5 Farmhouse DIY Projects to get the Fixer Upper Look

Hi everyone!!  My love of Fixer Upper and Farmhouse DIY projects is still going strong.  If you scour Pinterest daily, like me, you can be overwhelmed with the amount of DIYs and Fixer-Upper knockoffs that seem to be everywhere.  I know I am!  I find myself wanting to do every single DIY with barely any time to go to the bathroom without little footsteps behind me 🙂

For this post, I came up with a list of 5 farmhouse DIY projects of a “Fixer Upper” styled home.  I am, of course, no expert on this; it’s just kind of what I picked up from binge-watching the show after the kids are asleep.

I made this list with the busy mama in mind.  We don’t have time to build a headboard from reclaimed wood. But gosh, wouldn’t you love too! I know when I did the iPhone tour of our new home it was the first thing I wanted to do 

These are all fairly simple DIYs that can be accomplished during nap time or after those kiddos are asleep.  I’m pretty much obsessed with these bloggers, too!!

{ I also threw in a few extra Fixer Upper DIYs at the bottom of the post }

5 Best DIY projects on Pinterest to get the Fixer Upper or Farmhouse Look in your home

Farmhouse DIY mason jar projects

I’m pretty sure having mason jars as an essential Fixer Upper element is not a shock to anyone.  I LOVE mason jars and there are really an unending number of mason jar projects and crafts you can find on Pinterest.

This DIY Rustic Farmhouse Mason Jar Planter is so cute, so easy, and SO Fixer Upper style.  Her blog {Making it in the Mountains} is actually one of my favorite blogs to follow.  Her style is amazing!


DIY Rustic Sign Projects

On Fixer Upper, they have tons of cute rustic signs.  Some are wooden, some are metal.  You can even purchase a few on the website for their store, for a pretty penny.

Katie from Little House of Four made this DIY Vintage “Market” Sign that would look perfect in the kitchen {like she did} or as a focal point in the dining room.  Plus, it’s a super simple DIY that really screams Fixer-Upper to me.


Unique Farmhouse Picture Display DIYs

On the show, you will never find a regular ole’ picture frame hanging on the wall.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.  I really do love the idea of thinking outside the box and coming up with a unique way to display your family pictures.

For this Fixer Upper Element, I’m going back to the Making it in the Mountains blog (I told you I was obsessed!!).  You guys, I can’t even deal with how stinkin’ cute this 10 Minute DIY Photo Display is.  

It has everything going for it: easy, fast, inexpensive, and most importantly, ADORABLE and oozing with Fixer Upper style.


DIY Farmhouse Planter Projects

One of my personal favorite aspects of Fixer Upper style { it’s so hard to pick just one!! } is how Joanna always uses greenery.  Whether that’s plants, bushes, wreaths, or whatever there’s always a ton of greenery in her rooms.  

I love bringing nature into my home and I think it adds that homey, warm feeling.  Just keep it on shelves or in pots away from tiny fingers who will most definitely try to eat it 😉

As far as what type of greenery, I think that’s up to your personal taste.  I’m currently loving boxwood!  The succulent trend is also still going strong also love succulents :).  

Once you have your greenery of choice, you need an awesome distressed pot or planter.

I LOVE this Splotchy Paint Technique Flower Pot from Hawthorne and Main.  There are a ton of whitewashed or plain white distressed planters you can find on Pinterest.  I love that this planter adds a splash of color and would look great planted with a succulent!

Interesting Wall Art / Hanging DIY Projects

One thing I’ve noticed from the show is that there are very few flat elements in Joanna’s style when she’s decorating walls.  There aren’t any flat picture frames against the wall and there aren’t many times when she has a flat art piece, either.  Everything always has some dimension.

I see this trend a lot with gallery walls.  It’s not about just setting out different frames, it’s about adding depth and dimension.

For this element, I chose this Simple Pallet Photo Display which fits in PERFECTLY with the idea of dimensional wall art or hanging.  

You can still hang your family photos on the wall because who doesn’t want to look at those cute babies all day and still have Fixer-Upper style.

So, that’s it!! Easy, right?  I know it’s hard to find a spare moment to do ANYTHING with kiddos.  For example, I’ve been working on this blog post for over a week, ahh!!  

I couldn’t pick just 5 examples.  I’ve thrown in a couple of others that I’m dying to make myself.

DIY Barn Wood Magnetic Board

DIY Antique Door Knob Towel Rack

DIY Typography Signs

DIY Painted “Love Lives Here” Sign

DIY Peeling Paint Effect Vase

I hope that these cute, simple, and most definitely Fixer Upper style DIYs are the perfect project for your spare minute!

Keep in mind the 5 simple elements of the Fixer-Upper style (in my opinion) when you’re looking for your next project: mason jars, rustic signs, unique picture display, planters, and interesting wall art or hanging.

Have a great day, everyone!!

5 Best DIY projects on Pinterest to get the Fixer Upper or Farmhouse Look in your home

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