One Room Challenge {Week 2} – Cleaned, Painted and Shiplapped

Hello, friends!

Welcome back for week 2 of the madness that is the One Room Challenge.  In case you missed last week’s post or have no idea what I’m talking about, we are participating in our second One Room Challenge hosted by Linda from Calling it Home (you can read about our first ORC here).

We have 6 weeks to renovate one space and we have chosen our master bedroom closet.  

All in all it’s not a huge renovation.  There’s really not a ton of work to do (as in no drywall, moving walls, plumbing, etc).

But, don’t let the size of the project fool you. Our biggest challenge is getting the room done while I’m 39 weeks pregnant  Yes, I am due to have this little girl in just two days.

Since we are up against a timeline AND we have no idea when Little Miss will be born, it’s been SO important for us to get ahead of things early.

Before photos of the closet

Last week, I shared our full design plan to turn this junk yard into a functional and stylish farmhouse industrial master closet.  Here’s what we started with:

Can you even tell it’s a closet?!  I promise I’m not a hoarder, though you can’t really tell from this picture, huh?!

Progress so-far

This past week, my husband went nuts and painted this ole’ closet space for me!  I can’t WAIT to not be pregnant and be able to paint again.  And stain things.  If you need anything stained bring it over here 😉

But first, I cleaned the junk yard out!  I’m not gonna lie, I actually did that BEFORE the challenge started.

It took me a whole day and I we ended up with 3 bags of garbage, 3 bags of clothes to donate, and 1 bag of toys to donate.  Somehow we still have more toys than Toys R Us. Go figure.

Choosing paint colors for the closet

Next, it was on to paint colors!

If you need help choosing a paint color, be sure to check out my Ultimate Guide to Popular Paint Colors!

The closet doesn’t get any natural light, though I don’t know that any closets really do?  So, I didn’t want to go too dark.  But, I still really wanted something dramatic in the space.

I went with a lighter, more neutral color for the walls  (SW Vaguely Mauve) and went more bold/dramatic with the shiplap (SW Mink).

I looooove the mauve color ever since I saw Lindi from Love Create Celebrate and her master closet.  Plus, this is just a closet for me, so I can have it be a little girly, right?!

The dark gray color is perfect for the “industrial” aspect of my design plan.  I actually wish I would have gone a little darker!

We decided to frame in the shiplap.  Haven’t quite figured out how to frame it or with what material.  But, I think framing it in will give some dimension to the space.

To make the shiplap wall, we used the same DIY tutorial that we shared for our farmhouse nursery.  It is seriously SO easy and extremely budget-friendly.  Here’s how it looked in the nursery:

Product sourcing for our closet

Also, I found the most gorgeous antique mirror this past weekend! Originally I was planning on making a mirror to fit the space and giving it a distressed, antique look. But, when I stumbled across this mirror, I couldn’t resist!

Apparently it’s from the 1860-1870s!! How the guy knew this I don’t really know.  I have all the heart eyes for it. 

It won’t fit on the wall (stupid sloped ceiling!) so it’s going to be on the back of the closet door.

We will have some rearranging to do to make a few other pieces work since the mirror position changed.

The next big project is figuring out what on earth to do with this door.  We went hunting for an antique door to fit the space but couldn’t find anything. So, I’m left with coming up with some way to makeover this horribly ugly door.

And as always, let’s see how we progressed this past week on the to-do list:

  • Clean out all the garbage
  • Paint the walls and ceiling
  • Add a shiplap feature wall to the sloped ceiling
  • Design and install custom framing around the shiplap
  • Design and install a custom closet system that works with the sloped ceiling
  • Finish baseboards
  • Find a rug
  • Design and DIY an industrial lighting feature
  • Add some character with DIY planters
  • DIY a scalloped towel rack
  • DIY a trumeau mirror (or something similar) clean up antique mirror
  • Find and refinish an antique door or now cover the gross door with something DIY?

Alright, friends.  Hopefully next week’s update will be that I had this little girl!!

Remember to hop over to Calling it Home to check out what other talented bloggers are doing for the challenge!

Wishing you a joyful day!

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  1. OMG I can’t believe you’re doing this at 39 weeks pregnant! I could barely walk. It’s so cute so far. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with the door. Maybe you should contact Masonite!?

  2. It’s going to be so girly and sweet! Also I’m probably the 1% that has natural light in my closet in the form of a big window ? So weird right?! The whole neighborhood can see my get dressed!

  3. WOW, Sarah! Your closet is going to be so nice!!! I will be thinking of you this week when your little girl makes her appearance!!

  4. I loved the mauve in Lindi’s closet, too! I’m usually not a color person but it is such a lovely color. You’re making great progress–I bet it felt amazing to just clean it all out!!

  5. That mirror is gorgeous! What a gorgeous closet it’ll be! Maybe week 3 progress will include little Miss’s appearance!

  6. Omgosh I like that mauve! Its looking so pretty already! Im excited to see what you do in this space.

    That antique mirror is darling! About the door could you possible change it to make it a sliding door or barn door? Or could you take the door off and have a curtain or roman feature for the door instead?

    🙂 Here’s to hoping a baby girl is coming soon!