How to Create a Focal Point in a Room and 15 Wood Feature Wall Ideas to Update Any Space

Wood feature walls are all over Pinterest and I can say I’m officially smitten with them.

They’re eye-catching, creating a beautiful focal point that can be as busy or simple as you want.

I’m so excited to talk about creating a wood feature wall today.  And, I’m going to talk a lot about creating a focal point in rooms, something I didn’t mean to get into a ton of detail about but it happened and it’s useful!

I can’t say I’m a certified interior designer.  But, I did take a few courses last year on the basic principles of interior design.

One of the things I learned that really interested me was focal points.  Most every room needs a focal point, something that immediately draws your eye and attention in.

I think this is often overlooked – I certainly wasn’t thinking about creating a focal point in every room when I was first learning!

Here’s an example of a focal point from our Girl’s Nursery Reveal – a shiplap wall!

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Common focal points to consider


  1. Fireplaces!

    If your room has a fireplace, that’s the perfect place to start.  Even if it’s not the focal point right now, think about how you can make it a focal point.  Can you extend the fireplace from floor to ceiling?  Can you add shiplap or paint it black so it stands out?  Just having a fireplace doesn’t automatically mean it’s a focal point, but, it’s the perfect and easiest place to start.

  2. Windows!

    Yes, windows.  Think about a large living room or open plan where you have a wall of windows or floor to ceiling windows.  That beautiful view outside can be a focal point.  How can you harness that view?  Could you paint the window frames black?  Maybe have the surrounding walls neutral and keep the furniture and decor subtle?

  3. Built-In Shelving!

    A lot of times built-in shelving is seen next to a fireplace.  But, you can also add built-in shelving on a wall in your den or office.  Make it stand out with ornate trim or a sliding ladder.

  4. Other Architectural Elements!

    Do you have any other unique quirks in your room?  This could include a vaulted ceiling or a large bay window.  How can you accent these features so they stand out?


Here’s an example of windows as a focal point

Was your eye immediately drawn to the windows?  Notice how everything else in the room is relatively neutral and subdued.

Image Source

Sometimes (or maybe a lot of the time!) your room isn’t going to have one of these obvious focal points.

In that case, it’s important to create your own focal point.

Here’s an example of a focal point we made in our Modern Office – wallpaper!

Sharing the big reveal of our formal living room turned modern office space. We used various IKEA pieces, including a butcher block countertop, and Home Depot lumber to make a custom built in desk. We made DIY floating shelves, modern floral wallpaper, and tons of plants to decorate. Modern office ideas | office decor | modern wallpaper | peel and stick wallpaper | one room challenge | DIY office | office renovation | office makeover | office ideas | modern office design | modern office home | home office | modern office space | home decor #oneroomchallenge #modernoffice #officereveal #officemakeover #homedecor #diy

So, how can you make a focal point?

Here are some ways to make a focal point in a room that doesn’t have any of the focal points listed above.


  1. Bold Painted Wall!

    This is definitely the easiest way to get a focal point.  I’d choose the biggest wall in the room and pick a dark or saturated color to paint it.  This plan can’t go wrong!

  2. Wallpaper!

    Everyone knows my obsession with wallpaper.  It’s never ending.  But, it’s also a relatively easy way to get that focal point.

  3. Artwork!

    Art always makes such an impact in a room.  You could hang one giant piece of art behind a sofa or have an entire wall dedicated to tons of art.  Art lets your personality shine through while also creating a focal point in the room.

  4. Wood Feature Wall!

    Hey – we’re finally at what this point is about!  While it may not be as easy as simply painting a wall, a modern wood feature wall will certainly make an impact!  I’m sharing a bunch of my favorites below so stay tuned!

  5. Furniture!

    This is probably one you didn’t think of and maybe not the easiest to pull off.  But, you’ve definitely been in or seen rooms that have elaborate furniture that set the stage for the room.  And, this can fit any design style.  For example, a farmhouse dining room could have a custom built reclaimed wood dining table.  An eclectic living room could have a yellow, plush, velvet sofa.


Example 1: Artwork as focal point

Example 2: bold painted wall

Image Source

Example 3: wallpaper

Image Source

Looking for more inspiration?

Click the links below for posts I’ve shared before that can help you with your focal point!

So, now that we’ve talked about creating a focal point, let’s check out some of my favorite wood feature wall ideas!  Let’s turn those pins into reality!!

Modern wood Accent wall from Within the grove

Herringbone wall from honey built home

DIY modern moulding accent wall from love create celebrate

Entry wall from styled to sparkle

DIY Board and Batten wall from angela rose home

DIY Trim Wall from young house envy

wood accent wall from angela rose home

wood accent wall from hannah trickett

DIY Wood accent wall from love create celebrate

wood feature wall from Lausnotebook

board and batten from mairi helena

diy chevron wood wall from mamas dance

moody diy feature from this giant life

diy wood slat wall from housezhu

diy double raised panel feature wall from rogue engineer


What do you think?  Ready to add a wood feature wall to your house?

Sharing 15 diy wood feature wall ideas to add a beautiful, modern focal point to any room.  There are herringbone walls, chevron walls, and unique modern DIY wood walls to  try out.Let's do some DIY projects for the home!  #diyprojecfts #featurewall #focalpoint

Sharing 15 diy wood feature wall ideas to add a beautiful, modern focal point to any room.  There are herringbone walls, chevron walls, and unique modern DIY wood walls to  try out.Let's do some DIY projects for the home!  #diyprojecfts #featurewall #focalpoint

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