Simple DIY Flower Wreath

This simple DIY flower wreath is perfect for spring and summer and took only a few minutes to make!

Who here is ready for Spring?! If you’re jumping up and down and screaming “ME!” then you and I are on the same page 😉 If you aren’t then this DIY flower wreath will get you ready!

I feel like we have been waiting for Spring to arrive for moooonths.  And it’s FINALLY here.  Or at least that’s what the calendar and Google tell me.

I can’t complain too much, though.  The sun has peaked out from behind that clouds and I was able to take the boys outside for a bit today.  

There’s something magical that happens to these boys when they’re given trucks and dirt.  They play together, they work together, and there’s no screaming.  And it lasts for SO LONG.  Amazing.

Tutorial for a DIY flower wreath made with a decorative wire and faux flowers to create a farmhouse style

Goodbye Winter – Hello Spring!

While outside, I saw a few of our little bushes had fresh green sprouts on them and a couple of my flowers had a little green coming out of the ground.  I do love the new life and refreshing feeling you get from a simple change, from saying “it’s winter” to “it’s Spring”.

And all of this rambling has basically nothing to do with this wreath.  Except that I guess you could consider it a spring wreath.  I just had to comment on the fact that it’s SPRING!

This wreath was made for our farmhouse girl’s nursery to hang on an antique window above her crib.  I wanted something simple but still with the pop of pink that fit so well in her nursery.

It took me probably 20 minutes total to make, and I LOVE how it looks in her room.

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Step 1. Wrap Wire into a Loop

I started by using 12 gauge decorative wire (similar item).  I wanted something that was simple and plain and wouldn’t take away from the pretty flowers.

After pulling out a decent amount from the roll, I held it up against the old window so I could see how big to make it.  I didn’t measure at all, just kind of eye-balled it.

Wrapping decorative wire in a loop and holding up to a window for a DIY flower wreath

Once I had one loop measured, I repeated the same loop with the wire again, crossing the two pieces together, just to give it more depth and interest.

Last, I snipped the ends and wrapped them around.  Be careful!  The wire can be pretty sharp.

Next, it was on to the flowers!

Step 2. Cutting Flowers for the DIY Wreath

Big surprise here – I picked them up at Michaels.  Unfortunately, they’re only sold in stores so I can’t link to the exact product.  But, the flowers were part of their Spring collection (so on sale right now!!) and also considered “Bushes” (not sure how?).

I loved these particular flowers because near the big green leaves the flowers were in full bloom.  Then, continuing to the tip, they got smaller and smaller until they were just little buds.  SO pretty.

Supplies for a DIY Flower wreath using faux flowers and a decorative wire to attach in a loop

I cut two sections off to use for the wreath, cutting just past the green leaves to basically include two whole sections.

Using the same decorative wire cut into smaller pieces, I wrapped the wire around the first floral section in 3 different places to make sure it was held on tight.

Wrap faux flowers from Michaels around a decorative wire loop using wire to attach the stems and greenery

Step 3. Adding Flowers to the Wreath

Next, I attached the second floral section going the opposite way as the first.  So, both green ends are overlapping.  I used the same procedure as the first section to get it to stay on.  Try to hide the wire a bit underneath big leaves or larger flower sections.  Though since I used the same wire as the wreath base itself, it really isn’t all that noticeable anyway.

spring farmhouse wreath using pink flowers and greenery as a DIY project for spring season
DIY flower wreath using fake flowers that are pink in a circle attached with floral wire

And that is all, my friends!  Really easy, right?

Once we had the window mounted to the wall, I used some lace scraps to hold the wreath to the window.

Finished Wreath on a window hung up with lace for a nursery on a shiplap background wall with farmhouse touches
Decorating a room or nursery is easy to do in a farmhouse style with simple and easy to decor ideas

I’m completely in love with how it looks on the window and in her room in general.  It’s the perfect accent to the window!

Up close look at the faux pink flowers from Michaels wrapped around a wire loop

You could also just use plain greenery (like eucalyptus) to make an even simpler farmhouse-style wreath.

In case you missed it, check out the full farmhouse girls nursery reveal!!

Completely decorated farmhouse nursery with shiplap walls, rustic shelves and cute decor on every wall

Hope this inspires you to get some spring crafting creativity going! I know a season always feels a little more significant when I intentionally try to enjoy it with a DIY.

Here are a few DIYs I absolutely loved and just scream spring!

Wishing you a joyful day!

DIY Flower Wreath

DIY Flower Wreath

This simple DIY flower wreath is perfect for spring and summer and took only a few minutes to make!

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $20


  1. Wrap WIre into a Loop
  2. Cut Flowers for the DIY Wreath
  3. Add Flowers to the Wreath

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  1. So pretty!You should sell your creations on Etsy! I would love this wreath for my nursery but I unfortunately am not crafty or great at DIY projects!