How to Deep Clean Hard wood Floors with Kids

Ever wonder about how to deep clean hard wood floors with kids? Never worry again with this cleaning system .

We are going to learn how to deep clean hard wood floors safely and effectively with 3 kids (and one on the way) and a dog! With this system, you never have to worry about how safe your cleaning is for your family.

Do you have hardwood floors or tile at home?  Do you have kids/pets, too?

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How to clean hardwood floors naturally with kids. This hardwood floor cleaner is gentle and effective at removing dust, dirt, and grime and is GREENGUARD GOLD certified so it’s safe to use with kids and pets. Get a clean house with a residue-free cleaner that leaves hardwood floors looking like new. #bonaessentials #hardwoodfloors #hardwood #cleanhouse

I’ve had a home with hardwood floors since my husband and I moved in together 500 years ago. I used to use an oil product to clean the floors because it made them smell good! 

You see, we had very light hardwood floors at all these homes.  So, the waxy residue that was building up wasn’t visible at all.  I HAD NO IDEA.

Then, we moved to our old Pittsburgh house and installed very dark bamboo floors.  I have many thoughts about these floors that are definitely another post entirely.

But, the first time I used that old cleaner on those dark bamboo floors, it left a residue that could quite possibly still be there 4 years later.

It was at that point that I think my mother-in-law suggested using Bona.

If you want to know how to deep clean hard wood floors this kit by bona is going to blow you away with clean results

Now, this was 4+ years ago and we still use Bona to clean our hardwood floors.

This post is kinda embarrassing to write.  I don’t clean our floors nearly as much as I should.  And, the dark hardwood shows every single smudgy fingerprint, dog hair, and who knows what else.  

Plus, I’m 50 months pregnant right now and there’s a 0% chance I’m getting on my hands and knees and scrubbing anything.

That’s where Bona’s Multi-Surface Kit comes in.  And a little girl in a princess costume.

Bona's multi surface floor kit is great for cleaning hardwood floors with kids around

How to Deep Clean Hard Wood Floors with Bona

Bona’s Multi-Surface Kit comes with a cleaner for hardwood floors AND another cleaner for tile, stone, and laminate, and Bona® Microfiber Pad Pack.

The Floor Care Kit also includes the 4-piece mop handle you’ll see me using + mop head, a microfiber cleaning pad (that I SWEAR by!), along with both of the cleaners mentioned above.

We also tried the Bona PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner spray with an oxygenated formula.

While I had used their hardwood floor cleaner religiously for the past 4 years, I was excited to try the PowerPlus Formula!

The deep cleaner spray loosens tough, heavy build-up.  HELLO, LIFE WITH KIDS!  That’s the definition of our floor status.  It has a cool bubbling action, too that lifts away surface debris.  The kids were impressed.

Deep cleaning hardwood floors with kids is made super easy with Bona and you don't have to worry about harming your kids while doing it

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why I’m in a dress and cleaning?  Well, I don’t have any “nice” shirts that fit over the preggo belly right now.  So it was either a dress or my exposed stomach.  I chose the dress.  You’re welcome 😉

The kids actually love helping me clean most of the time.  Clean up their toys?  Heck no.  But spray fun bubbly cleaner and pretend we’re a train?  Heck YES!

Get your kids to help you deep clean your hardwood floors without worrying about any harsh chemicals
With Bona's safe water based formula the whole family can help deep clean hard wood floors

Using a Water Based Formula to Deep Clean Hard Wood Floors

Both the PowerPlus deep cleaner and the Original Formula of Hardwood Floor Cleaner are water-based, dry super fast, and are residue-free!  Plus, they are GREENGUARD GOLD certified meaning it has very low VOC emissions. 

We all know Evie was immediately throwing herself on the floor because I said we weren’t watching Paw Patrol, SO it’s nice to know the floors are clean AND safe for her to do that 😉

It’s nice to have a product that’s safe for the kids, doesn’t ruin the floors (like some of those DIY cleaners can), and is easy enough that I could do every day if I wasn’t 100 months pregnant.

P.S. can you spot the Star Wars mask in this picture *facepalm*

Deep Clean your hardwood floors with a simple spray and mop combo that's completely safe and really effective at breaking up dust and grime

Even princesses like to help mama clean our hardwood floors!

Involving your kids in deep cleaning hard wood floors is fun and is made extremely easy using a safe water based cleaner

Before and After Deep Cleaning

Just in case you are wondering yes this cleaner really is amazing if you are wondering how to deep clean hard wood floors. I was amazed at how spotless the floors were after.

Hard Wood Floors Before Deep Clean

Close up before picture of dirty hardwood floors before deep cleaning them
Dining room floors can be near impossible to keep clean but using Bona's hard wood floor kit makes the process a simple.

Hard Wood Floors After Deep Clean

Close up after picture of deep cleaned hardwood floors that are like new again after mopping with Bona
If you are wondering how to deep clean hard wood floors just look at this after photo that is spotless

It really worked SO well and required very minimal work from me, which is an added bonus.  The Microfiber Cleaning Pad does most of the work for you.

Bona's microfiber pad soaks up all dust, grim, and other debris your hardwood floors may have
Bona mop in action deep cleaning hard wood floors to a new shine that is super safe for pets and kids

Jack is pretty happy the floors are clean, too.  He was waiting for this moment so he could shake all the loose hair off of him into giant chunks on the floor. #buzzcutnextsummer

Ever wonder what to clean hardwood floors with that is also safe for pets and kids use this bona water based formula to keep your entire family happy and safe

Pick up Pet Hair with a Microfiber Pad

If you do have pets that shed their weight in fur, the Microfiber Pad Pack comes with Bona Microfiber Dusting Pad that has an electrostatic design to trap dust, dirt, and pet hair.  Use that for the pet hair then the deep clean pad to clean!

We haven’t moved his bed in probably 6 months.  I was moderately concerned about what we would find under there…

Moving a dog bed to find dirty hardwood floors underneath that are in need of a deep clean

I used the disposable dry dusting cloth to clean it up which came as a bonus in the Multi-Surface Floor Care Kit.  Remember that Microfiber Dusting Pad from the Microfiber Pad Pack, though – I’ll use that next! 

I’ll honestly never use another hardwood floor cleaning product.  It always gets the job done, doesn’t require me to get on my hands and knees and scrub #notcinderella, and is safe for the kids and pets.

Give Bona a try with the multi-surface floor cleaning kit.

For more deep cleaning ideas check out this deep clean of a washer from Making Manzanita

How to Deep Clean Hard Wood Floors

How to clean hardwood floors naturally with kids. This hardwood floor cleaner is gentle and effective at removing dust, dirt, and grime and is GREENGUARD GOLD certified so it’s safe to use with kids and pets. Get a clean house with a residue-free cleaner that leaves hardwood floors looking like new. #bonaessentials #hardwoodfloors #hardwood #cleanhouse

Use Bona's water-based formula used with their multi-surface floor kit to deep clean hardwood floors.

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $30


  • Bona's Multi Surface Floor Care Kit


  1. Spray the hardwood floors with the water-based formula
  2. Use the Microfiber pad to mop up dust and grime
  3. Move any furniture or dog beds as you mop
  4. Let Dry and enjoy clean floors

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    1. I remember the subfloor days ? whatever you do – don’t use cheap laminate. 5 years later and we’re about to replace our floors ?

  1. I LOVE it! My floor cleaner now kinda sucks ? I’ll have to give this a try. Also – can I just say how in love I am with your dining room?! ?

  2. Oh my gosh, I need this for our laminate ‘wood’ floors! I ain’t no cinderella either, I love the no hands and knees feature!

  3. The content is very good as it is important to know about cleaning tips for hardwood floors. The installation was done by the professionals from hardwood flooring Utah company for dining and bedroom as a renovation purpose. But I am worried about its cleaning process. Since I have children and pets I don’t think that wet cleaning is a good one. From this blog, I came to know some effective cleaning processes in this regard. Thanks for this content.