sherwin-WIlliams.

Best Selling SW Blue Paint Colors:

  1. Naval
  2. Tradewind
  3. Indigo Batik
  4. Distance
  5. Rain

Naval SW 6244

A photo of a Naval SW 6244 paint color

Naval is Sherwin-Williams’ 2020 Color of the Year (check out these other 2020 paint color trends).

Since Naval was Sherwin-Williams’ 2020 Color of the Year, I’ve been seeing it pop up more on Instagram and Pinterest.  

It’s a deep, dark navy which they say is meant to represent the depths of the sea and the darkness of the night sky.

Order a peel & stick sample of Naval to try!

Here, Room for Tuesday, even used it in a dark basement and it looks beautiful!

Tradewind SW 6218

A  phot of Tradewind SW 6218 paint color

Tradewind is a light blue paint color that has green and gray undertones. It can appear fairly bright when paired next to a white or when it gets a lot of natural light.

Order a peel & stick sample of Tradewind to try!

This color works really well with a coastal style – like this bedroom from Newport Lane.

The bedroom is graced with the serene beauty of Tradewind paint, creating an enchanting atmosphere.
Source: Newport Lane

Indigo Batik SW 7602

A photo of Indigo Batik SW 7602 paint color

Indigo Batik is another bold navy, like Naval, but it has a higher LRV meaning it’s going to reflect more light than Naval.

It’s a good choice for a really moody look, a feature wall, or kitchen cabinetry.

Order a peel & stick sample of Indigo Batik to try!

It looks great in this bedroom from The DIY Nuts.

The bedroom is adorned with the enchanting beauty of Tradewind paint, creating a stunning and captivating atmosphere.
Source: The DIY Nuts

Distance SW 6243

A photo of Distance SW 6243 paint color.

Distance is a denim blue color that is a lot like the color of blue jeans. It has cool gray undertones and a lot of depth.

Order a peel & stick sample of Distance to try!

It provides a great contrast color for these white built-in shelves in this living room from Hey There Home.

Rain SW 6219

A photo of Rain Sherwin Williams 6219 paint color sample

Rain is a peaceful blue paint color that has green and gray undertones. It works great for bedrooms and living rooms.

Order a peel & stick sample of Rain to try!

Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors – Most Popular Greens

Discover the tranquility of Sherwin-Williams' top green paint colors.

Here are the five most popular green paint colors from Sherwin-Williams! These shades of green range from light and sagey to mint and a rich forest green.

Best Selling SW Green Paint Colors:

  1. Rainwashed
  2. Retreat
  3. Clary Sage
  4. Acacia Haze
  5. Rosemary

Rainwashed SW 6211

A photo of Rainwashed SW 6211 paint color.

Rainwashed is a really pretty almost blue-toned green paint color that has a peaceful vibe. It would be perfect in a bathroom or bedroom because of how calming it is.

Order a peel & stick sample of Rainwashed to try!

Here Naptime Decorator uses it in a bathroom paired with white beadboard wainscoting and it looks great. It definitely looks more blue here when paired with the white colors and all the natural light.

Retreat SW 6207

A photo of Retreat SW 6207 paint color.

 Retreat is a darker-toned green paint color that has some gray and blue undertones. It has a natural look and feel to it that is nice.

If you wanted a moody vibe, this would look great painted on all the walls in a bedroom or even on kitchen cabinets.

Order a peel & stick sample of Retreat to try!

It even looks great in this basement from A Life Unfolding without any natural light, right?

The living room is adorned in the serene Retreat paint color, creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere.
Source: A Life Unfolding

Clary Sage SW 6178

A photo of Clary Sage SW 6178 paint color.

Clary Sage is probably one of my favorite green paint colors from the bunch – a beautiful sagey gray-green.

It would look so nice on kitchen/bathroom cabinetry! It reminds me a bit of High Park by Benjamin Moore.

Order a peel & stick sample of Clary Sage to try!

This reading room from House Homemade is gorgeous and so calming.

The study room exudes elegance with its Clary Sage paint color, creating a sophisticated ambiance perfect for focus and productivity.
Source: Home Homemade

Acacia Haze SW 9132

A photo of Acacia Haze SW 9132 paint color.

Acacia Haze is a paint color that has smoky gray tones, which would look great in any space where you want a bit more of a subdued look.

It does have blue undertones so beware of that when pairing with another cool paint color (like a cool white) that it will probably pull more slate blue.

Order a peel & stick sample of Acacia Haze to try!

It looks great here used as an accent wall color in this bathroom from North Country Nest.

Rosemary SW 6187

A photo of Rosemary SW 6187 paint coloe.

Rosemary is a deep green that feels a bit muddy and has cool gray undertones.

I love this color, so much so that I painted it on all of the walls of our master closet before changing my mind. It wasn’t the right color for the closet (we eventually went with this color), but I did LOVE it once I got it on the wall.

Order a peel & stick sample of Rosemary to try!

Love how much coziness it adds to this sitting room from Vintage Revival when used as an accent wall.

Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors – Most Popular Grays

Most Popular Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors - Top 5 Gray Paint Colors

The five most popular shades of gray from Sherwin-Willaim (outside of Agreeable Gray, which we’ve already covered)!

These best-selling gray paint colors range in shades from warm “greige” (gray-beige), to a true gray and brownish-gray.

Best Selling SW Gray Paint Colors:

  1. Repose Gray
  2. Light French Gray
  3. Passive
  4. Mindful Gray
  5. On The Rocks

Repose Gray SW 7015

A photo of Repose Gray SW 7015 paint color.

Repose Gray is one of my favorite grays. It’s definitely a warmer gray/greige but not too warm.

It does have some brown (and even purple! in some light) undertones, so try out samples on your wall before buying.

Order a peel & stick sample of Repose Gray to try!

Love this bedroom painted with Repose Gray from Designing Vibes!

Light French Gray SW 0055

A photo of Light French Gray SW 0055 paint color.

Light French Gray is a great choice for a true gray because it doesn’t really have those sneaky undertones. It is a little darker than its name would suggest.

Order a peel & stick sample of Light French Gray to try!

It looks great above the white board-and-batten wall in this dining room from House Mix.

Passive SW 7064

Photo of Passive SW 7064 paint color.

Passive is another true gray color, it can even look like a white with gray undertones in bright, natural light. This means that can be used in small, dark rooms, too.

Order a peel & stick sample of Passive to try!

Love it used in this bathroom from Amelia Lawrence Style.

Mindful Gray SW 7016

A photo of Mindful Gray SW 7016 paint color.

Mindful Gray is the same color card as Repose Gray and Dorian Gray, but Mindful Gray is the shade in between the two. It’s a warm mid-tone greige. It’s cooler than a lot of other greiges out there but still has a warm feel to it.

Order a peel & stick sample of Mindful Gray to try!

It works great as an accent wall in this nursery from Angela Marie Made with wallpaper above it. It helps warm up this space that is decorated with a lot of cool blues.

On The Rocks SW 7671

A photo of On The Rocks SW 7671 paint color.

On The Rocks is a bright gray with cool undertones that appear more cool in strong lighting. It is very versatile and would work in any room!

It’s a great option if you want gray but don’t want a warm gray.

Order a peel & stick sample of On The Rocks to try!

It works perfectly as the wall color when used in this small powder room bathroom from Little House of Four.

So, that’s the end of the most popular colors by color family.

I decided not to do “most popular reds” because I feel like most people are looking for gray, green, blue, or white colors.

Now, here are the 50 most popular Sherwin-Williams paint colors!

Sherwin-Williams Top 50 Paint Colors (Updated for 2024)

Here are the 50 most popular colors from Sherwin-Williams! This paint color palette is largely neutral, with browns, creams, grays, beiges, and a few blacks. If you're looking for a stunning neutral color for a living room, bedroom, or anywhere else in your home, one of these 50 paint colors will be the perfect choice!

I originally created this list of the most popular Sherwin Williams paint colors in 2020, but when I went to update it for 2024 about half of the colors had changed. I’ve updated the list above with the most recent release from SW.

SW paint colors that were popular in 2020, but have been replaced by 2024:

  • Dorian Gray
  • Dovetail
  • Balanced Beige
  • Colonnade Gray
  • Softer Tan
  • Gauntlet Gray
  • Requisite Gray
  • Nomadic Desert
  • Perfect Greige
  • Peppercorn
  • Morning Fog
  • Latte
  • Popular Gray
  • Online
  • Mega Greige
  • Cityscape
  • Tony Taupe
  • Wood Skein
  • Urbane Bronze
  • Divine White
  • Functional Gray
  • Black Fox

New popular SW paint colors that were added to the Top 50 in 2024:

  • Greek Villa
  • Eider White
  • First Star
  • Ceiling Bright White
  • Shell White
  • Gossamer Veil
  • Origami White
  • Pearly White
  • Creamy
  • Incredible White
  • Egret White
  • Heron Plume
  • Westhighland White
  • Frosty White
  • White Flour
  • Ice Cube
  • Big Chill

After reviewing what changed between 2020 and 2024, it is interesting to note that most of the ones that were removed were grays and greige colors and most of the ones that were added were whites!

You can literally see the trend moving from gray, greige, and beige to brighter whites.

And, there you have it!  A lot of neutrals and way more beiges than I thought for sure.

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A collage of paint color samples - stripes of grays, black, and green, that are some of the top 50 most popular paint colors from Sherwin-Williams.

* This article was originally published in March 2020 and has been most recently updated in February 2024. *

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