38+ Creative Embroidery Hoop Crafts

It’s time to get crafty and make fun embroidery hoop crafts. You’ll be amazed at what you can create with this versatile craft supply!

Embroidery hoops were originally designed, of course, for embroidery and cross stitch projects. But there are so many other creative different ways to use them!

You can make wall hangers, wreaths, and so many other things. The embroidery hoop has a long history as an essential sewing tool, but its versatility makes it perfect for all kinds of embroidery hoop crafts.

For those who enjoy doing DIY projects, embroidery hoops can add a whole new dimension to your projects. I rounded up my favorite creative embroidery hoop crafts and décor ideas to inspire you to try something new!

Have extra embroidery hoops laying around? Get inspired to upcycle them with these 28 creative embroidery hoop crafts!

Embroidery Hoop Crafts


One of the best ways to use embroidery hoops for crafts is to create a wreath. Here are some of my favorite wreaths made from embroidery hoops.


Another very popular way to use mini embroidery hoops is to make ornaments for the Christmas tree. Here are some of my favorite ideas!

Embroidery hoops can make decorative and functional items such as wall art, wreaths, organizers, signs, or other projects. So, whether you’re looking for a new hobby or want to spruce up your space,  give one of these embroidery hoop crafts a try!

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