Rope Planters Wrapped and Painted DIY

Need a quick and easy Mother’s day gift? Try out these rope planters wrapped and painted. They are and look amazing!

Hello, friends!  I can’t even believe it’s June already!  The lazy days of summer are almost upon us.  I can’t wait to tell you about these rope planters that I did for Mother’s Day!

… and I’m just posting about it.  Efficient, eh??  I blame the kids 😉

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I made these rope planters that I wrapped and painted for my mom for Mother’s Day.  She needed something to match a trellis I gave her that was a bright turquoise color.  

She wanted to paint it (gasp!!!) because she couldn’t find any matching planters to go with it.  I wanted to create something complimenting the turquoise trellis without taking over the garden area.

Rope wrapped and painted DIY planters. Perfect easy DIY to kick off summer. Can be customized with any color to compliment your garden area. Makes a great DIY gift

Now guys, I waited until the NIGHT BEFORE Mother’s Day to make them.  Even though I had bought the supplies a week beforehand.  Is anyone else a major procrastinator??  So, this isn’t my best work…you’ll see later on this wasn’t even how I wanted them to look!!

Supplies for Rope Planters:

Supplies for rope planters in a well thought and easy way. This DIY is super simple and makes a big impact
  1. Rust-oleum UltraCover Paint + Primer (in Gloss Seaside)
  2. Rust-oleum Chalked ultra matte paint (in Charcoal)
  3. Everbilt 1/4″ Natural Sisal Rope
  4. Terra Cotta pot
  5. Painter’s Tape
  6. Elmer’s Spray Glue

Prep:  make sure you follow proper spray painting and spray glue techniques!  Always read the bottle.

Step 1. Wrap the Planters with Rope

I used 2 different sizes of terra cotta pots (both from Home Depot).  Starting at the bottom of the pot with the pot flipped over (as shown below), I sprayed a THICK coat of the spray glue around about the bottom 2 inches of the pot, all the way around.

I took the end of the rope and placed it on the bottom of the pot, and sprayed some extra glue on that point.  Then, I wrapped the rope around, making sure to keep it pulled tightly and stopping every so often to make sure I wasn’t leaving gaps in between the rows.

This whole GIANT pot took maybe 5 minutes, tops.

Start from the bottom of your terra cotta pots and wrap the rope around the planters until the pot is completely covered

After I reached the end of the section I had sprayed glue, I sprayed another 2 inches or so.  Working in smaller sections assures the glue stays sticky and doesn’t get too dry.

I continued wrapping all the way to the top of the pot (even over the little rim part at the top).  Once the rope was flush with the top of the rim, I cut the rope and tucked it under the last row.  I sprayed a little more glue OVER that point to make sure it would stick.

Then it was dinner time and sleep time and the painting began…

Step 2. Painting the Terra Cotta Pots

My original thought was to just have turquoise accents on the rope planters to compliment the turquoise trellis, and the remaining part of the planter being the beige rope color would be perfect.

So, I taped off a section of the pot so that the bottom section would be exposed and began painting.

Tape off different sections of your pots and use different paint to contrast and accent your DIY

And, I didn’t tape it off well enough.  Rookie mistake!!

Showing what happens when you don't tape off your rope planters well enough and have overspray.

Step 3. Tape off the Rope Planters…More!

I was SO upset.  Do you see the faint turquoise color on the wrong side of the tape??  I really didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t want to paint the whole thing turquoise because that defeated the purpose of having an accent planter.  And I couldn’t start over because I waited until the day before Mother’s Day.  Crap.

So I naturally whined to my husband who came up with a great idea.  I had some chalkboard paint lying around (who doesn’t??) so we used that to paint over the turquoise section.

You better believe that I taped the next pot with half a roll of tape (not really).  There was no way this one was getting messed up.

Taping off the bottom of a pot that has been wrapped to paint a color tone on the top that will be different from the bottom.

Step 4. Fill with Potting Soil and Plants

They turned out perfect!!  I didn’t get a picture of them with the turquoise trellis, sadly.  But, it’s the perfect accent piece to go on my mom’s front porch.  I LOVE them.

Don’t mind the sweet little boy in this picture 🙂

Completed rope planters with different tones and colors that accent really well and give a unique look
Looking for a way to turn that old terra pot into something fresh and eye popping? This tutorial is sure to solve all your problems

or the bird poop in this one…oops!!  I’m so bad at pictures.

The options are endless with these rope planters. You can choose any color of paint or leave bare its really up to you!
Rope planters that have been completely transformed with a little DIY ingenuity and hard work.

I didn’t seal them, because, well, I didn’t have time 😉

My mom has had them out for a few weeks and they’ve held up great!

I’ve been sort of crushing over DIY pots/planters these days.  If you can’t get enough like me check out my DIY Gold Foil Painted Pots or DIY Lace Wrapped Pot projects.  

If you still need a teacher gift check out the DIY Teacher Gift “Thank for helping me grow” plus free printable tags!  I also have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to DIY planter ideas.

I hope everyone has a fantastic beginning of summer full of sunshine and joy.

Rope wrapped and painted DIY planters. Perfect easy DIY to kick off summer. Can be customized with any color to compliment your garden area. Makes a great DIY gift.

How to Make Rope Planters

Rope wrapped and painted DIY planters. Perfect easy DIY to kick off summer. Can be customized with any color to compliment your garden area. Makes a great DIY gift.

Beautiful rope planters made from terra cotta plants and made unique with a little bit of paint and hard work

Active Time 45 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $50


  1. Wrap the Planters with Rope
  2. Painting the Terra Cotta Pots
  3. Tape off the Rope Planters for Second Coat
  4. Fill with Potting Soil and Plants

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  1. Wow, I love your beautiful images and this craft is just lovely. I have a few DIY’s I did for mother’s day that never made it to the blog, too. I share your sentiment!! Oh well…
    But I this will make an awesome summertime craft!!