One Room Challenge Week 4 : : All the Nitty Gritty Work

Welcome back for week four of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda from Calling it Home!!!

It’s been such a busy week around here.  I think week 4 is always the most stressful, but also probably the most productive.  It’s hard to believe that in just two short weeks we’ll have a brand new office space.  And I mean that literally. I LITERALLY find it hard to believe….

If you missed it, here’s the before shot of the current “office”:

An iPhone tour of our new (beige) home!

And, take a peak at the mood board I created:

one room challenge week 1 modern office design plan


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I feel like we really accomplished a lot this past week.

You’re really going to have to use your imagination with these pictures…I promise I can see the end result and it’s going to be amazing.

We have the SEKTION pantry units built and installed on the wall.  Getting them onto the wall anchors was basically exactly like Ross and Chandler trying to get the couch up the stairs (PIVOT!!!).  Friends reference for anyone wondering what I’m talking about.

On the far left we have a filing cabinet that the butcher block counter is resting on.  It’s also from IKEA though it’s really good quality and looks a lot more expensive.

You can see that I finally got to filling and sanding all 20 million nail holes left behind by the wood wall.  And, the wallpaper is HERE!!  That will be installed this weekend hopefully.

In order to get the “builtin” look, we have to keep the filing cabinet off the wall a little.  We’re going to disguise this with paneling on either side, really giving us the builtin look!

Just because we live in a new house doesn’t mean everything is straight.  Nothing is as bad as the floors in our old house where nothing on wheels ever was still.  My husband is really proud of himself for leveling the counter top so let me brag for him —

You can also see that paneling I was talking about there.  Remember, this will ALL be painted green.

Do you see the finished product?  We still have a long way to go.  A lot of painting to do.  But, I feel really good about the progress we’ve made.  There’s no more talking about details and working out every like inch.  It’s all about DOING now.

Let’s check out the to do list!


  • Remove wood plank wall and fix whatever it underneath it
    • Again, I’m sorry.  It’s pretty just not my style.
  • Remove certain sections of moulding
  • Paint
  • Design and build built in cabinets
  • Design and build open shelving
  • Select art
  • Design and build floating desk
  • Find vintage rug
  • Hunt for the perfect comfy chair, modern side table, and fun lamp for reading area
  • Source new curtains – no longer doing – just doing roman shades!
  • Find desk chair
  • DIY Room Separator
  • Accessorize!!

Remember to hop over to the One Room Challenge link up to follow everyone’s progress!

Until next week….

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  1. Jewel

    WOW! You guys are making great progress! Can’t wait to see this! The storage will be sooooo nice.

  2. Rebecca Plumb

    We’re so close to the pretty stage! The foundation is set, great work!

  3. Emy

    The built ins are looking so good! Can’t wait to see your wallpaper!

  4. Your built ins are looking great, I know they will provide you so much storage in your new office space. Plus it is a beautiful way to hid things away for an open concept room like this one 🙂

  5. Lindi

    I’m so excited for this space! It’s exactlh what I would do with an office design! Can’t wait to see it come together 🙂

  6. Ola

    This is looking really good! I love all the storage you’re creating too.

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