Easy Thrift Store Candle Holder Makeover

See how I restored inexpensive, dull, metal thrift store candle holders back into their original luster in just a few minutes with one step! You’ll love this candle holder makeover.

Today marks the beginning of an exciting new link-up I’ll be participating in called “Inspire My Creativity,” hosted by my friend Shani from Sunshine and Munchkins.

Every month we will be DIYing or crafting something new to a different theme and linking up with each other so you can be inspired!  This month’s theme was a thrift store makeover.

Learn how to update dull metal thrift store candleholders using a stunning gold leaf finish in this simple vintage candleholder makeover.

I can’t say I frequent many thrift stores basically for the same reason I don’t go to the Dollar Store – my children would destroy everything in the store.  And that’s basically what happened…

We went to a local thrift store.  I was in HEAVEN and the kids saw a big open space with furniture and thought that meant they should sprint around and jump on everything…

Not only did I find amazing antique candleholders to use for this project, but a bunch of other milk glass vases that I’ll be using for some upcoming projects.  And all for only a couple of dollars a piece!  Of course, I ended up spending $60, so you can imagine all the little antiques I picked up 😉

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Candle Holder Makeover with “Gold Leaf” Gilding Wax

A set of four thrift store candleholders updated to a shiny gold finish using an easy to use wax metallic finish.

The candle holders themselves were in pretty good condition.  They just needed a little help!

I researched online and stumbled upon this Rub n Buff Antique Gold Gilding Wax (affiliate link).  Basically, it’s a wax metallic finish that brings back the shine to old metal decor.

I found the “Gold Leaf” finish at Michaels and went to work!

You can apply the finish using your finger, which I found to be the easiest way.  But this stuff STINKS, so I ended up going outside to apply it.

Step 1: Apply the Gilding Wax to the Candle Holders (That’s It!)

Use your fingers to apply the golf gilding wax finish to the base of the thrifted candleholders, and in just a few minutes, you have a stylish, elegant candleholder makeover.

It says to apply it in a circular fashion, but I just rubbed it on however I could.  You can see an immediate difference!

Two candleholders side by side; the base of the candleholder on the left is updated with a golf leaf gilding wax, giving it a bright, shiny finish.

The gold leaf finish is really just perfect for these candle holders (though they do sell several different finishes).  It makes them look brand new again!

A set of four golf candleholders with while stick candles sit on a wood shelf, a potted ivy plant on the shelf below.

I popped them on the farmhouse shelves in Evie’s nursery.  But, I’m going to be using them in some upcoming flower posts starting next week!

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They would look perfect styled on open shelves, on a tablescape, or even in a wedding centerpiece!

A set of four gorgeous gilded gold candleholders have a new, shiny finish thanks to some metallic gilding wax for an easy thrift store candleholder makeover.
This set of four thrift store candleholders sit on a farmhouse style floating wood shelf, along with other farmhouse style decor. Learn how we gave them a shiny golf finish with this candleholder makeover!
A set of four thrift store candleholders with white pillar candles. Learn how we gave these old candleholders a stunning gold finish with an easy candleholder makeover.

Find more thrift store makeovers like this classy candle holder makeover below…

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And, stay tuned for next month!  We are working with one of my favorite supplies:

Wishing you a joyful day!

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  1. Love it! I started collecting these old brass candlesticks because I can never seem to pass them up when I see them at thrift stores and yard sales! They just add so much warm to a space! They are darling in your nursery!

  2. I love this update! I have some similiar candle holders that I got from a thrift store too and I’ve been hoping to spruce them up a bit. Thanks for the idea!!