Easy Farmhouse DIY Projects To Get The Fixer Upper Look In Your Home

Looking to add that Fixer-Upper look to your home? Check out these easy farmhouse DIY projects!

Do you love binge-watching old episodes of Fixer Upper? Are you a fan of the farmhouse style?

While there are plenty of stores that are filled to the brim with farmhouse decor and Fixer-Upper knockoffs, you can expect to spend a decent amount of money.

I love DIYing a large portion of my home decor!  Not only do I save money, but I can also create something that fits into the farmhouse decor idea (whites, neutrals, metals, rustic, etc) but can also be unique, something you won’t necessarily see at the store.

For this post, I came up with some simple farmhouse DIY projects to get a “Fixer Upper” styled home.

Don’t worry – I made this list with the busy mama in mind. These are all fairly simple DIYs. Most can even be accomplished during nap time or after those kiddos are asleep.

So, do you want to DIY some farmhouse decor, too??

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Farmhouse DIY Projects With Mason Jars

I’m pretty sure having mason jars as an essential Fixer Upper element is not a shock to anyone.  I LOVE mason jars and there are really an unending number of mason jar projects and crafts you can find on Pinterest.

This DIY Rustic Farmhouse Mason Jar Planter is so cute, so easy, and SO Fixer Upper style.  Making it in the Mountains is actually one of my favorite blogs to follow.  Her style is amazing!

I built this cute little scrap wood mason jar planter and it was SO easy! It’s a great way to get the mason jars to hang on the wall and fill with your favorite flower or plant!

DIY farmhouse inspired mason jar display. Easy DIY craft to bring farmhouse style into your home decor. Budget friendly and sends great message.

You’ll never believe how easy and inexpensive this gorgeous mason jar display was to make!

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DIY Rustic Sign Projects

On Fixer Upper, they have tons of cute rustic signs to decorate the walls. Some are wooden, some are metal.

Rustic signs are quintessential farmhouse – so it makes sense that I would include a few on this list of farmhouse DIY projects, right?

Katie from Little House of Four made this DIY Vintage “Market” Sign that looks perfect in the kitchen or as a focal point in the dining room.  Plus, it’s a super simple DIY that really screams Fixer-Upper to me.

How cute are these DIY Typography Signs from Lauren at Bless’er House?

Most of the farmhouse DIY signs you see are wood – so I love that this Love Lives Here one is a little different with a canvas.

DIY Irish Blessing Framed Sign - easy DIY to add fixer upper and farmhouse style to your home.

I made this cute Irish blessing wood sign with barn wood!

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Unique Farmhouse Picture Display DIYs

On the HGTV show, you will never find a regular ole’ picture frame hanging on the wall. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

But I really do love the idea of thinking outside the box and coming up with a unique way to display your family pictures.

For this Fixer Upper element, I’m going back to the Making it in the Mountains blog. You guys, I can’t even deal with how stinkin’ cute this 10 Minute DIY Photo Display is.  

It has everything going for it: easy, fast, inexpensive, and most importantly, ADORABLE and oozing with Fixer Upper style.

This framed magnetic board is another great example of how to display your photos in a farmhouse style!

Rustic frame made with barn wood with string hanging on the inside of the frame with clothespin clips holding family photos

Who knew making your own photo frames was so easy? Learn how to make this fun and easy DIY rustic picture frame from repurposed barn wood!

Update an IKEA Tolsby frame into a simple DIY farmhouse frame. Perfect DIY craft to add some farmhouse and fixer upper style to your home!

Even though this started as a simple white picture frame, I gave it a major farmhouse makeover in 3 easy steps! Check out this simple farmhouse frame tutorial.

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DIY Farmhouse Planter Projects

One of my favorite aspects of Fixer Upper style { it’s so hard to pick just one!! } is how Joanna always uses greenery. Whether that’s plants, bushes, wreaths, or whatever there’s always a ton of greenery in her rooms.  

I love bringing nature into my home and I think it adds that homey, warm feeling. Just keep it on shelves or in pots away from tiny fingers who will most definitely try to eat it 😉

As far as what type of greenery, I think that’s up to your personal taste. I’m currently loving boxwood! The succulent trend is also still going strong also love succulents :).  

Once you have your greenery of choice, you need an awesome distressed pot or planter – that’s where these farmhouse DIY planter projects come in!

I LOVE this Splotchy Paint Technique Flower Pot from Hawthorne and Main. There are a ton of whitewashed or plain white distressed planters you can find on Pinterest (which I also love). But I like that this planter adds a splash of color and would look great planted with a succulent!

Love this DIY Peeling Paint Effect Vase with a distressed look!

Rustic Decoupage Terracotta Pots filled with faux flowers made with old book pages sitting on wooden shelf

Have you ever tried to decoupage on terracotta pots? Take that concept and use book pages for this farmhouse DIY project!

I made these fun rope planters as a last-minute Mother’s Day gift and they turned out great! I love the texture that the rope adds.

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Interesting Wall Art / Hanging DIY Projects

One thing I’ve noticed from the show is that there are very few flat elements in Joanna’s style when she’s decorating walls.  

There aren’t any flat picture frames against the wall and there aren’t many times when she has a flat art piece, either.  Everything always has some dimension.

This DIY Antique Door Knob Towel Rack is a great example of making interesting wall art with something that is also functional.

Shiplap Walls

If you had asked what shiplap was before Fixer-Upper, I would definitely have given you a deer-in-headlights look. Most people probably would have.

Shiplap is all the rage these days, and for good reason!  It adds so much rustic charm to any room and is relatively inexpensive.

Plain white shiplap wall in bedroom

We added this shiplap wall in our daughter’s farmhouse nursery for less than $30. Can you believe that?

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Rustic Chalkboard

Who doesn’t love a good chalkboard??  I’ve seen so many creative DIY chalkboards on Pinterest, that it was hard to choose just a few.

Use the chalkboard for pretty word art to display your favorite quote, write up some family rules to keep those kiddos in line, or use one to plan your weekly meal schedule.  Whatever you choose to do, chalkboards add such lovely charm AND can be functional in your home.

Large chalkboard with wooden frame in hallway with three small farmhouse wreaths hanging across the top with Hello Spring written on the chalkboard

Love this large DIY chalkboard that Kristi from Making it in the Mountains made for her hallway!

Large rustic oversized chalkboard with wooden frame with a moss wreath hanging in the middle leaning against a wall above a wooden bench with other farmhouse style decorations around it

Here’s another example of an oversized rustic chalkboard made with plywood. I love this one hanging over a bench with a frame hanging in the middle.

Giant chalkboard with a white frame hanging on the wall in a dining room with a bible verse written on it

Love this giant chalkboard that is magnetic hanging in the dining room here. It’s a great place to display quotes and bible verses as shown here.

Open Shelving

I LOVE open shelving.  It’s the perfect place to display fun and charming farmhouse pieces, your grandma’s old china, or some fun dishes of your own.

My favorite part: you can style them however you want!  There’s no right or wrong way to style shelves. But if you’re struggling, check out this post where I break down my process of styling open shelves.

Learn how to make these DIY Farmhouse Shelves that we have hanging in our dining room. I love styling them!

Industrial wall shelves made with pipes and wood styled with vintage decorations and books

These shelves have a definite industrial style and I love it! They are easy to make yourself, just follow along with the tutorial from Taryn Whiteaker.

Wooden open shelves stained with dark wood stain hanging on the wall with metal brackets decorated with faux plants, frames, bowls, candles, frame with quote, jars and canisters

Love these gorgeous DIY Stained Open Shelves by 11 Magnolia Lane. Just a few pieces of wood and metal brackets come together to make this Fixer-Upper-inspired DIY project.

Cheap and easy wooden farmhouse shelves in a kitchen decorated with farmhouse decor like a cotton wreath, tobacco baskets, framed farmhouse art, canister with wooden spoons, faux plants and faux flowers and lavender in a vase

Laura from The Turquoise Home built this DIY Farmhouse Shelves for Less than $40 for her kitchen. Aren’t they great?

Farmhouse Mirror

Girl, you NEED a farmhouse mirror. They look perfect in a bathroom, on those open farmhouse shelves, or hanging on the wall.

These talented ladies created the most beautiful farmhouse mirrors I know you’re going to love.

If you don’t want a mirror, sub out the actual mirror glass and make it a picture frame,  a frame for word art, or simply a rustic open frame to hang on a gallery wall.

How gorgeous is this Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror made by Cherished Bliss shared via Homemade Lovely?!

Farmhouse mirror with white chippy paint frame made from a salvaged window hanging on the wall in a bathroom with dried lavender hanging upside down on the frame and towel rack on the wall beside it

Crystal from The Weathered Fox took a salvaged window and turned it into a farmhouse mirror! How cool is that?

Farmhouse Wreath

Ok, so maybe you’re saying, “Sarah, those are pretty intense DIYs. I want something that I can make in under an hour”.  I got your back.

The farmhouse wreath. Probably the easiest farmhouse DIY but brings just as much rustic charm as a more in-depth project.

Classic farmhouse wreath hanging with jute twine on a front door

You can totally make your own wreaths with farmhouse style to decorate your home or front door. This one is left simple and plain, but you can add more or less decorations to it depending on your mood and the season.

If you want to really go Fixer-Upper style go with a DIY Magnolia Wreath. I love this one made by Jolly & Happy!

Wreath made with fresh eucalyptus stems from Trader Joe's hanging on a brown front door

This farmhouse wreath is made with fresh eucalyptus stems from Trader Joe’s, which means it also smells amazing. Get the full tutorial from Christene at Keys to Inspiration.

So, that’s it!! Easy, right?  I know it’s hard to find a spare moment to do ANYTHING with kiddos.  For example, I’ve been working on this blog post for over a week, ahh!!  

I hope that these cute, simple, and most definitely Fixer Upper style DIYs are the perfect project for your spare minute!

Keep in mind the 5 simple elements of the Fixer-Upper style (in my opinion) when you’re looking for your next project: mason jars, rustic signs, unique picture display, planters, and interesting wall art or hanging.

Have a great day, everyone!!

5 Best DIY projects on Pinterest to get the Fixer Upper or Farmhouse Look in your home
5 Best DIY projects on Pinterest to get the Fixer Upper or Farmhouse Look in your home

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