One Room Challenge {Week 4} – Shopping Counts as Progress, Right?

Well hello again!

Welcome back for week 4 of the craziness that is the One Room Challenge.  I can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks since we shared our design plan for our farmhouse industrial master bedroom closet.

farmhouse industrial master closet

We actually made a lot of progress the first few weeks.  From cleaning and painting to shiplapping and installing our IKEA Algot closet system, we were moving at light speed.  You can catch up on past weeks here:

week 1 | week 2 | week 3 | week 4 (you are here) | week 5 | reveal

Well, we kinda hit a road block this past week.  The roadblock of laziness and misery over being 41+ weeks pregnant.  I’m honestly not sure that just my husband and myself can get everything done in the next two weeks.

But, I did get some shopping done.  And, there’s nothing better than retail therapy, right?!

The rug I ordered arrived earlier this week.  To say I’m obsessed is an understatement.  It’s literally perfect.  I asked everyone a few weeks ago which rug we should pick and you were SO helpful.  I don’t want to reveal which rug we picked just yet, but you may be able to tell from this sneak peek 😉

One Room Challenge Week 4: Master Bedroom Closet

They also just put in a The Container Store close to us.  I figured I’d stop in and see what they had as far as closet organization goes.  I was blown away.  SO many options and pretty budget friendly, too.  I snagged a bunch of bins that fit perfectly in our IKEA Algot closet system.

One Room Challenge Week 4: Master Bedroom Closet

I also took a kidless trip to IKEA (basically living the dream over here) and Hobby Lobby.  In what has to be a record, I only spent $19 at Hobby Lobby.  They are my go to store for switch plate covers and hooks.  I got both of those plus a cool industrial black tray that fits perfectly on the shelves.

One Room Challenge Week 4: Master Bedroom Closet

Ahh I can’t say enough about these bins from The Container Store!!!

One Room Challenge Week 4: Master Bedroom Closet

Well, that’s all we got done this week.  I can’t cross anything off our list except choosing a rug!

To make matters worse, baby watch 2017 is ending this Friday when I’m being induced!  I’m not quite sure what we were thinking getting ourselves into this craziness.  Send help!!  Seriously, we need help 😉
– Clean out all the garbage

– Paint the walls and ceiling

– Add a shiplap feature wall to the sloped ceiling

– Design and install custom framing around the shiplap

– Design and install a custom closet system that works with the sloped ceiling

– Finish baseboards

– Find a rug

– Design and DIY an industrial lighting feature

– Add some character with DIY planters

– DIY a scalloped towel rack

– DIY a trumeau mirror (or something similar) clean up antique mirror

– Find and refinish an antique door or now cover the gross door with something DIY?

UPDATE: Check out how the finished closet turned out here!

Remember to hop over to Calling it Home to see some crazy room transformations in progress!

Wishing you a joyful day!

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  1. Omgosh 41 weeks, go to bed sleep before the baby gets here and there’s no sleep. Your pushing yourself too much finish ur challenge later, it’s not every day you have a baby.

  2. Shopping definitely counts as progress! Even if you aren’t able to get it all done, you’ll have a beautiful baby AND a closet that’s so much further along than it was before, right?