One Room Challenge {Week 6}: Farmhouse Industrial Master Bedroom Closet Reveal

Today, we’re sharing the full reveal of our updated walk-in closet! Farmhouse and Industrial styles mix for a functional, organized attic walk-in closet makeover.

Hello, friends!

It’s a great day for a room reveal, don’t you think?!

Can you believe it’s been 6 weeks since we started our farmhouse industrial master bedroom closet renovation?

And boy, how far we have come!

Before photos

Let’s have a moment of silence for just how ridiculous this closet was when we started

A small walk-in closet with sloped ceilings packed to the brim with storage totes, boxes, and clutter.

I mean, that’s seriously embarrassing.

We had some fun plans for the attic walk-in closet space, starting with cleaning (pretty obvious) plus adding some farmhouse touches.  

For this design plan, I went outside my farmhouse-neutral comfort zone and decided to incorporate some industrial elements, too!

Thankfully, there wasn’t any significant construction required for this renovation.  So, after getting off to a quick start, we kind of spent a few weeks dragging our feet.

Then, you know, we had a baby on April 28th.  My girl.

A sleeping newborn baby girl lays wrapped in a swaddle with a white flower headband on her head.

So, this room that wasn’t supposed to be a ton of work ended up giving us a run for our money.  In fact, we just finished today.  Yikes!!

Let me just say, I owe ALL of this to my amazing husband.  Not only has he stayed up late finishing the closet, but he’s put up with my crazy postpartum emotions and still been completely even-keeled.  <3

Attic Walk-In Closet Reveal

I am thrilled to finally have a closet!!  The space isn’t the biggest, but we made every inch of this space functional AND pretty.

Let’s start on the outside of the closet (say what?!).

DIY Farmhouse-Style Closet Door

We built our own farmhouse-style door that I’m in loooooove with.

A white farmhouse-style closet door with antique crystal doorknob hardware. A pair of black rubber rainboots filled with faux greenery sit on the floor next to the closet door.

Not to mention we got to use some more antique door knobs that I have all the heart eyes for.

A close up look at the antique crystal and brass closet doorknobs installed on our new attic walk-in closet door.
Another look at the all-white farmhouse style closet door with antique crystal and brass hardware. A pair of black rainboots filled with greenery sit next to the white closet door.

The Inside of the Attic Walk-In Closet

Now to the inside of the closet….

The inside of an attic walk-in close with sloped walls. A wood-framed mirror hangs on the closet door. Wall-mounted shelves hold storage boxes and baskets, as well as two closet rods for hanging clothes. Against the back wall is a4-tiered shoe rack holding pairs of women's shoes.

We started by painting the closet a pretty mauve color (which is Sherwin Williams Vaguely Mauve).  It’s girly but not neon pink girly.  Then, we added a shiplap feature wall on the slanted ceiling.

I chose a dark gray color for the shiplap (which is Sherwin Williams Mink).  Honestly, I was kind of worried about the dark color in a windowless closet but, I LOVE it.  It’s perfect for the industrial part of the design.

Because nothing in our house is level, flush, plum, etc. (I mean literally nothing), we added a wood trim border around the shiplap to give it a finished look.

A small walk-in closet with slanted ceilings, covered in a dark gray shiplap. Against the wall are all-mounted shelves with  storage bins, clothing racks, and a shoe rack holding women's shoes.

IKEA Algot Closet System for Small-Space Closets

Next, it was on to the actual closet system.  We chose the IKEA Algot system because it is SO customizable and budget-friendly.  With the awkward shape of the closet and the fact that it is rather small, we were limited in what we could use.

I shared back in week 3 how to design your own IKEA Algot closet system and how we designed ours.

The IKEA Algot closet system installed in our attic walk-in closet. This closet organization system includes wall-mounted shelving that holds storage bins and wire baskets for organization, as well as clothing racks. Clothes hang from wooden hangers, and the shelves hold various storage bins, baskets, and farmhouse-style decor.

So, ignoring the fact that all my clothes are wrinkled (did I mention we just finished this today?!), there is SO much space in this tiny closet.  

I don’t need a ton of hanging space because I’m just not that fancy.  I love all the drawers for workout clothes (which I NEED after this baby) and leggings (aka what I wear every day).

Plus, I found the most amazing bins at The Container Store that just fit perfectly on the shelves.

A closer look at some of the wall-mounted shelving included in the IKEA algot closet system. Shelves are installed on wall-mounted tracks and hold storage bins, baskets, and simple farmhouse decor.
The IKEA Algot closet storage system has wall-mounted shelving to hold storage bins and baskets. Three shelves hold cream colored fabric baskets and white wire baskets for clothes storage. A hanging rod holds wooden hangers and clothes. Against the back wall is a 4-tier shoe rack holding women's shoes.
A complete look at our attic walk-in closet storage system. Wall-mounted shelving holds storage bins and baskets for organized clothes storage. Clothing racks with hangers keep clothes organized, and a wall-mounted shoe rack holds women's shoes.

Farmhouse Decor in our Small Attic Walk-In Closet

Once we had the closet designed and installed, it was on to the fun design elements!  That’s my favorite part of any renovation.

I chose this gorgeous rug from Anthropologie that really marries all the colors of the room together.  Plus it has that fringe that I’m obsessed with.

The back wall of our attic walk-in closet is set up with wall-mounted shelving to hold storage bins, baskets, and even a wall-mounted shoe rank. On the floor is a neutural-tone area run with yellow, blue, tan and gray designs with tassels on the end.

Then, my heart skipped a beat when I found this antique mirror.

An antique dark wood-framed mirror hangs on the back of a white closet door. The mirror is arch shape with ornate wood crown molding design on top.
A look inside our updated attic walk-in closet. A dark wood-framed antique mirror hangs on the door, reflecting the back wall in the closet - a shoe rack and storage bins. The inside closet wall has wall-mounted shelving with storage bins and baskets and clothes hanger rods for organized storage.

Lighting Choices for the Walk-In Closet

I couldn’t find the perfect light fixture I was looking for.  So, I snagged 3 wall sconces on Amazon for $20 each and my hubby DIYed a gorgeous industrial light fixture.

An industrial farmhouse style light fixture attached to the wall above the door in the walk-in closet. The light fixture is a wooden slab with 3 industrial style sconces and clear Edison lightbulbs.
A side view of the industrial farmhouse style light fixture installed in our walk-in closet. The fixture sits above the door, close to the slanted ceiling and features three industrial style light fixtures with clear bulbs.

How amazing are those sconces?!

The obligatory picture with the lights on…

An image shows a lower angle look up at the industrial farmhouse style light fixture in the small walk-in closet. The lights are illuminated, casting light on the wall-mounted shelving and clothing hangers in the closet.

We had this awkward wall on the other side of the closet that needed some lovin’.

A white wall in the walk-in closet holds a floating black picture frame, an antique wall-mounted, 2-prong coat hanger, and an embroidery hoop wall hanging with tasseled yarn.

I made a wall-hanging focal piece that I’m not totally in love with but will do for now.  I added some hooks to hang up my purses.  But, we had to 3M strip it to the wall because we didn’t have time to actually put it up so I couldn’t hang in purses on it for the photos (Insert monkey covering his face with his hands emoji).

The last piece is my personal favorite: a typography art print with a saying that speaks to my heart.

A close up look at a topography art print hanging in a black-framed floating picture frame. The print features an illustration of a woman; in the shadows of her hair, text reads "true beauty dwells in deep retreats"

Beautiful, right?!

Well, friends, that’s the whole room!  What do you think?!

Another look at the closet storage system, featuring wall-mounted shelving that holds storage bins and baskets for easy clothes storage, clothes hanger rods for hanging clothing, and a wall-mounted she rack.
A closer look at the cloth hanging rods attached to the wall-mounted shelving in our walk-in closet. Shirts hang on wooden clothes hangers.
The back wall of our updated walk-in closet features a gray shiplap wall, wall-mounted shelving to hold storage bins and baskets, and a 4-tier shoe rack that holds women's shoes.
A look inside the walk-in closet, showing a dark wood-framed mirror hanging on the door, and wall-mounted storage system with wire baskets and fabric baskets for easy storage and organization.

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Wishing you a joyful day!

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  1. You did a beautiful job! LOVE the mauve! It’s such a functional space now – this will definitely inspire the billions of people who have piles of junk under those space (like your before picture, lol). Beautiful job!

  2. looks so great! And I can’t believe you did all this in the middle of having a baby! Closets always seem to get neglected but yours is so beautiful now!

  3. This closet is so beautiful! I love how easily organized it is with all of your pretty drawers and boxes too. It’s so fabulous! Congratulations on your little one. Hugs, CoCo

  4. It looks so well planned and well organized! You accomplished so much in the last 6 weeks, and the most important is your baby girl! You deserve a nap!

  5. I think you and your husband are powerhouses! Forget about no purses on the hooks. You shared a rose with us, and a picture of your baby! When you finish all the little details, I hope you enjoy your beautiful closet.

  6. The door is really pretty, and I love the hardware, too! You did a great job on this space, and will love the functionality of a nice closet. Also — my wardrobe is very similar… haha!

  7. Wow! You’ve been so busy! You made a pretty closet and a pretty baby! Congrats! Seriously though, your closet turned out great! I love all of the sweet details.

  8. Amazing job! You’ve maximized the space so well – and with a new baby – you’re wonder woman! We used the Algot system in our closet too and we’ve already had to change some things around, I love how easy it is to configure 🙂

  9. Beautiful makeover, Sarah! That shiplap is such a great addition and love your door and glass knobs! Can’t believe you did all this right in the middle of having that sweet little girl! xo

  10. It looks so pretty, Sarah! An organized closet is just the best, and yours is organized and beautiful! I for sure love those sconces!!