5 Ways to Update Your Fireplace

Whether you have an old or new house, chances are you have some type of fireplace in your home! Check out these 5 ways how to update a fireplace.

That’s why I’m chatting about all thing fireplace today!  Let’s explore 5 ways to update your fireplace!!

We moved into our new home a little over a year ago.  While we’ve slowly been redoing some rooms (office and dining room so far!), the living room has stayed the same.

And, that’s about to change!!!  *cue happy dance*

Living room before pictures

Here’s what it looked like for our new home tour last year

Outdate living in a beige room that is in need of a renovation update to bring attention to a focal point
Living room with a fireplace that could benefit from 5 ways on how to update a fireplace
View of a kitchen from the focal point of a hearth that will need some much needed attention

Note the fireplace.  Ugh.

It’s *fine*.  But, that’s about the nicest thing I can say about it.

If you read my last post about creating a focal point in your room, you know that a fireplace is a built-in, obvious choice for creating a focal point.

But, does that fireplace look like a focal point? NOOOOOO!!

Check out these design options for our fireplace makeover!!

5 ways to update your fireplace

5 ways to update your fireplace.  Sharing some DIY fireplace ideas and DIY fireplace projects.  Learn how to stencil a fireplace, do a shiplap fireplace DIY, DIY cement fireplace, floor to ceiling tile fireplace, and how to paint a fireplace.  #fireplace #diyfireplace #livingroom #diyprojects

But, until then, let’s take a look at some different options we’re considering to update any fireplace.

1.  Update a brick fireplace with paint

While this isn’t really an option for us, this is a GREAT option for anyone with a brick fireplace.

This fireplace was redone using paint over brick to make it stand out in this living room while flowing with the trim

Paint that brick!

There’s really no easier way to update a dated brick fireplace.  Sarah Joy Blog shares how she painted her brick fireplace in just one day!

I know a lot of you probably have an old brick fireplace. While I think brick can look stunning in its natural state, I’m also all for painting it.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an option for us as our home was built 6 years ago and no one was putting in brick fireplaces then.

More painted brick fireplace ideas

Here are some more examples of painted brick fireplaces with DIY tutorials.  I especially love that black one!

Jess from Bright Green Door shares how to paint your fireplace black and never look back!

If you want to learn how to update a fireplace using paint this is a great idea to spruce up brick

Lovely Indeed shares how she painted her brick fireplace white!

2.  Update a fireplace with floor to ceiling tile


This goes back to the focal point post I wrote last week.

I really feel like to have the fireplace be the focal point, it needs to be floor-to-ceiling.  Whether that’s floor-to-ceiling brick, tile, cement, whatever.  It can be done in your own style – there’s no right or wrong way to do that!

But, it’s gotta go all the way from the floor to the ceiling to realllyyyyy be a focal point.

Floor to ceiling fireplace update really makes it pop with a recessed mantle and beautiful stone tones

Lindi & Russ actually built out an entire fireplace – so impressive!!  Love the use of tile (also that it’s floor to ceiling!)

This is a great option for almost anyone.  Maybe not those of you with a brick fireplace – though that’s not saying it’s impossible!

I definitely like this as an option for us.  The only problem is that we have the granite surround.  I’m sure we could tile over that – but that’s such a pain!

More floor-to-ceiling tile ideas for fireplaces

Here are a few other floor-to-ceiling tile options.  

And, don’t limit yourself to just these choices!  You can use almost any type of tile here (as long as it is fire-safe, of course) and it would make such a difference!

Redoing a hearth with black floor to ceiling tile really gives a sleek and simple look to any living room

Brepurposed redid her fireplace in the most gorgeous tile!

Wood storage and a slant fireplace that was updated with black tile completely from floor to ceiling

Kristina Lynne shares a similar tiled fireplace – just with a larger tile.  I’m obsessed!

3.  Use Cement to Update a Fireplace

Yes, you read that right. Cement.

And you guys, this is really maybe my top choice for our current fireplace situation.

It’s so sleek, chic, and modern.  It’s clean and simple.

LOVING this look.

Another popular way to update a fireplace with brick is to use cement to create a modern and clean design

Angela Rose Home KILLED it with this fireplace makeover.  You’ll never believe what the before looked like.

This is a great option for anyone, really.

It does only fit with a few design styles.  I’d say it works best with modern, eclectic, and farmhouse styles.

That’s not to say you can’t mix and match with another design style – I’d just be careful doing it!

More cement fireplace ideasx

Here are a few other cement looks.  Do you think this would work in our living room??  (Hint: the answer is yes!)

Creating a modern look with a mantle is easy when using cement to make it streamlined

Boxwood Avenue turned her dated brick fireplace into a beautiful modern fireplace! While she didn’t extend it from floor to ceiling, she did add shiplap at the top!

Use a live edge wood mantle to update an old fireplace that was just renovated using cement

Tasha updated a dated fireplace with concrete for less than $100.

4.  Update a fireplace by adding shiplap

While I may not love shiplap quite as much as I did before (though I don’t hate it!), it’s still a great option for updating your fireplace.

It’s especially nice when trying to extend a fireplace from floor to ceiling, really making it that focal point in your room.

Basically, you keep the surround the same (or update it if necessary) and add shiplap above the mantel.  

This makes the fireplace that focal point we’re looking for without you having to tile or cement or some other project to get it from floor to ceiling.

Shiplap is a great idea to cover up an old brick fireplace that really pops with a oversized rough sawn mantle

The Coastal Oak added shiplap from floor to ceiling and I LOVE how it looks!

I love this option for anyone wanting to update a fireplace.  While shiplap tends to get associated with farmhouse style exclusively, I don’t think that’s actually the case.

It’s a great option to extend a fireplace from floor to ceiling.  Or, as my previous example did, for redoing the entire fireplace!

More shiplap fireplace ideas

Here are a few other shiplap looks.  I’m seriously considering these for the fireplace, too!

You can modernize a brick fireplace using shiplap in combination with a tile update to really make it eye catching

Love and Renovations added shiplap to her fireplace and I LOVE it.  Especially the dark paint!

How to use shiplap and a mantle to create multiple spaces above a brick fireplace.

Brepurposed added different size shiplap boards to her fireplace renovation.  It’s such a unique touch!

5.  Use stencils on your fireplace

The final option to update your fireplace is by stenciling!

This is definitely not an option for those of you with a brick fireplace – unless you want to cover the brick entirely first and then stencil that.

I love this idea for a unique and budget-friendly version of using actual cement tile.  We used cement tile on a fireplace in the boys’ room and I loved how it looked!  It’s just not a budget-friendly option for an entire fireplace.

This would also look nice paired with shiplap above the mantel!

Stencils are a great way to paint on a design on an existing fireplace that provides a much needed update

Jones Design Company DIY’d the cement tile look and it’s amazing!

I like the idea of stenciling a fireplace for us, especially, since we have that gross granite surround.  It’s already smooth so it can be easily painted.  Add in some shiplap above a new mantel and we’ll have a whole new room!

More stenciled fireplace ideas

Here are some other DIY stenciled fireplace ideas!

Stencils bring out character in any living room focal point when used on a mantle

Life is Better at Home stenciled a muted, beautiful fireplace surround!

Create this look using stencils in the corner of your living room to make it pop

Semigloss Designs designed her own stencil for her fireplace makeover.  So impressive!

Let’s recap the 5 ways to update a fireplace

  1. Paint an existing fireplace
  2. Add floor-to-ceiling tile
  3. Use cement
  4. Add shiplap
  5. Stenciling

I’m working on coming up with a design for our current fireplace situation.

Right now, I’m thinking of stenciling the granite surround we have, then using shiplap to extend the fireplace from floor to ceiling.

From there, we’ll add some built-ins and storage to the side of the fireplace and some open shelving above that.

It’s going to be a big project but a much-needed project for the living room.

What do you think?  Ready to update your fireplace?!

5 ways to update your fireplace. Sharing some DIY fireplace ideas and DIY fireplace projects. Learn how to stencil a fireplace, do a shiplap fireplace DIY, DIY cement fireplace, floor to ceiling tile fireplace, and how to paint a fireplace. #fireplace #diyfireplace #livingroom #diyprojects

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  1. What a fantastic list of ideas! I never thought about using metallic accents to revamp my fireplace before. The suggestion to incorporate copper elements has me so excited to try something new!