Rustic Gift Wrap Ideas Using Pinecones

DIY gift wrapping is the perfect way to add a personal touch to a gift this Christmas.  Learn how I used pinecones to create two different rustic gift wrapping ideas.

I’m so excited to be participating in my second Create with Me challenge hosted by Lindi from Love Create Celebrate and Samantha from Little Bits of Home.  

At the beginning of each month, we ask you (our readers!) to vote on a material.  Then, we have to use whichever material wins to create something that we share at the beginning of the next month.  SO fun!

Last month, our lovely readers selected pinecones.

I was actually pretty excited to use pinecones this month.  It’s the perfect time of year for some nature-inspired decor or crafts.

I first thought of making a pinecone garland or some pinecone ornaments. Even pinecone Christmas trees could be fun, like this

But, I decided instead to make some chalkboard-dipped pinecones that would look perfect as gift-wrapping toppers!

Rustic Gift Wrapping Ideas with Pinecones

Check out these rustic gift wrap ideas for Christmas gifts! Use pinecones, felt Christmas tree cutouts, twine, and stamps to create this gift wrapping ideas.

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Supplies needed for rustic gift wrap:

Wow, that seems like such a long list!!  Don’t worry, it’s not nearly that complicated 🙂

Step 1: Wrap Presents & Paint Pinecones

First, wrap those presents in some brown kraft paper!

A mini pinecone dipped in chalk paint is a great embellishment for rustic Christmas gift wrap.

For the pinecones, I simply opened the can of chalkboard paint and dipped half the pinecone in, making sure to gently shake off the excess paint.  I left the pinecones to dry in a cardboard box.

Once the presents are wrapped and pinecones have dried, it’s on to the embellishments!

Step 2: Add Embellishments

For the first present, I happened across what might be the cutest tree garland ever made at Michael’s.  Of course, it’s not sold online so I couldn’t find a link for it but, seriously, go to Michael’s and get it.  So stinkin’ cute.

I used the letter stamps to stamp out “Merry Christmas” in the top corner.

Use letter stamps to embellish the brown kraft wrapping paper to give Christmas gifts a rustic touch.

Then, I wrapped that cute tree garland around the present.

I cut a piece of twine and pushed it into the grooves of the pinecone.  Luckily, they’re so close together that simply pushing the twine in actually holds the pinecone in place!

I used the same piece of twine to thread on a chalkboard label, then tied that to the area where the tree garland meets.

This rustic gift wrapping uses brown kraft paper, tree garland, pinecones, gift tags, and stamps.

Write a little Christmas message or simply “to” and “from” and one present is complete!

These adorable rustic gift wrapping ideas use pinecones and stamps to add a rustic touch to your Christmas gifts. Add Christmas tree garland and a gift tag for a finishing touch.

Rustic Gift Wrapping with Tree Stamps

For the second present, I initially wanted to stamp a pine tree pattern all over the paper.  But, when I couldn’t find a single pine tree stamp, I decided to use a 3D pine tree forest stamp.  

And, gosh, I love how awesome the 3D stamp looks (didn’t even know a 3D stamp was a thing!!)

This is after one ordinary stamp.

Black pine tree stamps on brown craft paper makes perfect DIY rustic gift wrapping.

And after stamping 4 times:

A forest of pine trees made with stamps on brown kraft paper. Use stamps like these to make DIY rustic gift wrapping for all your Christmas gifts.

AHHH isn’t it so neat!!  The trick is to not put more ink on the stamp pad.  Load it up at the beginning and then continue to stamp.  The faded effect looks like a forest.

Next, I grabbed some olive green ribbon and wrapped a piece around the present, securing it to the back of the gift with tape.  I had the same color just in a thinner ribbon so I used that to tie a bow to the larger ribbon.

Once that was on, I used the same twine as the first present, wrapped it around the pinecone (pushing up into the grooves), and attached a chalkboard label.  The whole thing was then tied to the bow on the ribbon.

This Christmas gift is wrapped in a rustic gift wrapping, made with brown kraft paper, green ribbon, and pine tree stamps.
Add a rustic touch to your gift wrapping this Christmas season with dipped pinecone gift tags! This rustic gift wrapping adds a DIY tough to your gifts.


That’s it!  Here are the finished gifts together.  Do you have a favorite?

I love these fun rustic gift wrapping ideas! Use kraft paper, paint-dipped pinecones, ribbon, gift tags and stamps to give your gifts a rustic touch.

I just can’t get over the 3D forest stamp.

This rustic gift wrapping has a forest of pine tree stamps and a gift wrapped with ribbon and chalkboard gift tags.

I think this one is my favorite!

This rustic gift wrapping is my favorite of the bunch! A forest of pine tree stamps, and a brown krap paper-wrapped gift with a green burlap ribbon, paint-dipped pinecone, and a chalkboard gift tag.

But, then again, that tree garland!!

A live the Christmas tree garland on this rustic gift wrapping! The finishing touch is the "merry christmas" stamping and paint-dipped pinecone gift tag.

I don’t think I can decide!  Either way, neither of them would be as pretty without the rustic touch of the pinecone.  Since it has some chalkboard paint on it, it blends with the chalkboard label and the stamping on both presents.

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Craft supplies - buttons, ribbons, scissors, and paint - spread out on a white background and image overylay text that reads "Create with Me"

Remember to visit these other ladies’ blogs to check out what they made using pinecones.  It’s always amazing to me how you give the same material to 6 people and you get 6 totally different (and yet still beautiful!) projects.


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Wishing you a joyful day!


Rustic Gift Wrapping with Pinecones and Stamps

Rustic Gift Wrapping with Pinecones and Stamps

Love the look of rustic gift wrapping? Here are a few rustic gift wrapping ideas using pinecones, stamps, and ribbon. Perfect for all your Christmas gift wrapping needs!

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $30


  1. Wrap your presents in brown kraft paper
  2. Dip the pinecones in chalk paint, let dry
  3. Add embellishments! Use stamps to add decoration, wrap with ribbon and garland, etc.
  4. Create the dipped pinecone gift tags and attach to gifts.

Did you make this project?

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  1. Sarah, both are so beautiful:-). Your creativity amazes me! Such a talented dil.

    If I had to pick it would be the 3D pine tree.

  2. These are all so beautiful! I cannot really decide on which of yours I like best but that 3D one – who knew? I love the faded effect and your tip about using it!!

  3. SO pretty!! I can’t decide if I love the pine tree stamped forest or the the one with the garland better. Either way, I bet the person receiving the gift hopes that whatever is inside is as nice as the wrapping 😉